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Stumpy the Puppy and Patchy the Kitten Become Best Friends.


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Stumpy is a little puppy that jumps on everything; on Sophie’s dolls, on Chris’s bed. And he doesn’t care what everyone says.

Stumpy is very naughty. He eats everything: mum’s slippers, dad’s t-shirt, Chris’s pencil and Sophie’s elastic band. And he doesn’t care what everyone says.

Stumpy is a little puppy that carries something.

“Oh! No!” Sophie said. “Dad, Stumpy took my favourite teddy-bear!”

“Stumpy,” Dad said. “Sophie’s teddy – bear is not your toy.”

Stumpy laid the teddy-bear on Sophie’s lap and gave an apologetic look.

“Oh, Stumpy,” Sophie gave a sigh. “Look what have you done. You’ve torn my teddy - bear’s tummy.”

Stumpy looked at the teddy-bear that lay sadly on the Sophie’s lap. “Oh, I’ve done something mischievous again,” he thought.

So, he trotted away to the hallway. With his small paws and tiny claws, he pulled a t-shirt out of the basket that stood by the door. He came back to Sophie and barked happily twice.

“Oh,” Sophie laughed. “Thank you Stumpy, but Chris’s t-shirt is too large for my teddy-bear.”

Stumpy frowned and barked sadly. He dropped his head and curled his tail. “I’ve really done something bad this time,” he thought.

He spun around, rolled on the floor and barked at Sophie once.

“I don’t feel like playing now,” she said. “Just go to the garden and think over your behaviour there.”

So Stumpy gave a loud sigh and trotted away with sad eyes. He went to the garden; he sniffed some grass and then jumped up on the bench. He sat there for a while and when he got bored, he laid down. And then he heard something strange. “What is there?” he thought, hearing a squeal.

He jumped off the bench and stood in the grass. He sniffed and searched. He searched and sniffed. He looked around and ate some grass. He got to the wooden board, plucked from the fence, and saw a kitten sitting there.

“What are you doing here?” he asked the kitten.

“I’m looking for a new home,” answered the kitten.

“Why?” Stumpy asked.

“Because, I’m on my own,” explained the kitten.

Stumpy looked at the kitten and thought for a while. And then he gave one jump. “I know,” he said. ”I’ll take you to my home.”

Stumpy is a little puppy that carries something in his mouth. He walks quietly into the kitchen.

“Mum! Mum!” Sophie cried. “Stumpy brought little kitten into the house. It’s so tiny and fluffy.”

“Oh! No! What are we going to do now?” Mum said.

“It’s so soft,” Sophie said, stroking the kitten.

“it’s so frail,” Chris added, running into the kitchen.

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