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Princess Irene and Her Backyard Adventure

Patrick Bowron

Princess Irene and Her Backyard Adventure

Published by Patrick Bowron

Illustrations by Sarah Bowron

Copyright 2018 Patrick Bowron

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In memory of Buddy and Bunsy

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young princess named, Irene. She lived in a faraway wooded kingdom called, Backyard. Here the trees were tall with lovely green leaves; amongst these trees was a castle of golden walls and silver towers. Beside the wondrous castle was a small pool filled with magical water.

Everyday, Irene played here in the kingdom of Backyard and dreamt wonderful dreams and went on grand expeditions. But, Irene wished for friends and subjects to play with in her strange kingdom. One day she saw the giant that at times entered her land. The giant was big and strange in her opinion, and she named this giant, Papa. Then she asked Papa where she could find playmates and Papa became entranced in thought.

Now, Papa was a wise giant, and looking around he found a solution. He gathered up some of Irene’s toys and brought them forth to the magical pool. He dipped them into the water and the properties of the magic water brought the toys to life. Irene now had four new friends. There were two dogs, Buddy and Bongo, there was a white bunny named, Bunsy, and a large bird named, Birdie.

Soon, Irene and her new friends became well acquainted and they had lovely adventures everyday. But, there was something that Princess Irene soon noticed in the bright blue sky that appeared sometimes and that was the moon. Whenever the moon would appear, Irene would stare at it for hours in wonder. She sat in thought and wondered how she could reach it.

One day as Irene looked up at the sky she found the solution on how to reach the moon. There on the highest limb of the tallest tree of the kingdom of Backyard was a ladder that stretched all the way to the moon. Princess Irene hugged Buddy and Bongo, and patted Bunsy on the head before calling for Birdie.

Birdie swooped down and landed before his Princess and sang her a song. Then, the Princess kissed the bird before climbing onto his back. With the beating of Birdie’s vast wings he flew up to the highest limb on the tallest tree of the Kingdom of Backyard. Irene dismounted Birdie and climbed the ladder going all the way up to the moon.

Princess Irene, looking down from the moon saw many strange and beautiful things that filled her sweet heart with wonder. She explored the moon for many ages before climbing back down the ladder to the tall tree below. When she arrived, Birdie was waiting for her and brought her back to her castle.

It was about that time she saw Papa show up with lunch.

The End

About the Author

Patrick lives in Brownsburg, Indiana with his wife, Sarah, and is a stay-at-home Dad to their daughter Irene and Bongo the dog. Before this he had an array of time-passing vocations, including high school history teacher, banker, laser engineer, hearing aid technician, car wash supervisor, and library assistant. Pat received his Bachelor’s degree in History from IUPUI in Indianapolis. His hobbies include living and breathing Notre Dame Football, Star Wars, reading Tolkien and other fantasy authors, researching ancient astronaut theories, and the Indianapolis 500. He enjoys spending his time outdoors with his family, including grilling, hiking, kayaking, and captaining his father-in-law’s pontoon boat.

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