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Jasmin and Her Closet to Anywhere

And the dark words of outridge the ever child

jasmin and her closet to anywhere

Chapter 1

Somewhere around the turn of the last century, there was a little girl. That little girl’s name was Jasmin. She was nine. Her imagination was very powerful. Her mother was in the shower. It was 5:20 in the morning.

Jasmin heard a voice calling from up-stairs. A laugh from beyond. She walked ever closer. The smells of morning dew filled the air. She climbed and climbed the endless staircase. She was literally 3 steps away.

You see, there are beings who master imagination at a level so profound they can use it to defy the laws of reality. Space and time are no barrier to them. And Jasmin’s ancestry from about 200 years back has some rather…. Powerful imagination.

There was a gate in her way!!! A child proof gate but was it Jasmin proof? Some-how she managed to bust through the gate without an adult. How she did it is a mystery. She walked through the hall but found their dog…. Teeka was in the way. The voice sounded “Jasmin, Jasmin. I can’t see you”. She climbed into her bed room. Her sister Punka was there. Jasmin had a bad case of middle child syndrome. Her sister squeaked “I wasn’t steeling your secret candy stash”. Jasmin asked “how do you know about my secret candy stash? Punka responded “you talk in your sleep”. The voice got louder and louder “hey, just because I haven’t been born yet doesn’t mean you get to ignore me”. I’m William by the way. I’m the son you haven’t had yet”. Jasmin asked “who are you? What are you?”

William added “I am here the same way you are, our imaginations are bending reality. But if you want to see something awesome…. Just step into your closet. Jasmin crept ever closer to the walk-in wardrobe. The Punk asked “what are you doing?” Jasmin responded “I really have no idea”.

Then Jasmin and Punks older sister Mobile was on top of the stairs, their mum had just got out of the shower. Mobile did this thing where she would jump off a high place and someone would have to catch her. She exclaimed 1….. Bonkers Bob heard the sound and came running. 2 Mobiles feet had left the ground and she started falling. 3 “Bonkers Bob caught her. His heart skipped a beat in relief.

Mobiles jump wasn’t the most dangerous thing that would happen today. 9-year-old Jasmin walked into the closet. William asked “where to? In all of time and space. Ancient Rome? The witch hunter’s daughter universe?”

Jasmin asked “what does that mean?” Will told her she could choose anywhere out of anywhere and she would appear there. Any place, any story, any time and we could go there. Jasmin replied “Paris.” Will thought for a moment, then jumped in glee “Paris it is, Paris 1899. Lets party like its 1899!

The entire world started to spin. The wood became ice which shattered leaving Jasmin and William to fall through an endless void. Except they were falling up. The flame in the closet disappeared and millions of windows appeared. Each and every one of them had a major historical event happening. The vortex burned their skin with cold. The pair eventually arrived in Paris, France, 1899. We were in a park. A mad man with crazy blond frizzy hair and a full ectomorph build. Not like part mesomorph. He was like all tall and no out. He wore an aged lab coat. Ectomorph is the scientific term for tall. He squealed in warning “the catacombs are rising. The fallen from the plague are coming. Get out my dear travellers. While there’s still time. Paris is becoming a labyrinth. Time is running out”.

A Parisian cop was chasing him. He stopped right next to us. “I’m sorry kids. That man thinks that Paris is going to be invaded by ghosts. We are in the process of capturing him. He ran off on his doomed quest “OY, YOU STOP! COME BACK HERE”!!!! “WHERE ALL DOOMED, DOOMED” said the man who was apparently a nutter!!!

Will “I do believe its All-Hallows-Eve. I guess that story could be true. Jasmin asked “how do we get back home?” I replied “find the closet, its somewhere in France. I’m a warlock by the way”. Warlock means male witch. Not dark wizard. They walked around Paris trying to find our cupboard. This took about 6 hours and still nothing. But we did find some clues. A play, named the sorcerer and the stone was playing. The night darkened. A playwright found us. He asked, “are you travellers?” I responded “yes”. He continued “are you here from”…… his voice got tenfold quieter and he spoke into Jasmin’s ear “another time?” I asked, “who wants to know?” he stated that he was trapped by a being called a Timezek. He also said that his name was…. Willem Vlamming. Will squealed “WILLEM VLAMING! Willem hurried us off the street. Once we got inside his house Will remarked “I am such a big fan!!!! What did you think when you got to Rottnest and saw the quokkas?” He queried “quokkas?” I explained “giant rats, you thought they were giant rats”. While we were talking, a ghost in a human shell was breaking into the very building where we lay our heads. The ghost was a girl in a boy’s body. She crept into the window and found a place in the play. She rewrote the script leaving something deadly. A spell. You see ghosts can’t do magic themselves. But humans sure as hell can. We slept uneasy that night. Thoughts were scurrying across our minds. Mr Vlamming had been here for 3 months. Our closet was his only way out. We awoke with a start. None of us had been born yet. Fire flickered in the distant sun. the play was about to begin.

