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The Dragon’s Rule

The Quest

Book IV


G. Weldon Tucker


Recommended ages: 5-7 read to, pending skills. Reading 7-12+. Encourage your children to read! Intelligence comes from knowing more than one’s peers, and that can only happen between the covers of a book! Geography, communication, vocabulary and life’s lessons included herein! Enjoy! GWT


Robert H.Stokes for artistic guidance and editing.

Kodi Killgore for help with the Wizard in final sections herein..

©2018 G. Weldon Tucker- Tampa Bay, FL- USA




Joey of the Red Clan, Ikfreit of the Blue Clan and now Grogan of the Green Clan are deep in the quest. Along the way, they have gathered more dragons. Roto and Jenny from the Red Clan have chosen to be young Joey’s companions, someone to keep her safe. They also picked up two more greens along with Grogan. It was a nice sized team, Joey thought, looking them over as they flew.

There would have been more dragons willing to come from the greens, but Joey was worried about looking like an army. Not only that, it was hard enough to find feeding for seven of them.

Pointed eastward by the green Queen Mother, the group felt that they had a purpose and a destination. Seven dragons were on the quest to solve the puzzle. Something was causing the dragons of Dragonia to disappear.

The simple sketch the Queen had given her was to lead to the The Cradle of Life, which is rumored to be the starting point for mankind’s civilization. But, it may also be the starting point for many of the mythical creatures of this world, including dragons. It could hold the answer as to why the dragons were declining so quickly in number.

Where there used to be thousands across this world they call Dragonia, they were having a hard time coming up with a few hundred. Yet, surprisingly, no other dragons seemed to care.

Now, the true Cradle of Life for mankind itself, when the first human walked on this earth, was down at the southern part of what is now known as Africa. But that was long before the dragons and of no interest to them. The Cradle they sought was where man first began the process of civilization, banding together in villages for mutual benefit and safety.

So, it was not long that seven dragons leaped into the air to fly across the remains of the Sahara Desert, a great expanse of sand, dunes and hot sun.

The two extra greens had been put in place by the Queen Mother. She was taking no chances. After all, she did ask Joey to bring Grogan home safely. The two extras were certainly welcome, in Joey’s mind. They trailed along with Joey’s pair of reds, Roto and Jenny, back a mile or so, and let the three explorers lead the way.

However, flying out all over this beautiful sandy place was like playing in a sandbox It was such a sense of freedom that Joey had trouble keeping them all pointed the same direction! One or the other would race out ahead, then circle back to report on what he found.

Usually, that was simply more sand dunes. Lots of sand dunes.

They were everywhere. Joey thought the country hard on life, and yet, people and dragons lived out here!

On one occasion, two days later, and well over a thousand miles from the home of the Green Clan, Grogan circled back to report a large body of water to their south and east. “It looks as big as an ocean, except I can see both shores on the east and west sides. The south goes out of sight, all water.”

They had already crossed over a narrow, long sea, someday to be called the Red Sea, but it was not what Joey was looking for. “We are going northeast, because we are going to the very upper tip of that body of water. South is of no concern to us. We will feed when we reach the rivers.”

Of course, none of them had ever heard of the Persian Gulf, which leads to the massive Indian Ocean, but they were right on track for the Cradle of Life. It would eventually be rumored to rest between the Euphrates River and the Tigris River at the most northern tip of the Persian Gulf. Dragons knew this, though people would be a while coming to the same opinion.

Soon, they crested the low hills that stood out between the desert and the gulf, and knew they were almost at their destination.

They turned north along the shore to head for the two rivers they were seeking. But, when they got there, alas, the land was crawling with people! Thousands of them! Villages dotted the fertile valley and the sides of the adjacent hills. Docks stuck out into the rivers and boats seemed to be everywhere!

They were going to be spotted and that would not be good. Nothing must interfere with the quest! Joey thought.

Go high! Out of sight!” Joey called, and they shot up many thousands of feet into the air. They were mere dots to anyone on the ground. Of course, with their own keen eyesight, they could see every detail on the valley floor.

But, Joey knew that they could not stay here. They had to find the other dragons. They had to find the answer. Hiding up here where the air was thin was not going to help.


Keep in mind that Joey was raised in the jungles of what would become Central America, with a high canopy of treetops, low visibility up or down, and very few people.

Civilization had not really caught hold with the natives, though small villages were beginning to sprout up here and there along the rivers.

The difference was that these people now below them had more than a few hundred years to join together in communities and start true civilization. That requires friendly, polite, helpful people to settle in mutually acceptable places. But that put them right in the middle of where Joey and her team needed to be.

What can we do about this?” Grogan asked, wheeling around Joey and the group. Grogan had seen lots of communities in his travels, but hardly any out in the Sahara Desert.

Ikfreit had the same experience, even if there were only nine small villages in Iceland. Civilization was coming to both of them. In fact, if there was a clue, Joey thought, the villages sprouted everywhere, and the dragons slipped away. Yes, that seems important, she thought.

Ikfreit, you met Goldie. The only Gold Clan dragon anyone has ever heard of. I believe you could go down in the dead of night and try to summon a gold. But if you get in trouble with the golds, you come right back up here and we will help them get over it.”

Fight dragons?” Roto wanted to know. Perhaps even eagerly. But then, he liked to fight. Or at least, so he said.

No. We will explain our purpose and try to find a Sage to help us understand our mystery. No fighting unless we are actually attacked.” Joey was still not certain that Roto would obey her, but she was, almost by appointment of the Queen Mother, the leader of this quest.

Where would I start? I mean, Goldie found me. I have no idea where she came from!” Ikfreit said, worriedly.

We are not even sure this is the home of the golds, Joey,” Grogan explained. “Our Queen Mother also said there were golds and other dragons who were not too friendly out here, somewhere.”

The only way to find out is to make a move into the area and see who pops up. I can only see one of us getting away with it, and again, Ikfreit, if they are golds, you have the best chance. If not, you can fly higher and faster than most of us!”

He was not all that certain of this plan, but Joey seemed to think it would work.

Now, remember, not much moves on a dragon’s face, but his doubt was plain enough to see in his eyes. “I know I have to do it. Let’s go find someplace to rest and maybe feed. This will get wearying by midnight,” Ikfreit said.

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