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Mohamed Barakath Shahul Hameed

Copyright © Mohamed Barakath Shahul Hameed 2018

Rimmy the Tiger

Once upon a time, in a city called Active, there lived a tiger in a zoo. His name was Rimmy and he was 5 years old.

Rimmy had big eyes, big ears. Weighing just 50 kgs, Rimmy looked thin compared to other tigers.

Rimmy always maintained some distance from other animals in the zoo.

He would not talk with them as he felt shy to do so.

Shyness is born with Rimmy. Despite several self attempts Rimmy did to overcome his shyness, he couldn’t snatch even a little bit of shyness from him.

Rimmy’s parents Mr. Bummy and Mrs. Tummy were always busy performing at the zoo all days. Their working hours are from 6 a.m to 12 midnight. Thus they both failed to take good care of Rimmy. Loneliness became Rimmy’s pastime.

Everyday, the zoo-keepers would feed all the animals with meat, fruits and vegetables but

Rimmy was given only plain white rice.

This attitude of zoo-keepers angered Rimmy several times. One day he could not withstand his anger and he popped out like a cracker and he questioned one of zoo keeper,

“Mr. Keeper, why are you always feeding me with white rice? I want meat, fruits and vegetables.”

“Hah, hah, hah, what! You want fruits! Meat! Vegetables! You must be joking. How can I feed you with all these food? These diets are only for performing animals not for shy and thin tiger like you. Do you give us any profit? Do you help draw in crowds for us? Do you help us in zoo promotion? What have you done for us? What will you do in the future? No way, keep aside. Do you understand, you skinny tiger?” replied the zoo-keeper.

The zoo-keepers reply made Rimmy very sad. He couldn’t utter a word and tears dropped down his eyes like a waterfall.

Rimmy could not stop crying as his heart was full of sorrows. After crying for hours, Rimmy felt dizzy and he fainted. No one cared even to sprinkle some water on Rimmy’s face to chase away his faint.

A few hours later, an eight year old boy named Dummy visited the zoo. He loitered around the zoo as he had visited the zoo several times before. As he jaywalked here and there, he saw Rimmy.

Rimmy was sound asleep. Dummy wondered why Rimmy was sleeping. He took a deep breath to go near Rimmy. He took small steps and then his steps became larger and larger and he finally stood next to Rimmy.

Being a brave child at all times, Dummy placed his right hand on Rimmy and patted heavily on it.

Rimmy didn’t wake up. Then Dummy had an idea. He saw a tap and a big pail nearby. He quickly went to the tap and fetched water in the big pail. Then, he slowly came closer and closer to Rimmy and splashed the pail of water at him. The water landed on Rimmy’s face like heavy downpour.

Rimmy woke up instantly. Its eyes were red. Rimmy mumbled “Who woke me up?”

“It’s me, I’m Dummy, and I woke you up.” said Dummy.

“Why Dummy?” asked the tiger.

“I’ve been a regular visitor to this zoo. Whenever I visit this particular area where you tigers stay, I always see that you’re sleeping. Why is it so? Why aren’t you performing?” asked Dummy curiously.

Rimmy kept silent for a moment and tears start to fall down his big eyes slowly.

“Dummy, I would like to perform just like my mum and dad but no one’s encouraging me to do so.

They all say that I’m lazy, shy and thin. I need motivation. I need strength.”

“Well Rimmy, do you have will power?” asked Dummy.

“What is willpower anyway?” replied Rimmy.

“Well, will power is an inner thought in your mind that makes you feel that you can achieve something that is possible by you. If you think you can get stronger and happier, you must have the will power to do so. Do you get what I mean?” briefed Dummy.

“Yah, I get it. How should I proceed?” asked Rimmy eagerly.

“Don’t you worry; you can’t get stronger staying in this zoo. You need to eat good food, exercise well and get involved in extensive training before you become a super performing tiger. Fine, just listen to my advice.” replied Dummy.

Rimmy adjusted its extra sized ears to listen carefully to Dummy.

Dummy continued “I’ll give you 2 chocolates. One is green in colour and the other red.

If you eat the green chocolate, you will vanish from this zoo.”

“What! Vanish from this zoo!” exclaimed Rimmy.

“Yes, keep listening to me. After disappearing from here, you will land in a forest. Mr. Jimmy will provide you with food, excellent healthcare and physical training.” told Dummy.

“Who is Mr. Jimmy and why is he staying in the forest?” Rimmy questioned.

“Good question! Mr.Jimmy is my mentor. He’s the one who gave me these 2 chocolates. I usually give these chocolates to any animals living in distress or misery.” Dummy anaswered.

“Explain to me further about the forest and what type of food I’ll be served over there?” Rimmy asked.

“Rimmy, experience talks more than words. Just eat this green chocolate and your life would change forever.” Dummy said in a calm manner.

“What about the red chocolate?”

“Well, if you eat the red chocolate, you’ll end up right in the zoo. Remember; don’t eat the red chocolate before achieving your aim to become a super performing tiger.” Dummy cautioned.

After deep thought, Rimmy extended its thin trunk and grabbed the 2 chocolates.

Dummy continued “Never tell this matter to anyone in this zoo, not even to your own parents. All right, it’s getting late. I’ll see you soon Rimmy. Good luck!” Dummy said happily and left the zoo.

Rimmy smiled as Dummy left. Within the next seconds, Rimmy’s smile exploded as laughter.

