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The Invisible Realm by Evelyn Dunbar-Webb The Invisible Realm by Jan. 02, 2019 $7.99 30,580 words Sample 15%
Stepsisters Hattie and Dacey embark on a treasure hunt and soon discover a hidden world where they encounter fairy tale characters, struggle through a maze filled with intrigue and danger, attempt to save their new friends from the evil that threatens their realm, and in the process, learn what it means to be “real” sisters.
Picasso Dook and the Rainbow Bunny by J. A. Folkers Picasso Dook and the Rainbow Bunny by Jan. 02, 2019 $3.50 7,490 words Sample 15%
Who are they and what are they up to? Chloe and Ben are preparing for Easter when low and behold Fairytale land overspills again. Can Mum keep Ben from finding out about Fairytale land or will the adventure ruin his childhood? Can Mum protect him from all the magic? What’s a fugly rug and a leprechaun got to do with Easter? Will Muriel the witch from the next village save the day.
Lovie and Bibs and the Mermaids in the Mud Puddle by Alicia Ranney Lovie and Bibs and the Mermaids in the Mud Puddle by Jan. 02, 2019 Free! 2,270 words Read a sample
A unique opportunity to play in the rain leads Lovie and Bibs to discover something new in their backyard: mermaids - in a mud puddle, of all places! Time is running out to save these beautiful creatures. Join the sisters as they work with their friends Agatha and Henry to get the mermaids safely back to their home.
De Gnorkjes gaan kamperen! by Frank Ammerlaan De Gnorkjes gaan kamperen! by Jan. 02, 2019 $1.29 13,670 words Sample 30%
Nieuwe avonturen! Andy, Cindy en Danielle gaan met de woontipi kamperen! Al snel raken ze verdwaald in het bos, ontmoeten nieuwe vriendjes en doen bijzondere ontdekkingen! Zoals een heel bijzonder kistje. De teksten zijn beproefd door ze heel veel voor te lezen aan kinderen. Wederom een groot succes. Veel (voor)leesplezier toegewenst.
The Story of Little Hedgehog by Latica Mirjanic The Story of Little Hedgehog by Jan. 02, 2019 $9.99 1,410 words Sample 20%
Little hedgehog got tired of his life. He needed a change. He wished for something magical. See where his wish takes him.
Lisa Learns: A Bedtime Story by Andrea Reynolds Lisa Learns: A Bedtime Story by Jan. 02, 2019 $0.99 Sample 20%
Lisa Learns is a great bedtime story about what a little girl going to school learns. It has repetitive, easy sentence structure so your children can read along with you. Lisa goes to school and goes to different classes. This thirty-two page fully illustrated book is under three hundred words for a quick, satisfying book to read before bed. Come join us on the journey of Lisa’s day.
Tica's Escape by Tracey Williams Tica's Escape by Jan. 01, 2019 You set the price! 220 words Sample 20%
Tica's Escape is an adventurous book that focuses on a bird and his friends. See what happen!
My Crazy Pet Frog: A Novelette by Scott Gordon My Crazy Pet Frog: A Novelette by Jan. 01, 2019 $1.99 18,440 words
The name's Gus, and I have a super-sized problem. There's this crazy frog, you see, living in my bathroom. I can't seem to get rid of him. A golf superstar, celebrity chef and professional boxer are just a few of the things that he claims to be. One thing is for certain, though: If he doesn't stop eating, he'll eventually eat us out of the house. So what do you say, kiddo?
A Story At Night : Anya's Bedtime Stories by P R Krish A Story At Night : Anya's Bedtime Stories by Jan. 01, 2019 $1.99 1,840 words Sample 30%
5 wonderful bedtimes stories of just the right length to read aloud to preschoolers, and for older children to read on their own. All these feel-good stories end with happy thoughts of caring, sharing and kindness, which will surely settle down young ones to a good night's sleep.
Asylum by Ian Lahey Asylum by Jan. 01, 2019 Free! 1,590 words Read a sample
An asylum for unwanted children, a strange doctor and a mystery at the core of it all.
