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This story was originally published in the collection The Other Side Of The Box - 14 Tales and is presented here as a stand alone story.

Turkeys Eat Turquoise Turnips

Outside of the city was a valley with several farms. It was called the H Farms Valley because all of the farmers had a first name which started with the letter ‘H’. Harvey grew chickens, Helen grew apples, Hector grew cucumbers, Hillary grew lettuce, Henry grew onions, . . . well, you get the idea.

One of the farmers, Harold by name, grew turkeys. He was an okay turkey farmer, not the best and not the worst. Harold did what he had to do to take care of his turkeys, but what he really liked was color. His was the most colorful farm in the valley. Everything was painted a different color, except for the turkeys. They didn’t want to hold still to be painted. They thought their feathers were pretty enough and they didn’t want more colorful feathers, especially not like the noisy peacocks down the road.

One year, Harold decided to repaint the fence that kept the turkeys on the farm. He painted each section of the fence a different color: purple, red, pink, blue, green, orange, . . . well, you get the idea. The turkeys wondered if something was wrong with Harold. After all, a fence is a fence and they couldn’t get out, no matter what color it was painted.

The next year, Harold decided to repaint the fence again. Similar to last year, he painted each section a different color, but instead of using single colors, he decided to blend the colors so that the red went to light red to dark pink to pink, and the blue went to turquoise to aqua to green, . . . well, you get the idea.

When he was done, Harold stood back and thought it was the most colorful fence he had ever seen. As he was looking across his neighbor’s field at their dull, boring, single color fence, he saw a rainbow in the distance. He looked back at his fence and when he saw that his fence looked like a small piece of a very wide rainbow, he jumped up and down with joy.

One day while Harold was admiring his fence, he saw that a lot of his turkeys were standing near one part of the fence. There was nothing growing near the fence, there was no hole in the fence, the turkeys were just standing there looking at that part of the fence. Harold went closer and saw that some of the turkeys would try to bite at the fence, not like they were angry at it, but as if they liked the color and were trying to eat it.

Since there were so many turkeys and several colors next to each other in that section of the fence, Harold decided to spread out the blended colors to other parts of the fence to see if the turkeys liked one color more than another. So he painted a small section only blue, a little ways away he painted a small section only turquoise, then on another small section he painted the fence only aqua, . . . well, you get the idea.

The next morning, Harold went out to the turkey pen and saw that a lot of the turkeys were standing in front of the section of the fence painted turquoise. He thought that was really odd, but then he knew that farm turkeys weren’t very smart. Just to see if the turkeys really did like the color turquoise, he repainted that section of the fence back to its previous color and on the other side of the pen, he painted a section turquoise.

Sure enough, the next morning, when Harold went out to the turkey pen, the turkeys were standing in front of the turquoise painted section. While he was scratching his head and wondering why the turkeys seemed to like the color turquoise, his neighbor, Huleeoh, called him over to complain that some of the turkeys had reached under a nearby part of the fence to eat some of the turnips he had pulled.

Harold was surprised that the turkeys were interested in turnips because he was feeding them what all of the proper books said turkeys needed and liked to eat. Huleeoh didn’t know what was proper for turkeys to eat, but he knew they sure gobbled up turnips when they could reach them. To show Harold, he pulled a few small turnips, threw them over the fence, and the turkeys gobbled those turnips up almost before they could hit the ground.

Knowing that people liked plump turkeys for their holiday meals and seeing how the turkeys really liked to eat turnips, Harold quickly made a deal to buy Huleeoh’s extra turnips. Huleeoh was happy because not many people liked turnips and it was hard to sell them. That very afternoon Huleeoh brought over a cart loaded with turnips he hadn’t sold at the market and Harold gladly paid for them and joyfully watched his turkeys gobble up the turnips he set out for them.

Each day, Harold set out some more turnips and when he did, the turkeys gobbled them up. It wasn’t long before it was clear that the turnip eating turkeys were getting fatter than Harold had ever had his turkeys get. And fatter turkeys meant they would be easier to sell for holiday meals. He went back to Huleeoh and agreed to purchase all of the turnips Huleeoh could grow that people didn’t buy. Of course, this made Huleeoh very happy to sell lots of turnips.

A few days later, Harold decided that since the turkeys liked turnips and liked the color turquoise, then maybe they would really like turquoise turnips. He was smart enough to not feed his turkeys paint, so he tried mixing blue and green food coloring and found the right mixture to make turquoise. After soaking the next batch of turnips in the turquoise food coloring overnight, he set out the turquoise turnips the next morning and the turkeys really gobbled them up.

One day, a wagon was going past the turkey farm and one of the wheels hit a hole in the road which caused a bunch of stones to bounce out of the back of the wagon. The stones were turquoise from the mine in the hills and some of them had been cut into a small ball shape.

When those ball shaped turquoise stones bounced out of the wagon, some of them bounced and rolled right up to the fence of the turkey pen. A few turkeys saw the stones bounce to the fence and went over to see what they were. Sticking their heads through the slats in the fence, they saw what looked like the small turquoise colored turnips the farmer gave them, so they gobbled up the turquoise stones.

The first one went ‘thunk’ into their tummies, the second one went ‘clunk’ as it hit the first one. I don’t know what noise the third one made because there was barely room in the turkeys’ tummies. Feeling full, the turkeys that had gobbled up the turquoise stones waddled away, dragging their suddenly very heavy tummies.

When it was getting close to the holidays, Harold’s turkeys were fatter than ever and they still gobbled up all of the turquoise colored turnips he would give them. Well, except for the few turkeys who had gobbled up the turquoise stones, they got thinner and thinner because they could only eat a little before feeling full from the turquoise stones in their tummies.

The holiday arrived and Harold was very happy with the many people buying his fat turkeys, the people were very happy at having such big fat turkeys for their holiday meals, Huleeoh was very happy to sell so many turnips, and the other farmers in the valley were happy to sell more of their crops when the people came to buy Harold’s turkeys. The only ones who weren’t happy were the silly turkeys who had gobbled up the turquoise stones and didn’t get sold to be somebody’s holiday meal.

After the holiday, all of the farmers were so happy because they sold all of their crops that they decided to change the name of the valley from H Farms Valley to Happy Farms Valley.

Wondering why some of his turkeys were so thin when all of the others had been big and fat, Harold asked the turkey doctor to visit. After the doctor got the turquoise stones out of the thin turkeys, Harold had to laugh at the silly turkeys who couldn’t tell the difference between stones and turnips.

Harold fixed the fence so that no more turquoise stones could bounce into the yard for the turkeys to gobble up, then he fed the thin turkeys real turnips which were turquoise colored. Soon the thin turkeys started getting bigger and when the next holiday time arrived, the formerly thin turkeys made some people very happy to have such big fat turkeys for their holiday meal.

So, the next time you see your local turkeys eating turquoise turnips, you might want to make sure they are eating turquoise colored turnips and not turquoise colored stones which are shaped like turnips. It just might change the fate of where you live.

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Note about Turkeys Eat Turquoise Turnips: Glynn Glenn wrote those four words in a story as a secret which one character told another. The words seemed like a story title and, with Glynn Glenn’s permission, this is the result.

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