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The Dinosaur Chef who saved the world be yourself, Dream Big, Work towards it.

R.D. Khan

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Table of Contents

Great yet tragic yearly feast 8

Adventures of Carlos 10

Feast without tragedy 15

Conclusion 19


This is a book about a dinosaur named Carlos. He learned that a feast without cleanliness and order will always end in tragedy. So he step out of his home despite peer pressure to learn proper cooking, breaking from the norm and leadership.

He broke off of the traditions of farmers, musicians to learn about culinary and entrepreneurship. And he taught others about alternatives, forgiveness and friendship.

In order to make reading easier and suitable for children, this is made into poems that rhyme.

I hope children can have fun reading this.

Dinosaur Valley

Deep within the mountains, lay a deep valley.

Green fragrant land of walking green beasts.

Huge, towering dinosaurs, walking on four strong feet.

Some grew wings that fly, others walk on four.

And herbivores eat vegetables, and carnivores eat meat.

Inside the mountains, came the diggings,

Dinosaur-made caves by dinosaurs’ diggings.

As dusk came by, they all went to bed.

Except for a few dinosaurs who guard the valley.

Out of the caverns, a couple curled down to rest.

Snugged between them, are four bright shiny eggs.

Each glows in the dark, with warmth and love.

Little by little, these shells crack forth from within.

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