Little Sowbug & the Big Flood by Mary Vigliante Szydlowski Little Sowbug & the Big Flood by Dec. 31, 2018 $0.99 2,450 words Sample 15%
Little Sowbug loves his home and his neighborhood. His life is wonderful until a storm comes and a flood washes everything away.
Spaceports & Spidersilk January 2019 by Marcie Tentchoff Spaceports & Spidersilk January 2019 by Dec. 31, 2018 $1.00 11,210 words Sample 10%
Entertain your inner child or your real child with the latest issue of Spaceports & Spidersilk. Explore places you could never imagine in this latest issue that kicks off the new year, and it's only $1.
Trying to Pull Off a Miracle by Jaclyn Tracey Trying to Pull Off a Miracle by Dec. 31, 2018 $3.99 34,410 words Sample 20%
Periwinkle Douglas had always been told she was special, so much so that she was placed in a special needs classroom. She had no idea how special until one day her mundane life got flipped upside down when a sleigh of eight reindeer took her back to her future.
Hedgehog looking for a miracle by Olga Kholodova Hedgehog looking for a miracle by Dec. 31, 2018 $2.33 1,410 words Sample 20%
Once a hedgehog found an unusual thing on the river bank. It was a beautiful travel magazine. Hedgehog wanted to read it, but, unfortunately, did not know the letters. Walking through the woods, he heard a conversation between a crow and a magpie. Hedgehog was glad that there was a solution to the difficult task, and went in search of a miracle.
I Can Brush All by Myself by Renée D. Smith I Can Brush All by Myself by Dec. 29, 2018 $4.99 640 words Sample 10%
Tooth brushing is a toddler rite of passage, and author Renée D. Smith takes readers through the process with an adorable rhythm and rhyme. This introduction to oral health care will guide parents and little ones as they learn that brushing is fun and easy.
Wolf, the explorer #0.5 (Karabas in Old Turkey) by Leen Lefebre Wolf, the explorer #0.5 (Karabas in Old Turkey) by Dec. 29, 2018 Free! 2,250 words Read a sample
The short story “Karabas in Old Turkey” vividly depicts the end of the Old Times as experienced by Karabas. Wolf, a young explorer will meet this faithful goatherd - thirteen years later - during one of his many missions in the New World as he is on a serious quest of food for his hungry people. A concise but striking account of what could happen in a dystopian future, a great chance to empathize.
Olivia Plymouth Buys a House (Olivia Plymouth Series) by Hallett German Olivia Plymouth Buys a House (Olivia Plymouth Series) by Dec. 28, 2018 $2.99 15,280 words Sample 22%
Between solving mysteries and fighting fashion criminal organizations, Olivia Plymouth loses her house in a freakish lightning strike. No problem. Just purchase another house right? Especially when having such modest requirements. And everything just perfect. Tackling reluctant realtors, imperfect homes, and the unexpected, will Olivia Plymouth ever find her dream house? With four new stories!
Pamiętniki Fenka. Kamperem przez Polskę. Część 1 by Anna Jurczyńska Pamiętniki Fenka. Kamperem przez Polskę. Część 1 by Dec. 27, 2018 $5.29 11,380 words Sample 20%
Fenek dorasta i jako uczeń wyrusza na wyprawę po Polsce. Przygody, które przytrafiają się Fenkowi mogą przydarzyć się każdemu dziecku. Niektóre są zabawne, inne zmuszają do refleksji, czasem bywa niebezpiecznie. W każdym nowym miejscu Fenek chce przeżyć jak najwięcej przygód. Jest to możliwe, bo podróżuje po jednym z najpiękniejszych krajów Europy, w którym historia i przyroda przeplatają się.
Cock-A-Doodle Choo!: Mr. Rooster Gets the Flu by Avagaye Heron-Clarke Cock-A-Doodle Choo!: Mr. Rooster Gets the Flu by Dec. 26, 2018 $6.99 1,740 words Sample 15%
The moon is fading and soon the sun will be rising for a new day. It is time for Mr. Rooster to sound his alarm - the first Cock-a-doodle-doo of the morning. But, Mr. Rooster is feeling a tingle in his throat . . . Oh no! What could it be... will Mr. Rooster be able to crow...What will happen if he can't wake the citizens of the little countryside town?
