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Picasso Dook


The Rainbow Bunny


J.A. Folkers

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For my girls who mean the world to me and in memory of my Mum.

About the Author

Julie was born and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand, where she is now residing again after living on the rugged West Coast of the South Island for nine years. She has worked and served overseas with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including a three-year posting to Bangkok, Thailand.

Julie holds Diplomas in Diamonds and Gems.

After completing a Diploma for Professional Writer of Children's Stories, she wrote her popular first fantasy novel for children, Abby and the Hopplescotch Realm. This was written as the first in her series of stories about the adventures of a group of children and other characters in different realms. Julie's Realm's series has grown to four books in total now. The series starts as first chapter books.

Julie lives with her two daughters and her dogs, Mr Arthur and Miss Fable, both English Mastiffs. Julie was Chairperson of the New Zealand Society of Authors for Canterbury in 2012.

Julie also has an adult series out under the non-de-plume Anne Dover.

Chapter One

Easter is Coming

Christmas had been and gone. Peace and quiet had returned to Betty’s house for the moment. The kids were getting ready for Easter. Chloe and Ben always had a treasure hunt for the eggs.

They made their own treasure hunt for Mum and Dad. They were busy painting up little wooden eggs that they did each year.

Dad had a wood lathe. He’d make the eggs for them to paint them every colour of the rainbow.

The Saturday afternoon before Easter Sunday they’d hide them around the outside of the house in the garden. They wanted Mum and Dad to be included in Easter. The kids had made it a rule that after they’d done their hunt for their eggs. Mum and Dad had to find theirs. The kids had a special section of the garden they hid them in so they wouldn’t get mixed up with the Easter Bunny’s eggs. In the lovely letter they’d written him a couple of years ago at Mum’s suggestion they’d told him what they were wanting to do. They had the back part of the section to hide eggs in. The Easter Bunny had written back and said he’d hide their eggs in the garden at the front of the house.

Chloe had framed the fabulous letter from the Easter Bunny complete with his paw print as his signature and had it hanging on her bedroom wall. She always showed it to all her friends when they came around. She treasured the letter dearly.

Dad had made thirty new eggs this year. They were about five centimetres long. Fifteen each for Mum and Dad. Chloe was painting Mum’s ones and Ben was painting Dad’s ones. They had different styles.

Chloe liked to keep her lines straight between each colour and Ben liked to do big squiggles all over his and blend the colours together. No missing who had painted what, that was for sure. One more sleep and Easter Bunny would be here. Chloe and Ben were so excited! Ben was like a flea in a fit. The evening was going to be spent writing up clues. Chloe had to do them as Ben was too little to write big notes, all he did was end up scribbling and drawing pictures. That was no good for a treasure hunt!

Mum was in the kitchen and she was making iced Easter eggs from a recipe that had been handed down from their great grandmother. The kids sprinted into the kitchen, grasping their baskets of eggs like they were the most precious things in the world.

‘We’ve done them,’ they both bellowed.

Mum jumped back in fright she had her back to them. She knew they were there but didn’t expect them to announce themselves at full volume. Unfortunately, she was holding an egg and up into the air it flew, over her shoulder and splattered all over Ben.

Ben’s mouth dropped open, he peered at his dungarees that had egg trickling down them and drew a deep breath and…

Mum gasped as Ben was still sucking air in at a hundred miles an hour. She leapt around the counter, grabbing him and said, ‘Breathe, it’s only egg, easy to wash out.’

Ben was crying by this stage and a holler was brewing.


Tears were sliding down his cheek over his top lip and dripping onto the lino. Snot had formed and was dribbling out his nose.

Mum reached for a tissue off the kitchen bench and wiped his nose and pulled him to her and gave him a big cuddle.

Chapter Two

A Rainbow!

‘You silly wee sausage, nothings worth getting that wound up over,’ she said. ‘Look there’s a rainbow forming, perhaps you could go and find the pot of gold at the end.’

She grabbed the dishcloth and wiped up the egg. He was calming down.

Chloe jumped in and said, ‘I’ll race you to get our boots on and meet you in the back paddock.’

Mum glanced out the window. They would be fine, there was still another hour of daylight left.

The kids bounded out the door. One thing about Ben, he always recovered quickly from his wee hiccups!

They raced each other to the back fence that led to the paddocks and opened the gate and scooted through and around the cows and onto the next paddock. It looked like one end of the rainbow was right at the edge of the bush-line.

Ben hollered at Chloe, ‘Did you grab anything to dig with?’

‘No,’ she hollered back. ‘Let’s find the rainbow end first, then we can go and get tools.’

Ben thought that was a good idea. He was struggling to keep up with Chloe as he’d put his gumboots on and they were sloppy on his feet. He needed big woolly socks on to make them fit properly.

‘Wait up,’ he yelled. He was almost out of breath. He came to a halt. He was exhausted and without socks his feet hurt in his boots. He bent over with his hands on his knees and puffed as sweat rolled off his forehead. He glanced up at Chloe, she looked like she was standing in the rainbow. She’d found it! Slowly, he started walking towards her with his right hand on his hip. He had the stitch.

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