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The Dragon’s Rule

The Quest

Book I


G. Weldon Tucker


Recommended ages: 5-7 read to, pending skills. Reading 7-12+. Encourage your children to read! Intelligence comes from knowing more than one’s peers, and that can only happen between the covers of a book! Geography, communication, vocabulary and life’s lessons included herein! Enjoy! GWT


Robert H.Stokes for artistic guidance and editing.

Kodi Killgore for help with the Wizard in final sections herein..

©2018 G. Weldon Tucker- Tampa Bay, FL- USA




Jodania, Joey to her friends, was a happy-go-lucky dragon, a growing Princess of the dragon world, named Dragonia, and thought her life to be very secure. She flitted here; she flitted there, and always, she felt happy and safe.

In her tropical world, it was stormy almost all the time, but being a really big dragon, yet only half grown, it did not bother her at all.

She loved to go as high as she could, feeling the wind rushing beneath her powerful wings. Then, just because she could, she would stop still in the air, her wings beating more softly, holding her still while she surveyed all below her. It was a favorite hunting trick, because she cast no shadow, and made little noticable movements visible from the ground.

Like many dragons of her era, and her family, she lived in a green, lush area of thick jungle, with waterfalls, high trees and grass. Sometimes, the canopy was so thick that it was difficult to see the ground, and that was okay with Joey. She hunted the outskirts of the big trees, anyway.

But, everywhere she prowled, she found beautiful high, wide waterfalls over sometimes massive cliffs. Beauty was one thing, but there was necessity, too.

Many of her Red Clan nested in among the trees, feeling safe enough because the canopy was so high that there was little danger from the ground. But Joey did not like trying to sleep while clutching a handful of flimsy branches. She preferred things to be more solid.

So, behind one of those wonderful waterfalls, Joey made her home.

It was not much, but for a dragon, it was safe and secluded. Joey, remember, liked to feel safe… and happy. Here. she could be herself and relax. Much like many a growing girl or boy in our own world.

In here, which she kept very, very clean, she could sit and think about things. Joey was a restless dragon. An inquisitive one, a dragon who was not willing to accept the status quo. Just because they said it was always so, did not make it so.

Joey loved to explore. She always stayed up high in the air, turning clever somersaults, wheeling this way and that and, of course, hunting. Dragons have to eat. So do people. All growing things eat something.

Her favorite was the huge boars that ran wild in the jungle below. She would range far and wide, and when she saw one too far from its cover of trees, she could drop as fast as an eagle, hitting the boar from on high with her huge iron hard chest to stop it in its tracks. Then, she would carry it to her cave and eat it. Messy!

A two-thousand-pound dragon can carry a three hundred pound boar up into the sky with ease. Even so, Joey was not yet fully grown.

There are no pictures of such kills, or, for that matter, the feast that followed. That is a good thing. We can all sleep easier. Not surprisingly, dragons love to make a mess, but for some unknown reason, they are very careful about cleaning up after themselves. It is easier than having to move every week.

As a matter of fact, Dragons do not need to eat every day. One boar a week was just right.

So, then, Joey had a chance to explore her territory. She could fly higher than the storm, so that only bright blue sky was above her, the storm clouds far below. She often flew far and wide to survey all that she knew.

It was also a chance to go to the very shore of the magnificent ocean and ask herself, one question. “Are we the only dragons on this world?” But then, fearing the unknown, she always remained high and safe from the sometimes fast moving water, thrashing madly on the rocks below.

Well, of course, Joey was not alone. Her Red Clan held thirty dragons. That was not a lot for such a big territory, but still her curious self could not help but ask the question, over and over. ‘Are there others?’

That fog shrouded shore and that wide-open ocean were so compelling. It made her feel that somehow there was something out there. Another land… maybe other dragons! But, remember, Joey liked to be safe and happy. In order to stay safe, she had to stay in her own land. But she was not exactly happy. She just knew there was more to this world they called Dragonia than what she saw, no matter how high she flew over it.

Like many children, consequence training comes through experience, despite Mother’s instruction.


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