Princess Irene and Her Backyard Adventure by Patrick Bowron Princess Irene and Her Backyard Adventure by Dec. 26, 2018 Free! 700 words Read a sample
Irene dreams of reaching the Moon! Anything is possible in an afternoon with a little girl's imagination.
O călătorie în Țara lui Moș Crăciun by Rene Tinescu O călătorie în Țara lui Moș Crăciun by Dec. 26, 2018 $1.99 8,030 words Sample 20%
Cine n-a auzit de Laponia? Cine nu știe că aici, în Laponia, se află Țara lui Moș Crăciun? Dar cine a văzut Laponia? Și mai ales cine a văzut adevărata Țară a Moșului? Ei bine, eu am văzut-o! Da, am reușit să ajung acolo și ceea ce vă voi prezenta în continuare se bazează pe această experiență fantastică pe care am trăit-o în îndepărtata Laponie.
Rocky & Dog Goto The Beach by Stephen Stratford Rocky & Dog Goto The Beach by Dec. 22, 2018 $0.99 460 words Sample 10%
Join Rocky and Dog, (two huskies) on there magical adventure to the beach. From plains to trains, stars to cars and starfish to tuna fish, this book will have you waggling for more! Each page is highly illustrated to accompany the story, making sure it’s a magical tale! Made with love!
Turkeys Eat Turquoise Turnips by Geoff Schultz Turkeys Eat Turquoise Turnips by Dec. 21, 2018 Free! 1,840 words Read a sample
An average turkey farmer makes a surprising discovering when he repaints the fence around his turkey pen. A short story of a colorful nature for young people of all ages.
Geta Toss by Bonnie Ferrante Geta Toss by Dec. 21, 2018 $2.99 20 words Sample 20%
Emily just doesn't know what to make of the new girl. Yuko eats strange food, plays Jan Ken Poi, and kicks her shoe in the air! What's worse, Emily’s best friend, Maria, finds her interesting Can a pair of shoes help two best friends become three best friends? (Discussion questions and ideas for activities are included.)
ANTimatter by David Winship ANTimatter by Dec. 21, 2018 $0.99 45,480 words Sample 20%
Being an avid aquarium hobbyist, it is obviously just a matter of time before Neil finds himself travelling by wormhole to a small circumbinary planet in the constellation of Cygnus. Okay, it's probably more relevant that he is the grandson of a woman who had befriended extra-terrestrials at the turn of the 21st century.
Ebony and Ella by Bea Giovanni Ebony and Ella by Dec. 20, 2018 $3.99 30 words
Ebony is a single parent to her daughter, Ella. The two share a deep bond and love as mother and daughter. They are best friends. Life changes for Ebony and Ella but through their courage and strength they are determined to keep their lives peaceful and loving. Along their journey, they learn lessons and teach others lessons of love, peace and doing what's right.
A Sproutmas Story: A Christmas Short Story by Juliet Boyd A Sproutmas Story: A Christmas Short Story by Dec. 20, 2018 Free! 2,930 words
It’s Christmas Eve and Sprout is on another adventure. He didn’t intend it to be an adventure, because he was only going out to see the Christmas lights, but that’s the way these things go. A Sproutmas Story is a 2,000 word short story in the world of the Tales from the Forest of the Hooting Owl, aimed at children of 8-12 years old and anyone else who is young of heart. Get your copy today.
A Service Dog's Story by Andrea Chancey A Service Dog's Story by Dec. 19, 2018 $7.00 2,360 words Sample 20%
A young woman and a dog find love and comfort within each other after going through several hardships. Who knew such a companionship would make the world better for these two.
Necazurile lui Mos Craciun by Iulia Dora Covaliu Necazurile lui Mos Craciun by Dec. 19, 2018 $4.75 7,350 words Sample 15%
Cartea “Necazurile lui Mos Craciun” cuprinde trei povesti a caror actiune se petrece iarna, intr-un peisaj hibernal, prezentandu-i pe rand pe Mos Craciun, Mos Nicolae, precum si doi oameni de zapada, care vor sa incante viata copiilor si sa le lumineze sarbatorile.
