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A Story at Night

Anya’s Bedtime stories

A Story at Night

P R Krish

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ISBN: 9780463642726

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About the author

P R Krish, a nutritionist, wrote health articles for adults until she became a fulltime grandmother. She then started writing stories for her granddaughters. Her inspiration are the little girls themselves and you will find that most of her books have them as the main characters. She feels that so much excitement happens in a little child’s world that each day is worthy of a tale. This bedtime storybook called ‘A Story at Night’ is about Anya, who lives in New Zealand.

Her debut book Fyola the Koala: Tales of Friendship and Fantasy is a children’s book with stories about a magical world that toys from different parts of the world find, in Iceland.

A note from Anya

Hello friends!

I share with you the bedtime stories that grandmother read to me every night. I loved hearing these stories about myself. You may replace my name with yours, if you wish to. Thus, they become your stories!



Anya’s bubble that flew away

Anya gets naughty at Farm Hoolahoo

Anya and the stars play a game

Anya’s treat for the fairies

Anya’s evening with Grandpa

Anya’s bubble that flew away

Anya lived in a small villa in Wellington, New Zealand. One day she was blowing bubbles. Phoo! Phoo! She dipped a ring in a tube of soapy water and then blew at it. Lots of bubbles came out of the ring - small ones, medium ones, big ones.

Then, one verrrry biiiiig bubble flew out. It was a lovely bubble in the colours of a rainbow. Anya jumped with glee. She ran after the bubble. But the big bubble flew up up up the sky and far away!!

It flew over cows grazing in the meadows. It flew over a horse stable. It flew over a pig sty. The cows, horses and pigs looked up at the big bubble. "Help me" the bubble cried to them. "Catch me and take me back to Anya."

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