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Mighty Maggot’s Marvellous Mind Travels

Balancing The Red Diamond

Published by Vivienne Scott-Gould

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2019 Vivienne Scott-Gould

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This book is dedicated to Niall, a musical genius,

whose album ‘Spirit of the Shaman’

helped me discover Raven Explorer.

Table of Contents

Note to Parents and Carers

The Adventure Begins here...

Questions to Reflect on with your child

About Vivienne Scott-Gould

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Message from Vivienne Scott-Gould

Note to Parents and Carers

Hi there

The Mighty Maggot series of 7 books are written for young children and their parents to explore humanity, through light-hearted story telling, with a focus on mental; physical and emotional well-being.

I would love for you to read these books with your child and encourage them to reflect on the story and what thoughts, feelings and emotions have been conjured up in them.

I have purposefully not illustrated the books, to enable your child’s imagination to be ignited and flow freely in terms of how they visualise the scenes and characters.

My intention is for this to empower them to create their own ‘dream world’ in their minds and perhaps create their own visual depictions of the stories.

The feedback I have received from other readers is that the stories are humorous, philosophical and thought provoking.

With this in mind, I have included a few questions at the end of the book, as a guide to provoke a ‘conscious conversation’ between you and your child.

These books have been written from my heart and I truly wish for them to touch your child’s heart and soul (and yours too!).

I would love to hear feedback from you and your child on how this story has impacted you both.

Enjoy the Adventure!

Vivienne Scott-Gould

The Adventure Begins here...

Raven Explorer rocked backwards and forwards on a swing in the school playground, munching absent-mindedly on a chocolate bar.

She quite liked school, although there were some lessons she found a bit boring.

Day-dreaming was her favourite pastime and she was often told off for it!

As she mused about this and all the amazing adventures she had in her day-dreams, Raven Explorer began to drift off into ‘a world of her own’.

Feeling a warmth inside her pocket, she grinned to herself in excitement.

Something brilliant was about to happen!

Reaching carefully into her pocket, Raven Explorer pulled out the Diamond Keys, which were glowing green and blue.

They vibrated in her hands and she felt that special tingle on her forehead.

Making sure no one was watching, she gently held The Diamonds to her forehead, wondering in excitement, what would come next.

“Ah…there you are!” said a familiar Voice.

“That must mean it’s time for you to go to Universe City.”


Raven Explorer found herself flying through a Rainbow Tunnel at light speed.

Feeling head over heels and giddy, as she spun this way and that, on her journey through Space.

“Enjoy the ride!” The Voice whirled around her head.

“Mind you keep your balance now.”

Keeping her balance in this spinning tunnel was rather a challenge!

However, Raven Explorer was definitely enjoying the ride.

It seemed like no time at all, when suddenly; she tumbled out of the tunnel and landed…SPLOSH!...on her bottom, in the middle of a stream.

This wasn’t quite the graceful landing that Raven Explorer had expected and she was none too pleased about being soaking wet!

“Helloo there, delighted you could make it.”

Hearing The Voice put a broad grin on Raven Explorer’s face and as she wiped soggy hair from her eyes, there he was…

“Mighty Maggot!” Raven Explorer leapt up creating a spray of water.

“Where am I?”

“I see you haven’t stopped asking questions,” chuckled Mighty Maggot, looking rather dashing in a square, tasselled hat and a pair of glasses…and of course…his infamous Boxing Gloves!

“You look very intelligent,” giggled Raven Explorer. “Why are you wearing that hat and glasses?”

“More questions! What a surprise,” Mighty Maggot responded with a wry smile.

“I suppose it is to be expected now that you are officially a student at the Universe City of Mind Travels…

…But we have no time for questions now deary. We have to get a move on down the Stream of Learning, which you have very conveniently landed right in the middle of.”

Raven Explorer was now feeling much better about her soggy feet and bottom!

“We’ll start with your Mind Scroll,” continued Mighty Maggot, handing Raven Explorer his glasses.

“Here…you’ll need these, so you can see it clearly.”

Raven Explorer had seen the Mind Scroll before. “Oh no! Does this mean I have more Junk Thoughts to clear out of The Mind?”

“Don’t you worry about that. You have done a great job of clearing space in your Mind and that is why you have been accepted into Universe City.”

“Now your Mind Scroll is clear, it has revealed your Life Lessons. So, get those glasses on and let’s see what lies in store for you.”

Mighty Maggot wriggled and jiggled in his excitement to discover what was in The Scroll.

Raven Explorer put on the glasses and everything around her went blurry. She staggered and skidded in The Stream, nearly toppling over.

“Keep your balance,” instructed Mighty Maggot “and everything will soon become clear.”

Following his guidance, Raven Explorer focussed with all her might and was amazed to see The Stream rippling and transforming into The Scroll.

“Grab it before it floats away!” shouted Mighty Maggot.

Raven Explorer stumbled clumsily through The Stream and leapt towards The Scroll.

With an almighty… SPLASH!...she grabbed hold of The Scroll and pulled it towards herself, wondering what would be in it.

There was a long list on The Scroll and most of the words were too fuzzy to read.

However, there were some words she could see…

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