The Cricket and the Caterpillar by Tamara Capelj The Cricket and the Caterpillar by Dec. 19, 2018 $1.20 1,210 words
"For many days, one cricket kept an eye on the cocoon forgotten on the branch. Every day he glanced up, and waited for some sign of movement from inside the cocoon, but the shell did not budge an inch. The cricket decided to investigate." And this is how an unusual friendship was born...
Édouard et le Méchant by Marina Roy Édouard et le Méchant by Dec. 18, 2018 $3.99 570 words Sample 5%
Édouard aime vous parlez de son petit chapeau. Édouard est le petit enfant que tous souhaiterais avoir. Il aime parlé en rimes et ne peux s'empêché de parler de son petit chapeau qu'il porte au bout du nez. Vous et votre enfant vous laisserez emporter tout simplement par la contagieuse joie qu'Édouard ressent quand il parle de son petit chapeau et de ses aventures causées par son petit chapeau.
The Dog That Peed on Mars by Christine Hawe The Dog That Peed on Mars by Dec. 18, 2018 $4.99 5,350 words
The middle of the Arizona Desert: a glitch has been found in the space probe to Mars. Someone has forgotten to provide enough room for a human and they quickly need
宝宝的世界(孙基立、古伟文)Another World by Jili Sun 宝宝的世界(孙基立、古伟文)Another World by Dec. 18, 2018 Free! 330 words Read a sample
Children stories with illustrations. 这本图文并茂的书是一位母亲写给她儿子的礼物,表达了她如何进入儿童的世界。宝宝的世界充满童趣幽默,漫画和文字构思源于潜意识的萌发,孙基立和古伟文老师邀请所有的小孩子和大人一起走进快乐宝宝的世界,一起享受神奇的教堂、彩色的玻璃、摇曳的烛焰、天父的光环、天使的翅膀、管风琴鸣奏的乐章、世人虔诚的祷告. . .。
Little Kitten Boy by Ferida Durakovic Little Kitten Boy by Dec. 18, 2018 $1.20 2,640 words
"Cats don’t get lost, they get found. And they find their way around." Sweet, thoughtful newborn tomcat first saw his reflection in a paddle and he liked it. But would he like living in a big town, populated by hairy and smooth-skinned creatures with two legs?
The Best Christmas Ever by Tamar Bobokhidze The Best Christmas Ever by Dec. 17, 2018 $2.99 80 words Sample 20%
It’s the day before Christmas. Ceph is very sad because Ms. Hilda and Ms. Sasha are sick and staying home. He thinks it's the worst Christmas ever without them! Will Ms. Nancy, the substitute teacher, be able to turn this into the best Christmas ever? Appropriate for children ages three to eight years old, this book can be read to them or they can read it by themselves.
The Culling by K. A. Duff The Culling by Dec. 17, 2018 Free! 59,510 words Read a sample
The Clacamash attack whenever and wherever they choose. In a culture that accepts the culling of its people for meat as a part of life, Corlu’s rejection of tradition makes her a dangerous outsider. Desperate, she embarks on a perilous journey across the Remains to find a place where they can live free from the Clacamash and their threat of slavery and death. New lands await discovery
Haunted Spirits by Sy James Haunted Spirits by Dec. 17, 2018 $4.99 70 words Sample 20%
Polly's eight sisters mysteriously disappear one Halloween night. Now infirm and 99 years old, Grandma Polly engages her young friends, Megan, Roscoe and Hal the Dog to try and free her sisters' spirits, held captive in a haunted house.
The Phantom Pharaoh by M.M. Mugan The Phantom Pharaoh by Dec. 17, 2018 $5.00 92,920 words Sample 5%
Time is a river, beware of its flow. If you don’t have the compass who knows where you’ll go….
The Longest, Darkest Night! by Peter B Lewis The Longest, Darkest Night! by Dec. 17, 2018 $2.99 Sample 30%
The Longest, Darkest Night! is an illustrated children's story about the rarest of winter nights – a total eclipse of the Moon on Winter Solstice. As the eclipse begins, a community of nocturnal forest animals becomes mystified - then scared. They learn about the wonders of nature and conquer their fears of the dark and the unknown during this very unusual night. Ages 4 and up.
