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Mighty Maggot’s Marvellous Mind Travels

Believing in the Yellow Diamond

Published by Vivienne Scott-Gould

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2019 Vivienne Scott-Gould

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This book is dedicated to the lovely people

of Arbroath, Scotland, who embraced us so warmly into their community

Special thanks to:

Angus Council who provided us with shelter whilst I wrote the Mighty Maggot stories

Arbroath Library, who quite literally provided the power for me to get the books published

Maggie (you know who you are!). Your words of encouragement and genuine excitement for these books, truly empowered me

Table of Contents

Note to Parents and Carers

The Adventure Begins here...

Questions to Reflect on with your child

About Vivienne Scott-Gould

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Message from Vivienne Scott-Gould

Note to Parents and Carers

Hi there

The Mighty Maggot series of 7 books are written for young children and their parents to explore humanity, through light-hearted story telling, with a focus on mental; physical and emotional well-being.

I would love for you to read these books with your child and encourage them to reflect on the story and what thoughts, feelings and emotions have been conjured up in them.

I have purposefully not illustrated the books, to enable your child’s imagination to be ignited and flow freely in terms of how they visualise the scenes and characters.

My intention is for this to empower them to create their own ‘dream world’ in their minds and perhaps create their own visual depictions of the stories.

The feedback I have received from other readers is that the stories are humorous, philosophical and thought provoking.

With this in mind, I have included a few questions at the end of the book, as a guide to provoke a ‘conscious conversation’ between you and your child.

These books have been written from my heart and I truly wish for them to touch your child’s heart and soul (and yours too!).

I would love to hear feedback from you and your child on how this story has impacted you both.

Enjoy the Adventure!

Vivienne Scott-Gould

The Adventure Begins here...

Raven Explorer and Wind Fire were playing witches and wizards in the local park.

“I have super wizard power!” Wind Fire flexed his homemade wand.

“I’m making potions in my cauldron,” Raven Explorer cackled, throwing mud and grass into the pond.

“Look!” she exclaimed, spotting a garden gnome in the pond.

“I wish it would come to life.”

“Maybe he’s waiting to catch my Rainbow Arc.” Wind Fire reached into his rucksack. “Look, I made a model.”

He gently launched it into the pond.

“I wish I could magic it to life-size.”

“You CAN,” said a Voice…

“Mighty Maggot!” The Twins whooped in delight. “Where are you?”

“On the Rainbow Arc dearies.”

The Twins scrambled closer to The Arc to see Mighty Maggot jiggling on a mini TV screen.

“Hi Mighty Maggot.” The pair bounced up and down in excitement.

“Excellent! You can see me on the Telly Path.”

“So…how do we magic The Arc into life-size?” Wind Fire was not one for waiting.

“It’s quite simple really. Just clear your Minds and imagine you are on it. The Telly Path will do the rest.”

The Twins stared intently at The Arc…

…Nothing happened…

“Huh…easier said than done,” muttered Wind Fire impatiently.

“See you when you’ve worked it out.” Mighty Maggot promptly disappeared from the Telly Path screen.

Raven Explorer pondered for a while and reached in her pocket for the magical Diamond Keys.

“I would truly love to be on the Rainbow Arc.”

The Diamonds fizzled and glowed in her hands.

“Ooh, I’ve got butterflies in my tummy!” she exclaimed…and then something extraordinary happened.

Bright yellow butterflies appeared around Raven Explorer’s tummy and fluttered around the Twins in a yellow tornado.

“My head’s spinning!” Wind Fire tried to stand up and slumped down dizzily.

“Me too.” Raven Explorer fell to her knees.

The dizzy Twins closed their eyes, as the butterflies spun around them…tickling their faces. Then…


“I feel like water going down a plughole,” Wind Fire shouted above the loud gurgles.

“Or a giant witches cauldron, being stirred into a whirlpool,” giggled Raven Explorer.

The spinning and gurgling began to slow down and eventually stopped.

The Twins warily opened their eyes in wonderment.

They were on The Arc and had landed in a glistening river in the desert.

“Have we shrunk, or has The Arc grown?” asked Raven Explorer, noticing a huge gnome statue at the riverside.

“Aha! There you are.” Mighty Maggot wriggled out of a wormhole in the sand.

“Welcome to Gnome Man’s Land. Not many Humans make it this far. As you can see, there is no Mind Junk here…

…and I am delighted to see, your Stream of Learning has grown into the River of Consciousness.”

“What does ‘consciousness’ mean?” Raven Explorer couldn’t help questioning things.

“Ah…Raven Explorer, the ever curious,” chuckled Mighty Maggot. “Consciousness is when you keep your Mind clear of Junk and Worry Thoughts…

Anyway…no time for chit chat. Your Life Lessons at Universe City will be over there today.” Mighty Maggot pointed off into the distance, where a pyramid shimmered in the hazy heat of the desert.

“The Arc will get you there, now you have a wide River to follow. Oh…I almost forgot…this will help you too.” Mighty Maggot began pulling something out of the wormhole.

“What’s that?” Wind Fire peered curiously at the rolled up sheet of material.

“It’s your Mind Scroll Sail,” replied Mighty Maggot, disappearing back down the wormhole.

“I wonder what our next Life Lesson is going to be,” Raven Explorer puffed and panted, whilst pulling the Scroll Sail onto The Arc.

As the Twins unravelled the Sail, it revealed Lessons they had already learned…




…and their next lesson…


“Ooh…I love the sound of that!” Wind Fire shuddered with excitement.

“Let’s go!”

Suddenly…a gust of wind blasted through the desert, creating a swirling sand storm.

The Sail billowed out, like a huge fluffy cloud and began to pull The Arc down The River.

“Yikes! Hold onto The Sail,” Wind Fire shouted through the sandstorm. “I LOVE the wind!”

The Twins clung desperately onto The Sail as they shot along The River, like a speedboat.

“Nearly there. Hold onto that wind power.” Mighty Maggot’s voice whistled through the wind.

The Twins soon arrived at the pyramid.

“Ha! Looks like this is going to be fun,” chuckled Wind Fire seeing ‘L.O.L’ carved on its wall.

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