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The Story of Little Hedgehog



This morning little hedgehog woke up with a heartache. Suddenly he felt so sad. He remembered all the things he needed to do. He knew that he had to keep going with all of the activities of the day, but something was very different.

Today was the day all little hedgehogs would meet to pick apples from the ground and store them in their mother's kitchen. Usually, little hedgehog loved to help his mom. He would make it his mission to become the fastest of all little hedgehogs so that his mom would be even more proud of him.

But this morning he could barely drag his feet. He wasn't himself. He just felt tired and disappointed. Something in him told him that he needed to go away. And that is when he had a really good idea. He would tell his mom that they have to go on a vacation.

"But where would we go?" asked his mother. "To the beach?" said the little hedgehog. "No! It's too hot this time of the year" replied his mother. "To the mountains?" suggested hedgehog. "No! It's too dangerous for us in bare rocks." said his mom. "To the city? It's right over here." cried hedgehog. "No! There is too little ground for us to walk on." answered his mother. "Oh, I know! Let's go to a botanical garden!" jumped hedgehog with joy. "Alright. That is a great suggestion." concluded his mother.

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