You May Never Be French by Kate Foley You May Never Be French by Dec. 17, 2018 $2.99 3,000 words Sample 5%
What would you do if you had to spend a week in a foreign country?
Princess Petrina and the Witch's Curse by James Sutherland Princess Petrina and the Witch's Curse by Dec. 17, 2018 $0.99 25,420 words Sample 20%
Join Princess Petrina in a brand new comic adventure! On the morning of her Coming of Age ceremony, Princess Petrina awakens in high spirits, only to find that she has sprouted a huge, bushy moustache during the night! Horrified, she sets out on a quest to find the witch responsible, knowing that unless the curse is lifted before the next full moon, she will be stuck with her moustache forever!
Magic Kingdom. Which Treasure is Better by Zenith Publishing Magic Kingdom. Which Treasure is Better by Dec. 16, 2018 Free! 90 words Sample 20%
"Magic Kingdom" is a rich mix of delightful tales and entertaining activities that make this magazine ideal for preschool children and children of primary school age. Your child will be fascinated by bright and colorful illustrations.
What Shall I Buy the Queen? by K. J. Watson What Shall I Buy the Queen? by Dec. 15, 2018 Free! 920 words Read a sample
This read-aloud story for young children describes the King's frantic attempts to buy a birthday present for the Queen. Does he manage to succeed in the end ... ?
Cheptoria by Dawn Goins Cheptoria by Dec. 15, 2018 $3.99 4,560 words Sample 20%
Cheptoria (chep/tor/ea) is a magical land that Elana find herself in after a long day of playing and is snuggled in her bed fast a sleep. Join Elana as she explores the new land where she meets two friendly hedgehogs, majestic bird and new friends. While exploring the land with her new friends, they find themselves having new adventures and experiences.
The Adventures of Ava and Addison: A Very Special Christmas by Ellen L. Pfaff The Adventures of Ava and Addison: A Very Special Christmas by Dec. 14, 2018 $5.99 1,190 words Sample 5%
Two weeks before Christmas Day, Ava and Addison started planning what they should give their friends and family. But this year wasn't going to be like past years. They wanted the presents they gave their family and friends to be very special.
Save Mermaid Kingdom! by Celesta Thiessen, Keziah Thiessen, & Priscilla Thiessen Save Mermaid Kingdom! by ,
& Dec. 14, 2018
$2.99 5,280 words Sample 20%
The Thiessen family continues their adventure in The Tail of the Mermaids Book 2. The evil scientist octopus has stolen a magical gem from Mermaid Castle. Without its protection, Mermaid Kingdom will crumble and be left in ruins. The Thiessens are ready to help but there’s just one problem. The gem is now on an island with an active volcano!
Hairy Monster by K. J. Watson Hairy Monster by Dec. 14, 2018 Free! 890 words Read a sample
Hettie and Sid's idea to attract more customers to the Yummy Grub Cafe is rather unusual and features the notorious Hairy Monster. This story is written to be read aloud to young children.
Charlie Sparrow and the Secret of Flight by D. F. Anderson Charlie Sparrow and the Secret of Flight by Dec. 13, 2018 Free! 10,750 words Read a sample
Charlie Sparrow has no idea he can fly. It's no wonder—in Tree City, none of the birds do. When Charlie seeks out the secret behind his feathers, Doctor Nightingale claims he has a dangerous childhood disease, the cure for which is feather plucking. Charlie will do anything to find out the truth, even disobey the adults who think they know what's best for him.
The Rescuer by Julie Owen The Rescuer by Dec. 13, 2018 $2.99 11,530 words
This is a fast moving, magical adventure. ‘Roly’ travels from Jaden, a planet inhabited only by animals, to earth to look for the long lost ‘Elders’. During his thrilling journey he meets ‘Majestical creatures’; Some can help, some are dangerous but who should he trust? He meets 2 children, who join him on his journey and Miranda THE Doormouse, who can open doors to different places and times.
Caminos de un templario la historia de Enrique de Ledesma by Eduardo Agüera, Sr Caminos de un templario la historia de Enrique de Ledesma by Dec. 13, 2018 $5.00 97,990 words
La historia de un caballero templario que se convirtió en todo una leyenda.