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Mighty Maggot’s Marvellous Mind Travels

Freeing The Orange Diamond

Published by Vivienne Scott-Gould

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2019 Vivienne Scott-Gould

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This book is dedicated to Ricardo.

A big-hearted man who lets his

creativity and feelings flow freely..

Table of Contents

Note to Parents and Carers

The Adventure Begins here...

Questions to Reflect on with your child

About Vivienne Scott-Gould

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Message from Vivienne Scott-Gould

Note to Parents and Carers

Hi there

The Mighty Maggot series of 7 books are written for young children and their parents to explore humanity, through light-hearted story telling, with a focus on mental; physical and emotional well-being.

I would love for you to read these books with your child and encourage them to reflect on the story and what thoughts, feelings and emotions have been conjured up in them.

I have purposefully not illustrated the books, to enable your child’s imagination to be ignited and flow freely in terms of how they visualise the scenes and characters.

My intention is for this to empower them to create their own ‘dream world’ in their minds and perhaps create their own visual depictions of the stories.

The feedback I have received from other readers is that the stories are humorous, philosophical and thought provoking.

With this in mind, I have included a few questions at the end of the book, as a guide to provoke a ‘conscious conversation’ between you and your child.

These books have been written from my heart and I truly wish for them to touch your child’s heart and soul (and yours too!).

I would love to hear feedback from you and your child on how this story has impacted you both.

Enjoy the Adventure!

Vivienne Scott-Gould

The Adventure Begins here...

Raven Explorer sat in her favourite lesson at school, feeling very happy.

It was Art Class and she was painting an ‘Enchanted Wood’, filled with magical plants and creatures.

She loved creating pictures in her imagination.

Suddenly…the green and blue paint pots on her desk began to bubble, like a witch’s cauldron and something started to emerge.

Without thinking about the mess, Raven Explorer delved her hands into the paints and extracted…the Green and Blue Diamond Keys.

“Ah,” she thought with a grin. “Time for more magical Mind Travels.”

Feeling a strange ‘pulling’ sensation on her forehead, Raven Explorer looked up to see a purple beam of light and began to feel like she was being pulled through it, towards the painting.

Closing her eyes, all she could see were purple blobs, which began to transform into trees and flowers. She opened her eyes to see a huge rainbow and she was inside it.

Stepping through the rainbow, there was a flash of light and Raven Explorer found herself inside her own painting!

It was starting to get dark and seeing a fire, deep in the wood, Raven Explorer set off towards it.

“I wish I had something to light my way.” Raven Explorer was feeling a little afraid, as she moved deeper into the dark wood.

As if by magic, a swarm of fireflies appeared around her, lighting up the air, like sparklers on Bonfire Night.

Getting nearer to the fire, Raven Explorer could see a den and from inside she could hear jolly whistling and lots of clattering and banging.

“Hellooo!” she called. “Is that you Mighty Maggot?”

The whistling, banging and clattering stopped.

After a few moments silence, Raven Explorer could see movement in the den entrance and suddenly a figure leapt out.

“Oh! You’re not Mighty Maggot!” exclaimed Raven Explorer, scratching her head in confusion.

“Hi! My name’s Wind Fire…because I’m really good at creating fires,” said the boy, with a big grin on his face.

“Here’s one I made earlier.” He proudly pointed towards his campfire.

“I’m Raven Explorer. What are you doing in that den?”

“Ah…that’s a secret,” came the annoying reply. “Haven’t you heard about Sacred Creations?”

“No! What’s a Sacred Creation?”

“Blimey, you do ask a lot of questions,” Wind Fire replied cheekily. “You don’t reveal Sacred Creations until you have finished them in your Mind Den.”

“She does ask a lot of questions, doesn’t she Wind Fire.” A very familiar voice interrupted the conversation from behind a tree.

“Mighty Maggot!” shouted Wind Fire and Raven Explorer in unison.

“Glad you two have met.” .Mighty Maggot came wriggling towards them.

“In this magical land you are Twin Souls…so, from now on you’ll be doing everything together.”

“What’s a Twin Soul?” Raven Explorer couldn’t stop herself asking ANOTHER question.

Glancing over towards Wind Fire she was relieved to see he looked just as confused.

“Well, a Twin is like back in your Real World. You were born at the same time in this world and your SOUL is the magical part inside you…Is that clear?...

…Anyway…no time for idle chit chat. You two need to crack on with your Life Lessons at Universe City”

“Let’s see what your next Life Lesson is in the Mind Scroll.” Mighty Maggot wriggled impatiently towards the camp fire.

“Have you still got my glasses deary?”

Raven Explorer felt in her pocket and was relieved to find Mighty Maggot’s magical glasses.

She held them out in front of her so Wind Fire could see through them too.

The flames in the fire began to flicker and grow, transforming into the Mind Scroll.

“Grab it quick, before it burns!” shouted Mighty Maggot.

Wind Fire leapt forward shouting, “I’m not afraid of fire!” and picking a stick from the ground he flicked the Scroll into his hands.

“Ooh ooh, agh, agh!”

Wind Fire, ran back to Mighty Maggot and Raven Explorer, sounding like a monkey juggling a hot potato.

Opening it carefully, they could see the list of Life Lessons.



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