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Children’s Short Stories
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Volume 6

Featuring the adventures of Stitches’

Aged 3 to 6 years


Uncle John

Children’s Short Stories & Poems

Volume 6

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Fire (Poem)


The windy day

Peter the policeman

Uncle John’s a-b-c

Wonky the worm


The butterfly (poem)

Ragamuffin (Rag) the scarecrow

Bella banana

Corporal Caruthers

The smelly pond

Bo, Petee and Sammy


My bike (poem)

Robbie’s robot

The magical pumpkin

Choo the train

The Queen of hearts


The old house (poem)

The boy who never listened

The lady who had bad luck

Tom Cat

The honest little girl

Tramp the boat

The Easter leg

The broken leg (poem)


Earp the ape

Crunch the cave man

The end (poem)


Hello children, mums and dads. Here’s another book for you which is full of adventures. The characters in the book you will remember from my earlier books. You’ll find Stitches, Carrot, Bella Banana, Tramp the boat, Choo and so many more. I sometimes wish I was in some of the stories myself. If you have a story and a character you would like to see in my next book, please get in touch. I would love to write your story and add pictures and bring it to life. Wouldn’t it be great to see your story in my next book? You can contact me on:

Holly Bell is from America and has done some of the artwork, and thought up some of the characters. You can see Holly’s amazing work on Fine Art America. Should you need any artwork yourself you can contact Holly on:

Now let’s read on for some fun adventures. I hope you enjoy the book.


Picture and character by Holly Bell

It was early morning in the fire station as the alarms were sounded. Stitches, who was number one fireman, ran to put on his jacket. He then jumped into the fire engine. It came over the radio there was a fire at 21 Memory Lane. Stitches was driving and he put on the siren.

He roared through the street to Memory Lane until they reached the fire.

Stitches started to squirt water all over the house. He worked very hard putting out the fire. Stitches saved an old lady, a cat and a black dog.

When the fire was out, Stitches went all the way back to the fire station. There were lots of people there waiting to thank Stitches for putting out the fire. They even gave Stitches a medal for being brave. Suddenly there was a bump, and Stitches woke up. Oh no, he’d only been dreaming all the time. Stitches does dream a lot.

Tommy came running into Stitches` room and asked what all the noise was about. Stitches told Tommy about being a fireman in his dream, and how he might really be a fireman when he grows up.

“That would be good Stitches,” said Tommy.”

“But I am only small at the moment and need to grow up lots,” said Stitches.

They both laughed and agreed; he did need to grow taller so he could climb up the ladder and save people.

Fire (Poem)

Never play with matches

Or anything with a flame

You might just start a fire

And that’s a silly game

So, show your dad and mummy

You are clever girls and boys

Never play with flames

Just play with your own toys


Carrot was having a lovely lie down on his bed on a Sunday afternoon. There was a knock on the door. There were some young children at the door who wanted his help.

“Carrot,” cried one of the children. “My cat is stuck up the tree.”

“OK I will get a ladder,” replied Carrot.

Soon they were all running down the road to the tree where the cat was stuck. It was quite a long way to the tree, and took them about five minutes before they got there. The little cat was right at the top of the tree and crying.

“Oh poor little thing,” said Carrot.

“Can you get him down?” said the children.

Carrot told the children he would do his best. He put the ladder up the side of the tree and started to climb up the ladder.

He got to the top of the ladder but could not reach the cat.

Carrot told the cat to jump into his arms and he would save him.

“Are you sure you will catch me?” said the cat.

“Yes trust me,” said Carrot.

The cat closed his eyes and jumped right into Carrot’s arms. Carrot held on really tight as he climbed back down the ladder. The children were so happy that he’d saved the cat. All the children were saying that Carrot was so brave.

The windy day

Mums love it when it’s windy. They can hang out all the washing on the line to dry.

It was washing day, and Sharon was doing her weekly wash. She had loads of it. When you have three children, there’s always lots of washing to do. Sharon had just finished the first load of washing. It was all the children’s trousers and jeans. It was a nice sunny day outside. But on the TV it said it was going to be windy. Sharon put out all the trousers on to the washing line to dry.

As Sharon was doing the second wash, she noticed it was getting a little bit windy outside. Maybe she should have listened to the TV. Sharon thought that a little wind was going to be OK for her washing. That would make it dry very quickly. But the wind was getting stronger. Sharon looked out of the window and could see the washing blowing very hard.

She decided that the wind was too strong and she would bring it all inside. But as she walked out into the garden a huge gust of wind blew really hard. Sharon just stood there and watched her washing blow into the sky.

“Oh no,” shouted Sharon.

She ran as fast as she could but couldn’t catch the washing blowing away.

Even the fence in the garden had blown down. There was nothing Sharon could do except watch as all the washing blew away in the wind. Just then her three children came home from school.

“Don’t worry mum, we’ll catch the washing,” they all shouted.

All three children ran across the field chasing mum’s washing screaming and laughing as they ran. It took them a whole hour to catch all of the washing. They did really well and brought it all back to mum. She had to wash it all over again as it was really dirty. But Sharon was just pleased to get the clothes back again. Mum treated her children to a burger that night to say thank you for getting her washing back.

Peter the policeman

Sometimes Peter has to work very hard as a policeman. This story will show you how hard he works.

Peter the policeman was out as usual at work. He’d left his bike at home because it was such a nice day. As Peter was walking along the high street, a voice came over his radio and said.

“Peter, this is the police station here.”

“Hello this is Peter the policeman, how can I help?”

The police station told Peter there was a robbery at the bank. Peter said he would get down there as fast as he could. Peter got there even before the bank robbers had come out of the bank. He needed to think very fast.

There was a man in a car waiting to drive the robbers away so Peter let his tyres down. Then he hid and waited for the robbers to come out. He could hear lots of noise inside the bank. Peter was alone and didn’t know how many robbers were in the bank. There might be too many for him. He saw a piece of rope lying on the floor and had a good idea. He was going to lasso the robbers with the rope.

Peter was very lucky there was only one man inside robbing the bank. As the robber ran out of the bank, Peter lassoed him with the rope. It went right over his head and fastened tight around his tummy. The bank robber had been caught. The other man in the car couldn’t drive because his tyres were flat. So, Peter took them both to the police station. The sergeant was very pleased with Peter and gave him a week off work, so Peter went to the seaside for a holiday with his wife.

Uncle John’s a-b-c

Hello again children. Were you lucky enough to read my last book? If so, you will know the last letter we looked at was the letter D. Do you know which is next in the alphabet? It is the letter E.

There are two ways to write the letter E, like this.

You can ask mummy and daddy why they are different shapes. I know some words that start with the letter E. Here they are.

Egg, eye, elephant, elbow.

These are just a few I know. Ask mummy and daddy how many they know. Try and write as many as you can yourself on a piece of paper. I bet you can do more than 10.

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