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A Visit to Monkey Forest

by Shauna Kelly

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Copyright © 2019 by Shauna Kelly





On holiday on a beautiful

Indonesian island called Bali,

Chloe and Shauna decide to visit

Monkey Forest Sanctuary.

Ready for a day of adventure,

the girls approach the gates of

Monkey Forest.

“Look at all the monkeys!”

Chloe yells excitedly as she rushes

to the sanctuary entrance.

Spotting a blue board filled

with information at the

entrance of the gates,

Shauna calls to Chloe.

“This must be the rules of

Monkey Forest,

we should take our time to

read them before entering the forest.”

The girls approach the blue board

filled with information on how to

behave within the Monkey Forest.

Chloe and Shauna need to read each

rule very carefully before entering

the sanctuary.

After carefully reading each rule,

Shauna and Chloe quickly quiz each

other and list what they must

remember during their stay.

“Do not look the monkeys in the eye”

repeats Chloe. “They see this as a sign

of aggression, I hope I do not upset the

monkeys” Shares Chloe nervously

“I am sure you will not upset the

monkeys. The rules are to inform

us on how the monkeys like to be

treated, now that we have read

them we know how to make

friends with the monkeys”

reassures Shauna with a soft grin.

Entering the forest, Chloe and

Shauna watch how the monkeys

swing from tree to tree and play

the sanctuary.

“Look Shauna” points Chloe.

“The monkeys have their own

swimming pool!”

Shauna and Chloe take a moment

to watch the monkeys splash and

play in the pool.

“Look at how happy they are”

Chloe smiles.

Continuing their visit though the

green forest, Chloe notices one cheeky

monkey opening a bottle of water.

Bringing the monkey to Shauna’s

attention, Shauna quickly takes her

camera from her bag to take a picture.

“What a clever monkey!” Cheers Chloe.

Amazed by the swinging and clever

monkeys, Chloe and Shauna move

through the forest watching the

monkeys and taking pictures.

As the girls walk passed,

Shauna notices a family of monkeys.

“Oh Chloe, look at the little family

of monkeys sitting on the wall!”

Attracting Chloe’s attention,

she sees a Daddy monkey,

a Mommy monkey and

a Baby monkeys.

“Aww they are so cute!”

Chloe and Shauna stroll through the

forest, amazed by it’s the bushy green

trees and the long hanging vines

for the monkeys to play on.

Chloe notices a funny looking statue,

pointing in amazement she calls to

Shauna “That statue is shaped like a


Chloe notices a man holding a box of

bananas to fed the monkeys.

“I thought the rules said we are not

allowed to feed the monkeys?”

Questions Chloe.

“Bananas are good for monkeys.”

Smiles Shauna. “The rules teach us that

food such as candy, peanuts, bread or

cookies are bad for monkeys.

The man with the bananas is a

Monkey Forest assistant,

he ensures the monkeys are fed with

bananas that are good for them”

Catching the assistant’s attention, he

cheerfully smiles towards Chloe

“Hello, would you like to feed

a monkey a banana?”

Chloe jumps with excitement,

“Yes please! I would love to feed a


Handing Chloe a banana, the assistant

introduces Chloe to his friend Fredrick.

Fredrick startles Chloe as he quickly

jumps onto her shoulder to receive his


Listening to the assistant carefully,

he reminds Chloe not to panic.

Chloe passes Fredrick the banana.

Fredrick sits happily on Chloe’s

shoulder as he begins to peel

the banana open.

Chloe watches how Fredrick opens

his banana with ease and begins

to eat his lunch.

“Fredrick is so clever” She giggles.

After eating all of his banana,

Fredrick jumps from Chloe’s shoulder.

Joining his friends in a nearby tree,

Fredrick swings from branch to branch,

playing games with the other monkeys.

“I fed a monkey” Cheers Chloe.

“I have made friends with a monkey!”

As the sun begins to set, the girls hear

an announcement from a speaker

in a nearby tree.

“Monkey Forest Sanctuary will

be closing in thirty minutes.

make your way back to the entrance

gates. Thank you for visiting

Monkey Forest Sanctuary.”

Slowly making their way through the

forest, Chloe and Shauna watch how

the monkeys leap and gather together

as they begin to prepare for bed.

Reaching the entrance doors, Chloe

and Shauna look back into the forest.

Seeing Fredrick and the forest

assistant, they smile from ear to ear.

Waving goodbye, Chloe shouts out

“Thank you for a fantastic day!

We will visit again soon!”

Chloe and Shauna begin their walk to

a nearby hotel. Chatting with joy after a

day at adventure at Monkey Forest, the

girls share their favourite moments.

“My favourite moment was seeing the

mommy, daddy and baby monkey.

The baby monkey was so cute!”

Giggles Shauna.

“My favourite moment was meeting

Fredrick!” Squeals Chloe. “He sat on

my shoulder and ate a banana!”

Back in their hotel room, Chloe and

Shauna prepares for bed.

Brushing their teeth, hair

and snuggling into their pyjama’s, the

girls slip into bed.

“Thank you so much for bringing me

to Monkey Forest “Says Chloe.

“I love our holiday to Bali!”

“Your welcome Chloe” Replies Shauna

“I love our holiday to Bali too! Monkey

Forest was so much fun!”

Eagerly looking forward to their next

adventure the girls lay in bed with a

big yawn and slowly drift to sleep.

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