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The Dragon’s Rule

The Quest

Book III


G. Weldon Tucker


Recommended ages: 5-7 read to, pending skills. Reading 7-12+. Encourage your children to read! Intelligence comes from knowing more than one’s peers, and that can only happen between the covers of a book! Geography, communication, vocabulary and life’s lessons included herein! Enjoy! GWT


Robert H.Stokes for artistic guidance and editing.

Kodi Killgore for help with the Wizard in final sections herein..

©2018 G. Weldon Tucker- Tampa Bay, FL- USA


Today’s Dragon


Joey was sorry to see Sammy head back south. He said he was an explorer, but he was also a bit of a complainer, she realized. The tropics were too hot, the ground hidden away, the prey too solid and heavy, and he preferred his barren, icy slopes. Well, she thought, not everyone is cut out for adventure.

Roto was in more trouble than Joey over the almost week-long trip. He was supposed to have chaperoned her to the Andes to see the Sage, but he had allowed himself the distraction of a female. But, then he was of an age to find a mate. Queen Mother knew that, but it still left Joey in the care of Sammy, who she did not know. But mothers always understand their children very well. Not trusting Roto nor Sammy, quite yet, she had followed from far above them all.

A common complaint is always, “How did you know?”

“You are not the first nor will you be the last to do something like that!” The same answer for years!

So, Queen Mother had been up high, hovering, listening in on the conversation, because, like Joey, she could speak mind to mind. What she heard was frightening enough. No one had said anything about such a serious decline in the populations of dragons, before this trip.

But, she dutifully escorted the pair to the Sage, and then home again, happy that Sammy left for his own home. One less boy to worry about in the company of her young Princess daughter. She could only hope that this was not turning out to be too much for young Joey to handle. Important things are usually best left to those who know what to do. Problems require solutions, otherwise, the one announcing problems without solutions becomes… annoying.

However, no matter the oversight, there are always things overlooked. So, a few weeks later, when a blue dragon flew southward into the tropics, the Queen Mother was killing a boar on the far west side of her territory near the Pacific Ocean. Roto was in the caves, sleeping, as was his habit.

Joey spotted the blue before it had come in a mile. She was not sure if it was Ikfreit, but it did not belong here. Still, she tried always to be a polite dragon, so she did not immediately attack as she rose up in front of the approaching trespasser. Attacking unprovoked was Roto’s game, and she preferred to leave him to it.

So, imagine her surprise and pleasure when the blue called out, “Joey! I see you! Hello, again!”

“Ikfreit? You came back from your frozen lands! Why?”

“I met a golden dragon a couple of weeks ago. She had been down to see a soothsayer of some kind. She says that she met a gray named Sammy who said you wanted to see me.”

She knew that she had to get the story straight, right away. She was too young for a boyfriend. “Yes, there is trouble among our kind. The Sage wanted to meet you and asked me to try to find you! Will you go to him with me?”

“Why?” They spiraled down until they stood on a wide grassy area next to the river.

“He thinks you might have answers that will help him. We have to discover what is causing the decline in the number of dragons! Our kind is in trouble, Ikfreit!”

“Okay, I see that, I guess. But how can I help?”

“I don’t know. He wants to talk to a traveler. You have been lots of places, haven’t you?”

“I have. But I am tired and hungry, right now. I need some meat! Can we feed, first?”

“I have not eaten for almost a week. I could use a good boar. You still have not seen one, have you!” It was not a question.

“So, show me this boar. Let me sink my teeth into this thing. I am ready.”

“Well, they do not exactly grow on trees. We have to catch one unaware. And you must be careful. They, too, have big teeth!”

“But aren’t they smaller than us, by far? It cannot be too hard. No water over their backs, right?”

“Only if they take a swim in the river. Oh, that is right, I remember now. You hunt in the ocean. Have you ever seen the monsters out there? Sammy has!”

“Oh, yes. But, say, I’d like to meet this Sammy. A gray, right?”

“Right. It does take some getting used to. The Sage is yellow. Sammy is kind of a dull gray, lighter on his chest and face. What did a golden dragon look like?”

Duh… golden. What do you mean?”

“No, silly! I mean, other than the color, was he or she part of our kind or different?”

“Looked like you and me done in gold. Pretty thing. Too old for me, though!”

“What do you… oh… never mind.” She did NOT want to open that doorway. “Let’s hunt!” She took off and heard the heavy wingbeats of Ikfreit behind her. When they were settled a little higher in the air, she asked, “Where did she come from… what land?”

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