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Feathers & Cheese

Yankee Doodle was Confused

Yankee Doodle went to town, a-riding on a pony,

Stuck a feather in his cap and called it macaroni!”


The party was in full swing, with twenty or so mice singing their favorite Yankee Doodle song. Of course, to them, way back then, the word ‘macaroni’ meant something far different than it does to us, today.

Far back in the time of horses, kings, queens and kingdoms, it meant something special, as in the way you might feel wearing a brand-new pair of shoes, and fancy hat, going off to visit grandma. Sharp, you know? Well, things do get twisted over time, and this is a tale of how things change… sometimes for the better!

It was a long time ago, when this great land was mostly empty, and farms were the order of the day. This was the era that these mice lived, happily content with their simple lives.

Their home, a single farmhouse, stood in silent majesty over thousands of acres of waving grain. You must use your imagination, because thousands of acres means a very, very big field of grain! It is as far as one can see out across the prairie.

A huge number of mice lived in the big old house, many, many more than those who attended the party, of course. These were the subjects of King Hussmuss, a likeable king who cared about his kingdom and his people.

At the party were the usual courtiers, knights, and servants, ladies in waiting and of course, some of the commoners. It was friendly kingdom, and everyone got along famously.

Hussmuss also had a beautiful daughter. Princess Serena was of marrying age, but in all the kingdom, there was not one mouse of worthy stature to marry her!

But, then, it was King Hussmuss’ fault, for he owned everything including title to the big old house, and so none of the others owned anything at all. This was far too often the accepted thing in the old days, before common sense began to rise up and change things, of course.

Meanwhile, being the King and in his court meant that they dined on the best of everything. Because the kingdom was contained entirely within the huge house, where humans lived, too, they mostly ate what the humans did. Humans are generally messy and often dropped more than enough for the kingdom, right there on the floor!

These particular people liked cheese! All kinds of cheese brought from far and wide. Brie, Gouda, Swiss, Cheddar and even such foul-smelling cheese as Limburger.

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