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African Tales:  How Giraffe Got His Long Neck by Marlize Schmidt African Tales: How Giraffe Got His Long Neck by Jan. 21, 2019 $1.99 1,330 words Sample 10%
Giraffes are the tallest land animal. They have very long necks. Ever wondered why their necks are so long? This is a version of the old African myth of how Giraffe got his long neck. (At the end of the story are some interesting facts about giraffes)
В Гостях у Сказки. Горшочек Каши by Zenith Publishing В Гостях у Сказки. Горшочек Каши by Jan. 21, 2019 Free! 80 words Sample 20%
Добро пожаловать в удивительный мир добрых и поучительных сказок, где каждый может встретить милую принцессу и капризного короля, гномов и огнедышащих драконов, всесильных волшебников и бесстрашных принцев.
African Tales:  How Elephant Got His Long Trunk by Marlize Schmidt African Tales: How Elephant Got His Long Trunk by Jan. 21, 2019 $1.99 1,080 words Sample 10%
Elephant was curious and asked all the animals a lot of questions. He got in trouble... but the trouble changed his life. It made his life easier. This is a version of the African myth why elephants have long trunks.
3 Children Books by Johanna Sparrow 3 Children Books by Jan. 20, 2019 $3.25 160 words Sample 10%
Enjoy these 3 children's books for first and second level readers, (ages-3-9). Adorable and sweet Little Miss Maple has been inspired by the teacher to think big, she has taken it serious.
Pishh, Pishh, no Pishh for Tyra the Cat,  Absolutely Not! by James Hammit Pishh, Pishh, no Pishh for Tyra the Cat, Absolutely Not! by Jan. 20, 2019 You set the price! 80 words Sample 5%
Please don’t offer Little Tyra pishh of any kind. Tyra has a difficult time saying the word fish. She keeps getting her p sounds confused with the f sounds she should make. The word fish suddenly out of nowhere becomes pishh whenever you try to offer Tyra any to eat.
Vincent:  The Golden Retriever Puppy by Marlize Schmidt Vincent: The Golden Retriever Puppy by Jan. 19, 2019 $2.49 110 words Sample 15%
Vincent is a Golden Retriever puppy. After about 8 weeks Vincent went to live with his new human family. His new family loves him and he loves his new family. He loves rainy weather and mud a lot. He loves playing in the garden. Follow little Vincent on his journey.
Beyond the Stone Arch by Gisela Woldenga Beyond the Stone Arch by Jan. 19, 2019 $1.99 19,460 words Sample 20%
During a visit to her grandmother’s house, Ellie notices a stone arch in the garden that she has never seen before. Curious, she steps through it and meets a boy, Orly, who has been waiting for her. He tells her that he was killed two hundred years ago, and he needs Ellie’s help to find his grave so he can go back to his village, and she's the only one who can help....
Farting Sandwich Thieves by Sharon Naude Farting Sandwich Thieves by Jan. 19, 2019 $1.99 1,040 words Sample 20%
Sam is a boy in middle school. He and his friends often struggle with some real life situations that leads to some hilarious results. They are always busy making plans and the tree-house Sam's father built, is their favorite place to make these plans and discuss their secrets. In the first book Sam and the gang make plans to teach some bullies in school a lesson.
Kiddies for Muna by Ephraim Michael Kiddies for Muna by Jan. 18, 2019 $0.99 3,900 words Sample 20%
Collection of thirteen (13) children stories, exclusively written for the entertainment of our kids.
Bumptious Soup by Lucy Camilla Bumptious Soup by Jan. 18, 2019 Free! 3,860 words Read a sample
Where is the snail? Who killed the bee? Who lost a bone? Mysteries in the garden! Bumptious Soup, slug 'detective', KNOWS he can solve these crimes. Clever Ant says that "...he is personally responsible for all Bumptious' successes." Three slightly humorous stories suitable for children ages 8-11 years.