His laughter became louder and louder. Rimmy could not stop laughing.

“Yes, finally I’m going to become strong and I’ll be the best performing tiger of all time. No one can stop me Hooray!” Rimmy jumped in happiness.

Rimmy continued by shouting, “If you want some, come get some.”

He then began swinging his face to and fro. As he was swinging, the green chocolate fell away and flew up in the air. Rimmy realized immediately that the green chocolate was missing.

He raised his small head and looked up at the clear blue sky. The green chocolate was going up and up.

“Oh my little Greeny! Please fall right where I’m standing.” Rimmy begged.

Guess what happened. The wind suddenly blew strongly and the green chocolate diverted from its path and landed right on Bummy’s head.

Yes, Bummy was resting after his performance at the zoo daily show nearby.

Bummy felt something hit on his head. He raised his old eyebrows and shook his head. The green chocolate fell on the ground. Bummy picked it up and starred at it.

He said to himself “Someone must be hungry over here and have forgotten to take this chocolate. I’ll give it to the zoo’s cook.”

Meanwhile, Rimmy hid the red chocolate in his right ear and started to find the green one.

He stepped out from his residing area. As Rimmy advanced towards the zoo’s entertainment centre, he saw his dad. Rimmy noticed that Bummy was carrying the green chocolate. He immediately thought of an idea to get the green chocolate from Bummy.

“Dad, dad,” shouted Rimmy.

“Rimmy, is it you? What a surprise? Why are you here?” Bummy questioned.

“Dad, I’m not feeling well. Can you bring me to the zoo’s doctor?”

“Why? What happened to you?” Bummy asked.

“Dad, I think I’m having greenophobia” Rimmy replied.

“What! Greenophobia!” Bummy exclaimed.

“Yes, dad, since no one here gave me green vegetables to eat; I’m now struck by greenophobia.”

“Oh I see. You must be right. Son, I’m not having any green vegetables at this moment. Why not you eat this green colored chocolate?”

Rimmy pretended as if he did not know anything about that green chocolate.

“Dad, will this chocolate cure my phobia?”

As he asked this question, an announcement was heard on the loudspeakers placed on the trees at the zoo.

“Mr. Bummy, you’re urgently required to come to stage. Please come to the stage wherever you are”

The announcement repeated once again. Bummy realized it’s his turn to perform so he hurriedly gave the green chocolate to Rimmy and said in a fast tone “Son, don’t worry, eat this chocolate and you’ll get cured automatically. Bye, see you!”

Rimmy rushed to the entertainment center.

“What a caring father!” sighed Rimmy.

Rimmy placed the green chocolate in his left ear and said to himself “Now that I have both chocolates with me, should I start my endeavor? Should I wait for a good moment?”

Many such questions emerged from Rimmy’s mind and he couldn’t make up his mind as he felt a bit nervous. Rimmy strolled back to his staying area and sat down to concentrate on his upcoming adventure.

“Is this Dummy telling the truth? Is he a liar? Why am I getting so confused?” Rimmy started mumbling.

A few hours later Rimmy’s parents came home from their usual successful performance. They saw Rimmy mumbling.

Rimmy’s mother, Mrs. Tummy asked “Hey, you Rimmy, why are you mumbling continuously? Are you feeling uneasy?”

“No mummy, I’m all right. I’m just trying to get some sleep.” Rimmy replied in a soft voice.

“You stupid tiger, you should lay down flat in order to get some sleep, not walk here and there.

Come on. Go and sleep. That’s the best thing you can do in your pitiful life.” Tummy said rudely.

After hearing these words from his own mother, Rimmy felt somewhat neglected.

He said to himself “Even my mum is neglecting me. I must never live in this zoo. I must achieve my aim and become a super tiger. The time has come for me to vanish.”

Rimmy waited for his parents to fall asleep.

Time ticked slowly. Seconds moved slowly one by one.

It was exactly midnight. The entire zoo was dead silent.

“This is the exact right moment for me to vanish. I must never regret. God, please help me!”

Anxiety tension surrounded Rimmy from head to toe. Sweat dropped like raindrops from Rimmy.

After saying these words, Rimmy took out the green chocolate, placed it on his short tongue and forced himself to swallow it.

The chocolate travelled slowly in Rimmy’s throat. He started to feel the painful sensation. After exactly 10 minutes of struggle, the chocolate went inside Rimmy’s stomach. Rimmy became extremely excited and of course scared.

Seconds ticked. Rimmy’s heart pounded. The pounding sound can be felt in both of Rimmy’s ears like drum beats.

Then all of a sudden, Rimmy’s stomach began to bloat like a balloon.

The more it bloated the smaller Rimmy’s head became.

Rimmy could hardly see his feet.

Soon, his stomach burst like a balloon and green coloured mists covered the air.

Rimmy’s head had separated from his body. Rimmy was confused what to do next. He controlled himself to the best he can.

“God, please help me”, Rimmy said a 10000 times and prayed with his eyes closed.

“You will be fine, my boy” a loud voice from nowhere came and went inside Rimmy’s ears.

Rimmy looked down and to his surprise, he saw many Rimmy tigers.

Yes, you are right. He saw 1000s of Rimmy tigers before his very own eyes. They are looked ditto.

Rimmy got a bit dizzy and his eyes immediately shut down.

To Be Continued……………………………..

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