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A Visit to the Blarney Stone

by Shauna Kelly

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Copyright © 2019 by Shauna Kelly





Chloe is very upset today.

Comforting her with a warm hug

Shauna asks,

“What is the matter?”

With sadness in her voice

Chloe answers,

“I want to make new friends but when

I meet someone new, I cannot speak.

I think my voice breaks”

“Your voice does not break,

you are just shy. It is ok to be shy”

Replies Shauna with a chuckling smile.

“I do not want to be shy anymore”

huffs Chloe.

“I would like to make new friends”.

Chloe and Shauna sit for a while and

began to think of new ideas to help Chloe.

They sit quietly until suddenly….

“I know! Jumps Chloe from her seat,

“The Blarney Stone! I read in a book

that when you kiss the Blarney Stone

you can talk for days!

They say you receive

“The Gift of The Gab”,

that means I will not be shy anymore!”

“Your right Chloe!

The Blarney Stone is in Cork!

Let’s go!” Leaps Shauna.

Eager with excitement, Chloe rushes to

leave her home and visit the

Blarney Stone.

“Wait!” Calls Shauna,

“Outside can be very cold in Ireland.

We must put on our coats to keep us warm”

Chloe snuggles into her pink coat with

pretty flower shaped buttons.

Shauna slips into her red coat and

secures it around her waist.

Jumping into their blue car,

the girls sing songs together as they

drive to Cork from their home

in Carlow.

“There is the Blarney Castle!

The Blarney Stone is over there!”

Points Chloe to the castle in

the distance.

Arriving outside the castle,

Chloe steps out of their blue car and gently

closes the car door.

Glancing around her Chloe hides

shyly behind Shauna.

“There is a lot of people here”

Chloe whispers.

“It’s ok” encourages Shauna,

“Soon you will gain the gift of the gab!”

Entering the castle, the girls are

shown to a staircase that will guide

them to the Blarney Stone.

Climbing up the steep and narrow staircase,

Shauna stops for a moment

to take in the magnificent

scenery of Ireland.

“Look at all the lush green fields and bushy trees”

She points. “They stretch for miles!

Reaching the top of the tower,

the girls entered a huge open area

surrounded by stone walls

with rectangular gaps.

“What is this place?” Questions Chloe.

“This is the Battlement of the Castle.

This area was used in the very

old times for defense of the castle.

Explains Shauna.

Glancing around the area,

Chloe spots a protected area in

the battlement floor.

“That must be where the

Blarney Stone is” She points.

Taking a closer look

Chloe and Shauna watch a man

reaching the Blarney Stone with the

help of a male safety instructor.

Catching the eye of a female safety

instructor, the woman kneeled

down to greet Chloe.

Hesitating shyly, the woman giggled,

“A little shy?” she asks, “Not to worry,

you have come to the perfect place!

I will personally help you reach the

Blarney Stone. Soon you will have

the gift of the gab!” she explains.

Smiling to the female safety instructor,

Chloe follows her instructions,

listening very carefully.

Laying on the checker blanket

placed on the castle floor,

she grasps the iron safety poles.

Securely guided, Chloe is lowered

upside down to reach

the Blarney Stone.

Holding tight to the iron safety poles,

Chloe hangs in front of the magical

stone she has travelled to come see.

reassured by the female safety

assistant, Chloe reaches forward until,


Chloe kisses the Blarney Stone!

Lifting Chloe back to her feet,

she celebrates her triumph with

everyone around her including

another little girl who has also kissed

the stone. Dancing with pride,

Chloe cheers,

“I kissed the Blarney Stone!

I am not shy anymore!”

Overjoyed with her accomplishment,

Chloe approaches the young girl who

had celebrated with her.

“Hello” She begins, “My name is Chloe,

what is your name?”

“Hello” The young girl replies,

“My name is Mia.

It is nice to meet you.”

Chatting and giggling, Chloe and Mia

share their experience at the Blarney Stone.

Introducing her new friend to Shauna,

Chloe reaches her arm around Mia.

A soft warm smiles drifts across

Chloe’s face as she realizes,

she has made a new best friend.

“I love the Blarney Stone and

it’s magical gift of the gab”

As bedtime grew closer,

Chloe and Shauna return back to

their blue car in preparation for

their journey back home.

Waving goodbye to Mia and the

safety instructors, Shauna turns

the key in their car and begin

their journey back home.

After a day packed of travel and

adventure, Chloe and Shauna return

home and sit together to enjoy the

delicious meal Shauna has prepared

for them. Chatting about their day,

the girls share their favorite

moment of the day.

“My favorite moment was looking

out onto the beautiful landscape of

Ireland.” Explains Shauna.

“My favorite moment was gaining the

gift of the gab and meeting my new

best friend Mia” Chloe smiles fondly.

With full tummy’s and stories told,

Chloe and Shauna begin to

prepare for bedtime.

The girls brush their teeth and slip

into their pajamas before

snuggling into bed.

“Thank you for bringing me to the

Blarney Stone” yawns Chloe.

“I had so much fun today”

“The pleasure was all mine” Replies

Shauna as they softly drift to sleep.

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