Üç Hayat İki Gurbet by Irmak Aksu Üç Hayat İki Gurbet by Jan. 18, 2019 $2.99 44,060 words Sample 20%
Değişim sürecine girmiş toplumda göç etmekle yaşanan sıkıntılar, gelin-kaynana ilişkisi, çocuk gelin, kuşak çatışması, geleneklere bağlılık, aileyi bir arada tutma kaygısı, çocuklar için iyi bir gelecek hazırlama ve her türlü zorluğa rağmen hayatta kalma mücadelesini tecrübeli bir kalemden okuyacaksınız.
School for the Enchanted: An Adanyan Adventure by Jamie Bach School for the Enchanted: An Adanyan Adventure by Jan. 18, 2019 $2.99 41,210 words Sample 15%
One day I wake up with wings! Then the next thing I know I am traveling through time and space and am thrust into a new world. A world full of mystery, secrets, and magical beasts! I am told I am some sort of fairy! Really? I'm sent to a school where I find out my twin brother Jax and I have magical abilities! A book full of friendship, magic, action, and adventure! Join me today!
Seeing The Sea: Frankie Frog: Book 2 by Mossy Fenwick Seeing The Sea: Frankie Frog: Book 2 by Jan. 17, 2019 Free! 2,860 words Read a sample
Once more I’ve come to tell you all A tale of Frankie Frog This time we find he does not stay Safely within his bog. His friends the children took a trip And Frankie snuck aboard Frank wound up in a brand new place Which he quickly explored. Again Frankie has drawn the pics Just as he did before Of all the things he found when he Spent time at the seashore. -- Mossy Fenwick
Change That Law! (Book 1 of Change That Law! (Book 1 of "The Mustela Secret Service") by Jan. 17, 2019 $2.99 10,660 words Sample 20%
When mean old Mayor Man decides to pass a Law making ferrets illegal, the five clever ferrets in the Mustela Secret Service decide to teach him how to laugh and play, and not be so angry and mean. But when they creep into his cold, dark house late that night, they find him hurt on the floor. How can five little ferrets work together to save his life?
Princess Adenike by Tunde Atiba Princess Adenike by Jan. 17, 2019 $3.00 10,320 words Sample 20%
Set in a fictitious town called Eretu, Adenike, the princess determines to end the Punisher’s tragic acts which are strengthened by Otun and Ogunmo, Eretu's most powerful lords. The oppression must be stopped. The only remedy is the exiled Princess Adenike’s return from the Land where mighty men of valour had perished. Will she make it?
Illustrated Would You Rather? by Dr. Shh Illustrated Would You Rather? by Jan. 17, 2019 Free! 4,910 words Read a sample
Do you want to swim faster than a shark; learn how to speak in the voice of any person; have a magical giant flying dragon; create an odd superhero—Broccoliman? As kids choose WOULD YOU RATHER crazy scenarios, they're sure to get the giggles! Moreover, every silly joke in this book is hilariously illustrated! This book is pure fun and a great gift so check it out now and start laughing.
Some Rain Must Fall by Alexa Dagny A. Ortuoste Some Rain Must Fall by Jan. 16, 2019 $3.99 26,570 words Sample 20%
The weather is just one of the unpredictabilities in life, and our young characters aged 8-13 deal with it in their simple lives as they face more important situations at home and at school. This book is a collection of eight (8) rainy days short stories about friendship, family, schoolwork and self-confidence.
Matty's Outer Space Treasure Hunt by Tony Adam Matty's Outer Space Treasure Hunt by Jan. 15, 2019 You set the price! 1,530 words Sample 5%
Taking things apart and putting them back together is what Matty loves to do. To avoid getting in trouble at home for taking apart his parents gadgets, he makes it his mission to go into outer space and find thing to take apart. Written by Tony Adam, Cedric Brown and Matlock Davidson.
De Draak en de Prinses by Caterina Nikolaus De Draak en de Prinses by Jan. 15, 2019 $0.99 6,720 words Sample 20%
Fantastisch verhaal voor kinderen. Een prinses is bang voor een draak die in haar koninkrijk is verschenen. Daarom stuurt ze haar soldaten en ridders tegen hem het veld in. Elfen proberen tevergeefs om hem te helpen. Dus wordt de draak gedwongen te vluchten naar de vijand van de prinses. Zal hij zichzelf ermee kunnen redden?
