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Mighty Maggot’s Marvellous Mind Travels

Rescuing the Green & Blue Diamonds

Published by Vivienne Scott-Gould

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2019 Vivienne Scott-Gould

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This book is dedicated to Richard and his sleeping bag.

The creative inspiration for Mighty Maggot.

Table of Contents

Note to Parents and Carers

The Adventure Begins here...

Questions to Reflect on with your child

About Vivienne Scott-Gould

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Message from Vivienne Scott-Gould

Note to Parents and Carers

Hi there

The Mighty Maggot series of 7 books are written for young children and their parents to share messages of equality, diversity and inclusion in humanity, through light-hearted story telling.

I would love for you to read these books with your child and encourage them to reflect on the story and what thoughts, feelings and emotions have been conjured up in them.

I have purposefully not illustrated the books, to enable your child’s imagination to be ignited and flow freely in terms of how they visualise the scenes and characters.

My intention is for this to empower them to create their own ‘dream world’ in their minds and perhaps create their own visual depictions of the stories.

The feedback I have received from other readers is that the stories are humorous, philosophical and thought provoking.

With this in mind, I have included a few questions at the end of the book, as a guide to provoke a ‘conscious conversation’ between you and your child.

These books have been written from my heart and I truly wish for them to touch your child’s heart and soul (and yours too!).

I would love to hear feedback from you and your child on how this story has impacted you both.

Enjoy the Adventure!

Vivienne Scott-Gould

The Adventure Begins here...

Raven Explorer slumped on her bed in a HUGE grump.

Not only was she in a grump, she was also feeling very sorry for herself.

There were a number of things making Raven Explorer feel so sad, but these aren’t important right now.

What IS important is what happened next…

“Why is this happening to me?” she wailed, as a massive spurt of tears gushed from her eyes like water fountains.

“Because you are being tested,” said A Voice from nowhere. “To see if you are brave enough for a New Role.”

“Eh…huh…Am I hearing things?” gasped Raven Explorer.

“Yes…you ARE hearing things, which is perfectly normal,” replied The Voice.

“You must have blasted open a New Role Pathway, so it looks like you are in for some adventures.”

Raven Explorer sat up open mouthed wondering what to do next.

“Well come on,” said The Voice. “I haven’t got all day! Oh…actually I have ALL the time in the Universe…ha ha! However, please do get a move on so I can get back to my digging.”

“Digging?” exclaimed Raven Explorer. “What are you digging for?”

“You Humans ask such silly questions. Are you coming or not?” The Voice appeared to be getting a little exasperated.

“I’m coming. I just don’t know how.”

“Well you must know how because you’ve already got this far,” reasoned The Voice. “What did you do?”

“Erm…I asked why things were happening to me and then started crying.” Raven Explorer’s grumpiness had vanished as she sat bolt upright with excitement.

“Aah…the Crying Technique…very efficient for releasing all those silly thoughts and clearing space in your mind. That explains it. We connected in The Space you created,” said The Voice.

“So come on then! Hop into the Pathway. Just clear space in your mind again. That should do the trick.”

Then, there was silence…

Raven Explorer sat for a while, trying with all her might not to think of anything.

“Gosh, this is actually quite hard,” she exclaimed, grimacing with concentration.

“How do I create space in my mind?”

Her forehead tingled and she rubbed it absent-mindedly.


Raven Explorer found herself whizzing through a rainbow tunnel like a space rocket at warp speed.

At first it felt a little scary, as she flew through the tunnel and then she began to enjoy the ride.

“Whee! What fun,” as she twisted and turned in this Space Helter Skelter.

Then…PLOP! Raven Explorer came flying out of the rainbow tunnel into complete darkness.

A strange grunting and rustling sound was coming from nearby and as her eyes got used to the dark, a hole appeared with all sorts of junk flying out of it.

The grunts turned into The Voice, “All this junk!! Deary deary me…what a waste…what clutter. It’s like a jumble sale down here!”

“Helloo,” shouted Raven Explorer above all the grunting and rustling.

“Aha! You’re here at last,” replied The Voice.

“Let’s get a good look at the Human responsible for all this junk.”

Before Raven Explorer could ask how she was responsible for the junk, there was a flash of light, like a mini firework and there in front of her was a…well…erm…Was it a worm or a caterpillar perhaps?”

“Hello,” said the thingamajig, with a theatrical bow. “Allow me to introduce myself. I am Mighty Maggot – The Marvellous Mind Traveller.”

“Pleased to meet you. I’m Raven Explorer.”

“Och, we’ve not got time for all these pleasantries deary. You need to help me with the digging. These boxing gloves do get in the way somewhat.”

“Why are you wearing boxing gloves? Why are you digging?”

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