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Zippy Loves Rocks

Life with Zippy Series

By Vin Zeeland

Zippy loves playing with rocks.

She puts them in pockets and she hides them in her socks.

Zippy digs rocks in the garden and wipes off the dirt.

She carries rocks around in her shirt.

Zippy finds rocks under trees and on family trips to the sea.

She brings home round pretty pebbles of red, green, blue and yellow.

Zippy loves to find smooth - flat stones – to skip on the river.

After a long afternoon nap, Zippy collects her favorite rocks and stones. She

puts them in a jar and then she takes them home.

One warm and beautiful afternoon,

Dad asked Zippy “what she would like to be?”

Zippy paused and asked “What are people called who work with rocks?”

Mom replied “they are geologists.”

“Was the queen of Egypt who built the Pyramids a geologist?” Zippy asked.

Mom and Dad looked at each other and laughed and laughed.

Zippy’s mom hugged her and whispered in her ear; “would you like to be the queen of Egypt my dear?”

“I want to be a rock star!” Zippy continued “Are they geologists?”

“Oh, no – no they are not?” Dad looked puzzled.

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