The Sensitive Pirate by Morgan W. Richie The Sensitive Pirate by Jan. 15, 2019 $0.99 1,650 words
A children's picture book for ages 5, 6, and 7 about a pirate with a secret (he's a nice guy). But will anyone accept him if he's not living up to their expectations? This book contains a positive message about being your best, authentic self. Included are connection questions, an original muffin recipe, and a color-your-own pirate page.
Nane's Cookie Dough Spaghetti is Perfection by Anita Parker Nane's Cookie Dough Spaghetti is Perfection by Jan. 14, 2019 $0.99 Sample 5%
Nane’s having a “share your favorite dish” day in class and she’s beyond excited. She can’t wait to share her favorite foods with all of her classmates, until the teacher says they can only bring one dish.
Alphabet All-Stars Animal Pack Vol. 1 by Scott Gordon Alphabet All-Stars Animal Pack Vol. 1 by Jan. 14, 2019 $3.99 5,540 words
Four fun animal alphabet books in one definitive volume! What's included: 1. Alphabet All-Stars: Animal Edition 2. Alphabet All-Stars: More Animals 3. Alphabet All-Stars: Silly Animals 4. Alphabet All-Stars: Guess The Letter
Chasing Butterflies by Zoe Sadler Chasing Butterflies by Jan. 14, 2019 $2.99 320 words Sample 20%
"Today is the day! Today is the day Nova is going to catch a butterfly." Nova is going on a butterfly hunt! Meet free spirited Nova, a very determined little girl with one goal in mind; to catch a butterfly. Watch Nova's adventure unfold and join her on the chase... A sweet little book to remind us all to live in the moment and enjoy the experiences that come our way.
The Lighthouse Keeper by Zoe Sadler The Lighthouse Keeper by Jan. 14, 2019 Free! 300 words Read a sample
A hapless children's picture book tale of a lighthouse keeper who, well, just isn't very good at his job... or is he? Will the little boat get a happy ending and be guided to safety by the beam of the lighthouse or will it go down in a watery whirl? A children's picture book tale which will appeal to both adults and children with its quirky humour!
Sedition by C. S. Woolley Sedition by Jan. 14, 2019 $2.99 20,940 words Sample 20%
The search continues for a cure for the sickness that plagues the great dragons, a quest that may heal more than just the illness that Thormar is suffering from. There are many paths that the Children of Ribe now walk and all of them are beset by danger.
Sophie Washington: Things You Didn't Know About Sophie by Tonya Duncan Ellis Sophie Washington: Things You Didn't Know About Sophie by Jan. 14, 2019 $3.99 16,500 words Sample 20%
Sixth grader Sophie changes who she is to fit in with hilarious results in this entertaining, illustrated chapter book for kids ages 8-12. This is the third book in the bestselling Sophie Washington series.
Ida's Sweet Southern Jelly and Jam by Johanna Sparrow Ida's Sweet Southern Jelly and Jam by Jan. 13, 2019 $0.99 70 words Sample 5%
Adorable little Ida doesn’t like jelly and jam. Jelly and jam for little Ida is to soupy and to thick not to mention it makes her feel sick, so she doesn’t want it on her toast.
Le Père Noël est tombé malade ! by Ethan J Pingault Le Père Noël est tombé malade ! by Jan. 13, 2019 $1.21 2,130 words
J’ai une annonce à faire, le Père Noël est malade... Il ne pourra pas faire la livraison de cadeaux cette année ! Nan, ce n’est pas une blague...
Little Miss Maple Thinks Big by Johanna Sparrow Little Miss Maple Thinks Big by Jan. 13, 2019 $1.99 Sample 5%
Adorable and sweet Little Miss Maple has been inspired by the teacher to think big, she has taken it serious.
Édouard va à des Funérailles by Marina Roy Édouard va à des Funérailles by Jan. 12, 2019 $3.99 640 words Sample 5%
Édouard aime vous parlez de son petit chapeau. Édouard est le petit enfant que tous souhaiterais avoir. Il aime parlé en rimes et ne peux s'empêcher de parler de son petit chapeau qu'il porte au bout du nez. Vous et votre enfant vous laisserez emporter tout simplement par la contagieuse joie qu'Édouard ressent quand il parle de son petit chapeau et de ses aventures causée par son petit chapeau.
