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Gifted Child

Dragon Series Book Two


Ikechukwu Joseph


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are the product of the Author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales or persons living or dead, is coincidental

Gifted Child

Dragon Series Book Two

Ikechukwu Joseph

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Copyright 2019 Ikechukwu Joseph

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Chapter One

Some members of the secret cult called Dragon Daggers still believed that the red dragon they worshiped was still alive. They claimed that the last fire that the police quenched indicated the red dragon's ascension. "RD would be back." The other members mourned the great fall and vowed to take revenge. The railway community would pay, they vowed. Dragon Daggers' emblem was made up of the red dragon's head and two daggers placed in form of scissors at the base of the head. The two daggers represented war and vengeance against perceived injustice of the society. The daggers



were empowered or derived their strength from the red dragon's head. The red dragon derived power from human blood. So they seek blood for power. How wrong they were to believe in a beast. This is very wrong and untrue. Most young school dropouts, products of broken homes, got involved with Dragon Draggers (DD) as a way to pay the society back for treating them badly. It is a way to be heard they thought but they ended up losers. The faction that believed on the immortality of the red dragon (RD) waited in vain for RD's resurrection. They mourned their idol by posting the stickers of the red dragon all over the railway community with different insignias and inscriptions like, "the king of the sea lives... we acquire your power..." and so on. Peace actually returned to the railway community for quite some time after the special child destroyed the red dragon. Night life and parties resumed in earnest. The economy picked up. The secret cult members were being hounded by the authorities.

At the beginning of the school session something strange happened at Saint Mary’s Girls High School. Some armed masked men stormed the school and kidnapped twenty pupils, carted away bags of food items to unknown destination. Parents were thrown into mourning. The mayor, police and concerned citizens did all to locate them without success. The government offered huge amount of money to anyone with useful information of the whereabouts of the kids. But that yielded no result. The police aircraft's aerial surveillance, Satellite imagery and even wildlife surveillance couldn't locate them. It was after some weeks that DD owned up. And warned the police not to endanger the lives of the pupils and that at the appropriate time the head red-dragonite would make a press release about the young dragonites. Children in the dragon's net?

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Chapter Two

"She's only eleven years old. Anita my daughter is asthmatic. She needs parental attention daily to survive," Mrs. Andrews lamented. "Her drugs and peak flow meter used in both monitoring and diagnosing her ailment are here with me. How will she survive without these? Mayor please help save my only child. She's all I've got, my in and out." All this time she was kneeling and in tears in front of the Mayor's quarters. The Television crew were already there to hunt for news. What just happened to the railway community was enough bad news. What would the authorities do? The people want to know about the rescue operations. The Mayor was there with the press crew before



Mrs. Andrews broke their attention with her wailing. She was one of the mothers. When she wiped out her tears, Mrs. Andrews stood up almost half naked and she looked straight into the cameras, roughly tied her hair tie or headband. She pleaded and complained almost tearing her heart,

"God is watching. The God we serve will see you through, Anny," as she looked into the T.V camera again baring her mind to the public, to the kidnappers as well as to Anny if she was watching. Her daughter had been kidnapped by unknown gun men. The pains of a crying mother. The ordeals of a helpless widow.

Asthma is a common long-term inflammatory disease of the airways of the lungs. It is characterized by variable and recurring symptoms, reversible airflow obstruction, and bronchospasm. Anita had suffered that for three years. The symptoms include episodes of wheezing, coughing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath. These episodes may occur a few times a day or a few times per week. Depending on the person, they may become worse at night or with exercise. You can imagine what the poor kid would pass through in the hands of these heartless kidnappers.

Anita Andrews was fondly called Anny by her mother and admirers. But for her ailment, she was one of a high intelligence quotient.

"God is watching," was one of her best song titles that had earned her musical award par excellence. Her maestro or mastery of the black and white keys of the piano endeared her to the lovers of the trade. Anny's heart soothing song lyrics in "God is watching" could melt the hardest rock. Her voice, sometimes sonorous and at other times husky could awaken even the dead from their grave. Anny would be missed if she does not come back. It has taken days and then weeks without any trace of her or her abductors. The world may be getting smarter technology wise so the evil people are getting more sophisticated and worst.

Anita was enrolled in music class when she was five years old. She dreaded seeing the music teacher. Because after each practice session her innocent and tender fingers feel the pains. But her parents encouraged her. They would show here photographs and videos of younger people who played piano. She would dream of them visiting her and inviting her to play with them.

"Mama mama take me there. I want to play."

The unassuming mother would ask, "where, my daughter?"

Anny would run out and came back with her musical photo book. She would point to the kids in the book playing piano, flute, recorder and violin. "I dreamed, they asked me to join them."

That was the main reason they registered her for a special music class. Her teacher was tender with her, considering her age then.

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Chapter Three



In her kidnapper's den, Anny struggled with her health problems. Survival was the name of the game that everyone there played there. Play it well and live. Play it badly and be sacrificed to the nonexistent red dragon. The young dragonites - that was the kidnapped school pupils, as they'd been branded by their captors. They were potential initiates of the dragon fraternity and were given the privilege to indulge in any sports or extracurricular activities of their choice to keep them busy. No time for them to think about their ordeals or parents. They couldn't allow them that pleasure. Anny was lucky to find a piano in their new world, wherever that was. Because they didn't know exactly where in the world they were camped. They were fed only twice - a light breakfast or brunch and a not-enough dinner. Most of the times they were abused, manhandled despite the fact it was against the camp rules. Thou shall not manhandle the minors and new entrants. There were other grown ladies there too who were maybe fully registered members. Anny's ability to play the piano scored her some points with the leaders and gave her access to the camp doctor. She got exemption from strenuous activities. Some lazy ones were left to die if they'd nothing to offer. They awaited the night of sacrifice when the final initiation rites would determine the fate of everyone. It was rumored to be a dreaded night as the dragon would visit physically. Anny had defaulted severally when she was caught praying. It was a big offence to pray or worship another god but the red dragon. But Anita Andrews defied all. She was raised in the church.

"I cannot worship another god," she would confess and profess. But somehow she was still alive. The process there was first persuasion by indoctrination. They were given

books, citations, blasphemous ungodly quotes to read as to brainwash them. They branded it purgation period. Some even tease Anita about her God. "On the night of sacrifice we would know who is who," the old members would tell her, ridiculing her. "The God of Anita or the dragon god." If the persuasion tool fails they would become brutal, apply force and eventually kill the person. So the pupils were frightened but strong-willed Anita believed that the God of her mother would save her. Anita was reserved and so had few friends. Harieta Jumbo was her bosom friend who had helped her during her episodic bouts of dizziness. Harieta or Arieta as Anita preferred calling her, was not all that strong-willed. So she persuaded Anita to play down her faith to avoid trouble. But Anny's persistence and resistance each time seemed to have escaped punishment. Her peers called her "resistance army." But the truth be told that her ease of expression due to her intelligence level impressed the camp commandant and so held back his anger against Anita.

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