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Nettle Makes a New Friend

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Nettle Makes a New Friend

In the previous story Nettle was cured when she used the coconut that the wizard gave her to rescue her friends. Nettle was born with a sickness that made anybody that came near her itch terribly. Luckily her mother and father were not affected.

But Nettle was very lonely. Nettle wanted a friend her own age. The three brothers that were her friends were fun but they were older than her. And a boy did not do girl things. She wanted a friend that she could share secrets with, sleepover, do fun things together. She wanted a girlfriend.

One day while walking with the boys Nettle saw a girl sitting all by herself on a rock.The boys were busy swimming in the river so she ran over.

‘Hi! My name is Nettle, what’s your name,’ she asked.

‘Hi, my name is Rachel, I stay with my parents over that a way and she showed with her finger over a hill behind her. ‘I was following the tracks of the wild ponies, I so much want a pony,’ she said wistfully.

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