Minecraft Minecraftia by Oskars Dombrava Minecraft Minecraftia by Jan. 12, 2019 $9.99 100,140 words Sample 20%
Minecraft Minecraftia is the story young lady who simply turned 13. At the point when her cousin gives her a neckband and acquaints her with the amusement Minecraft for her birthday, her life flips around as she gets distorted into Minecraftia and finds she and her new companions need to spare the world. Appraised T for bunches of brutality, irritating affection triangles, unpalatable secrets, and
The Salt People by L Lee Devocelle The Salt People by Jan. 11, 2019 Free! 44,400 words Sample 20%
"The Salt People" is the story of two seemingly opposite communities caught up in an event over which neither has control. To survive the crisis they have two choices: the first leads to destruction; the other to cooperation and the outwitting of a common enemy.
Tony The Deer Greatest Adventure by Liberty Dendron Tony The Deer Greatest Adventure by Jan. 11, 2019 $2.99 940 words Sample 20%
In Tony The Deer Greatest Adventure, Liberty Dendron tells the tale of a compassionate deer who overcomes his fear and rivalry with hyenas to help a stranded hyena.
Fairy Perfume by Emily Martha Sorensen Fairy Perfume by Jan. 11, 2019 $2.99 15,180 words Sample 20%
Jasmine's terrible at keeping secrets. It's a shame she's going to need to, because she's found a perfume that allows her to smell fairies.
Flora The Snail by J T Jones Flora The Snail by Jan. 10, 2019 Free! 2,160 words
The small boy spends his time alone, tending to the animals in his Kingdom and avoiding the other boys who pick on him. One day, he meets Flora the Snail, who repays him for his kindness towards her kith and kin.
Gasparilla: A Pirate's Tale by Lisa Ballard Gasparilla: A Pirate's Tale by Jan. 10, 2019 $6.00 2,980 words Sample 20%
José Gaspar never intends to become a pirate, but after being falsely accused of stealing the crown jewels, it becomes his fate while trying to escape on a ship bound from Spain to Florida. After saving his best friend and freeing the crew from the ship’s evil captain, he defeats the infamous Pierre LaFitte then claims the west coast of Florida as his pirate domain… until the Americans find him.
The Adventures of Tommy Tickles by Michael Wray The Adventures of Tommy Tickles by Jan. 09, 2019 $4.49 740 words Sample 5%
Kids love being tickled by their parents, and kids love adventure! Join Tommy Tickles as he sets out on his first hilarious journey of tickling. Cross perilous but familiar landscapes on a quest for the ultimate tickle! You’ll be grinning with delight all the way as Tommy Tickles makes you and your children shriek with laughter.
Isaac Newt by Jan Olearnick Isaac Newt by Jan. 07, 2019 $4.99 730 words
Issac Newt was a lizard on a mission to prove the law of gravity. All of his friends were busy playing while Isaac studied their movements to make the discovery of why what went up must surely come down.
The Cursed Diamond by Pieter E Haumann The Cursed Diamond by Jan. 07, 2019 $4.99 42,940 words Sample 20%
While visiting Devil’s Leap, the drought-stricken farm belonging to their mother’s old school friend, Archibald Darvil, Robert and Annie learn of the mysterious disappearance of Lord Darvil, the patriarch of the Darvil fortune, who disappeared a hundred years earlier, along with the largest diamond ever found on the farm – the supposedly cursed Renaissance diamond.
Flying Solo by Rei Madigan Flying Solo by Jan. 06, 2019 $2.99 1,680 words
Trying new things can be a lot of fun! Sometimes we see something we want to try but we are afraid. Learn how a lovable fellow named Ebert transforms from a timid bird who is afraid to fly to a fearless flier!
