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Ed And The School Bully
by Marina Roy

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Copyright Marina Roy 2018

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Ed And The School Bully

When I wore the Special Hat for the first time
everyone was rather nice and kind.
They asked me if I would mind if they could
have one just like mine and where one they
could find.

You can get one at Grandma’s store.
They went so fast she didn’t have any more.
She can knit them fast as I said before.
In one night she can knit a dozen more.

She can’t knit them fast enough.
Everyone likes it that much
She hired more staff to keep up with the rush
so she can have more time to knit lots!

The only problem I had was with the school bully.
He made fun of the Special Hat on my nosey.
I thought he’d turn all my friends against me.
I hated to go to school and face him every day.

I know he was suffering from envy.
In a way I did for him feel sorry.
No one really likes him he must be lonely.
What he was doing wasn’t funny.

My friends told me to ignore him but the bully
was thick-skinned.
He was always first to begin.
He had nothing better to do I imagine.

That didn’t make it anymore right to embarrass
me like that in broad daylight.
I had to put up quite a fight, not with my fists
but come up with something really bright,
until one day I came to see the light.

The Special Hat and I didn’t quit.
I wouldn’t stop wearing it.
School I wouldn’t skip even though I
hated the bully’s daily visit.

At first I didn’t know what to do.
I really didn’t have a clue how to put an
end to the teasing I knew.
Even my left arm was bruised and blue.

So for weeks I went to school.
Everyday I was made to feel like a fool.
I thought that we were no longer cool
me and the Special Hat made of wool!

It was hard to be brave when the bully made
fun in my face.
The schoolyard was no longer a safe place to
play in the snow or have a race.

I became sad and quiet.
I would go home all upset.
Mom asked, “is there something you haven’t
told me yet?”
So I finally told her my secret.

She said I had to do something about the situation.
That if I didn’t it’d just go on so I came up with a solution
to speak to the principal about the bully in question.

So when something is really wrong speak up and
be strong.
You see there’s always a solution to any problem
that comes along.

Now my school has a bully policy.
The principal says it’s because of me that
bullying at school has stopped finally.
Bullying won’t happen again to anybody.

My mom’s been my main support.
She kept telling me it wasn’t my fault.
She says I had a lot of gut to tell someone
and speak up.

My mom says, “it’s alright if you’re different.
It’s a sign you’re intelligent”.
She said it shows that I have talent.
Mom knows how to make me feel like a giant!

I think the Special Hat has power.
Since I wear it I’m becoming stronger.
Why I even study harder!
Me and the Special Hat we’re happy together.

Me and the Special Hat we knew we were
better than that.
We stood up to the brat.
Me and the Special Hat will always be
together no matter what!

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