The Sorcerer and the Stone. We had backstage seats because Willem was excited to meet someone who could help him get back to his own timeline. And our closet was his way home. So, he was sucking up. The play started. Eventually we got to the point where the modification had been made. A girl came out on the stage. She said as she stepped onto the centre of an overly complicated summoning circle. In an instant, William, being a warlock recognised a summoning spell when he saw it. The lady exclaimed “I call upon the ghosts of the plague. Rise, rise, rise. The crazy ectomorph guy had broken into the play. William thanked science that he was alright.

I call upon the ghosts of the fallen plague. The ones who died of mice and flees. Rise, rise ,rise! An old closet floated onto the stage. Will and Jasmin rushed out. Will had the intention of breaking the circle. Spirits good, bad, stupid and cheeky flew out en masse. All it would take was one last chant. The ones who rang the bell of death…. The mad man knocked the actor with some major magical talent onto the floor. But it was almost too late. I call upon the ghosts of the fallen plague! Jasmin climbed into the wardrobe. William screamed “they are using her as a conduit. As an anchor to this reality! We need to get her out of this time period or else the dead will be unleashed upon the world. The ones who died of mice and flees!!!!!!!!

We grabbed the girl in a potato sack and ran across the screaming crowds. We bolted across the stage and slammed into the wardrobe. Once we were in the wardrobe, took off. The girl leaving this reality broke the connection to the ghosts. We took Willem Vlamming to his own time. We were now on Rottnest Island, the day that it was discovered.

By William Greenough

Jasmin and Her Closet to Any-where

Chapter 2

Jasmin had arrived on Rottnest island. It’s not like she hadn’t been there before. She just hadn’t been there while it was being discovered. She was there with Willem Vlamming. The explorer who discovered Rottnest and Penguin island. She was in a closet flying across time and space.

In her previous adventure she had encountered Willem Vlamming after he had been blasted across time and space to 1899. That was his future. The closet gave a sudden THUMP!!! Her guide and future son William replied “I’m sorry but I’m going to have to leave. My cousin, the Evil C is going to be your guide now.

Jasmin pleaded “but I’ll miss you”. Will responded “I can be here any time you need an adventure. Wizard…. OUT!!!

A boy with black short hair and a foot ball jersey appeared. He spoke in a rather scratchy and nasal voice. “Um, ok. I’m I dreaming”? Jasmin said “no, you’re awake. You are supposed to be my guide. Are you the Evil C? Why do they call you the Evil C? Are you a super Villain?”. The Evil C said in response “it doesn’t matter why they call me the Evil C. what matters is WHO THE HELL ARE YOU PEPOLE AND WHY AM I IN A FLYING CLOSET!?!?! Willem Vlamming introduced himself “I am Willem Vlamming. Master of the waves! Explorer, and in times past playwright. The girl we took with us replied “I am a hand-maiden. I tried to become an actor to get out of servitude. And now I am in a closet flying across time and space at a rate of absolute insanity. Names Melody by the way”.

The closet docked but one introduction still remained. “my name is Jasmin. I am 9 years old. My sister Mobile is 10 and my younger sister Punka is 8”. The Evil C snapped “Mobile! As in Jasmin”! Jasmin responded “first my son Will, then Mobiles son the Evil C? Who’s next? Punka’s daughter the flying doughnut”?

We stepped outside. The Evil C replied “Where the hell is this? It looks strangely familiar. Like even close to home”. Jasmin replied “seriously, this is your best guiding. We are clearly on Rottnest island. The Evil C snapped “hey, how can you tell?”. Jasmin responded “native Australian flowers, plus Quakka’s, plus colonial Fremantle right behind us. A woman came charging through the forest. She said “Captain, we were looking for you. You disappeared from the face of the earth for 5 minutes”! Willem replied “at long last, oh dear merciful god. I thought I would be gone for ever!! She looked at him carefully and closely “you’ve gotten older. Your hair has grown at least 3 inches”. A silence fell. She shivered as she moved her lips. We have a BIG problem!!!

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