Vegetable Wars: Celery vs. Carrot by Andrea Reynolds Vegetable Wars: Celery vs. Carrot by Jan. 06, 2019 $0.99 Sample 20%
FINALLY, a battle over vegetables that does not take place at the dinner table! Celery and Carrot fight it out to decide who the best vegetable is. Celery is confident of victory, and tells Carrot why he will win. Carrot can’t help getting upset at Celery’s attitude. However, one of these vegetables has a trick up their sleeve that will win the battle.
A Visit To The Blarney Stone by Shauna Kelly A Visit To The Blarney Stone by Jan. 06, 2019 Free! 910 words Read a sample
A Visit To The Blarney Stone! Butterfly Adventure Books: Today, Chloe and Shauna venture to The Blarney Stone in Cork, Ireland. Chloe and Shauna are on a mission to help Chloe tackle her shy personality in hope to make new friends! Will the stone hold the mystical power they hope for? Let's find out! A Five Star rated Children's Picture book from Readers Favourites!
A Visit To Monkey Forest by Shauna Kelly A Visit To Monkey Forest by Jan. 05, 2019 Free! 910 words Read a sample
A Five Star rated Children's Picture book from Readers Favourites! Chloe and Shauna venture to Bali, Indonesia where they take a visit to Monkey Forest. Filled with colourful pictures and excitement, Chloe and Shauna learn about the playful monkeys that reside within the forest as they immerse themselves in the monkey's lifestyle. What other adventures lay within? Let's find out!
The Messy Painted Adventure by Michal Claire The Messy Painted Adventure by Jan. 05, 2019 Free! 12,000 words Read a sample
In the 4th part of the Adventures of Zack and Luke, They have a cleaned canvas, they don't know if they can walk through it, but it's highly likely, where will they go and what will they find? find out in the Messy Painted Adventure.
Rangeela Tales - Book 1 by Gita V.Reddy Rangeela Tales - Book 1 by Jan. 05, 2019 $1.99 14,490 words Sample 20%
When Navjyot rescues a parrot from the jaws of certain death, he does not know it is a talking parrot who has escaped from its cruel master. He is delighted when the parrot, Rangeela, decides to stay with him. Rangeela Tales is a series of short stories about the duo, Navjyot’s nosy cousin Nimi and her cat Robber who is always looking for ways to make Rangeela his meal. For ages 8 and above.
Birthday Surprise by Kerrice Accarias Birthday Surprise by Jan. 05, 2019 $2.99 80 words Sample 20%
There's magic in the air at Kate and Luke's Birthday. The twins are turning five. And wow they have a big Birthday surprise. What could it be? There's magic in the air. It's a secret, so you'll have to read to find out and see.
The Time Tunnellers by David Ross Wood The Time Tunnellers by Jan. 04, 2019 $1.99 64,530 words Sample 20%
Three brothers and their little sister are transported back in time by a mysterious medallion to Ancient Greece during the rule of Alexander the Great. They are forced to follow him on his exploits, all the while making sure an evil wizard, does not steal their precious medallion away from them for if they lose the medallion they will be trapped in time forever.
Choco by Citlali Zavala Fernández Choco by Jan. 04, 2019 $4.99 500 words Sample 20%
Come and check out this heart touching story of Choco, a little puppy that faces endless obstacles in the search of happiness. A story that shows values of Choice, Courage, Perseverance and Love. A whole life can change when you put your heart first.
Mandy Lamb and the Full Moon (U.S. Edition) by Corinna Turner Mandy Lamb and the Full Moon (U.S. Edition) by Jan. 04, 2019 $2.99 67,230 words Sample 20%
(U.S. Edition) Mandy Lamb is the world's only half-sheep girl, thanks to a spot of well-meant but ill-advised genetic tinkering. She's off to senior school in the nearby town, and she's about to meet James, a rather strange orphan who smells, to Mandy, distinctly like a dog, and who has a bad habit of running off at the full moon. With danger on the way, will James prove friend or foe?
Seed Savers-Heirloom by Sandra Smith Seed Savers-Heirloom by Jan. 03, 2019 $5.99 50,330 words Sample 20%
In this third installment of the futuristic Seed Savers series, Lily travels cross-country searching for her missing father. Clare and Dante, meanwhile, enjoy life on a farm in Canada while learning more of the shocking history of how gardening became illegal in the United States.