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The Dragon’s Rule

The Quest

Book II


G. Weldon Tucker


Recommended ages: 5-7 read to, pending skills. Reading 7-12+. Encourage your children to read! Intelligence comes from knowing more than one’s peers, and that can only happen between the covers of a book! Geography, communication, vocabulary and life’s lessons included herein! Enjoy! GWT


Robert H.Stokes for artistic guidance and editing.

Kodi Killgore for help with the Wizard in final sections herein..

©2018 G. Weldon Tucker- Tampa Bay, FL- USA




The Old One had said those disturbing words. “The population of dragons is falling rapidly. Something must be done.”


Samrolk, known as Sammy to his friends and family, a large dragon by any standard, was a curious enough creature. He was growing up in what is now South America, way down at the end of land, almost to the Antarctic Ocean. Though it was cold, icy and uncomfortable, most of the time, he had known nothing else all his life. He simply understood that this was the way things would always be.

This was a time before man understood the way of dragons. Those few men that saw him or his kind first disbelieved what they had seen, then tried to kill the dragons. But he was one of many and they soon learned to duck and cover, for his size to theirs was far too overpowering, and there was a ready danger he could eat them.

But, Sammy was not interested in the small, dark men that hid out in the forests of the southern end of South America. Too bony and of poor weight. There were delicious fat sea lions and nearly helpless penguins when he got hungry. Remember, every living creature eats something… mostly other creatures. Life is not easy, right?

Patagonian Sea Lions, or Southern Sea Lions are found as far south as what would later be called the Falkland Islands, not too far north of the southern tip of South America. These were generally year around residents, while the Southern Fur Seals were more seasonal. The Penguins migrating north or south as the seasons took them, were plentiful… but to Sammy, hardly a mouthful. Remember, every wild animal has to eat something. Just be glad it is not you or me, right?

By the time Sammy was seven years old, he was a powerful dragon, yet only half grown. Dragons, like most animals, grow up much faster than people. They must do so in order to survive. But his diet was high in fat and protein and it made him big as well as strong. Of course, dragons get lots of exercise to keep in shape, too. His parents were always telling him to eat his meals, so that he could grow strong, and what do you know? They were right.

Let that be a lesson to all of us!

Most other dragons his age gave him wide berth, leaving him alone. Not that he was cruel or a bully, but he had a bigger build and he feared nothing. Not even fellow dragons.

Sammy, a bland gray color, yet with darker wings, kept to himself, for the most part. Occasionally, he brought food to the Old One on top of the nearby high peaks of the Andes. It was on one of those visits that he heard the dire warning. The dragons were disappearing from Dragonia!

He was one of twenty-two remaining gray dragons that roamed the southern reaches of South America and he had no idea of other dragons. He also knew that they had lost two dragons this year, but no one knew why.

So, every year, he felt the need to fly just a little farther north, exploring, learning more, spreading his wings. Maybe he could find out if what the Old One had told him was true.

Come that following summer, as the ice retreated south in Antarctica, and the greenery of spring and summer filled the low valleys and higher deserts, he made his most daring trip. He went farther north than ever before. Then, in so doing, he met a girl dragon.

It could have turned out all wrong, but Sammy was a kind dragon, and a friendly one, and with the sudden knowledge that there were other dragons in Dragonia, he was a wiser one. It happens, that way, often. What we do not know is going to come to us by experience, or by investigation, and with each new treasure, we grow.

But, we must be cautious. It is far better to receive the wisdom about dangerous things by learning from our parents. Mother and Father have already been there and done that. It saves serious injury.


On that particular day, Sammy was high in the sky barely noticeable to those on the ground. He was way up in the storm clouds, over the canopy below, seeing a tropical jungle for the first time. So much of his own territory was rocks and barren slopes that this was a real treat.

Now, keep in mind, Sammy had very keen eyesight. He saw an odd, four-legged creature step out of the jungle below and move right up to a river’s edge. It was big and heavy… and slow. Dinnertime! His stomach growled. He locked his wings and went into a steep dive.

He was so intent on his prize that when another, slightly smaller dragon shot by him at unbelievable speed, only to slam chest first into the prey, he almost flew right into the river! At the last second, he managed to pull up and over the red dragon. Red! How could that be? The Old One never told him that dragons were different colors. He had thought the Old One had just… sort of faded out to a dull yellow.

Sammy stopped in midair, as dragons often do when they need to learn… or to talk. The red dragon stood over its kill, glaring up at him, but not offering to share. She was not threatening him, but her very posture told him to stay away.

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