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Ed’s Winter Field Trip
by Marina Roy

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Copyright Marina Roy 2018

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Ed’s Winter Field Trip

I wore the Special Hat to my school’s winter field trip.
There was a news camera who wanted to film it.
Later we gathered around the t.v. to watch the clip.
I made the news wearing the Special Hat on my nose tip.

Let me tell you how it all began.
How I came upon the newsman
who wanted to film the SpeEcial Hat if I can and how
we became each other’s fan!

It all happened when he saw me.
As I walked close by he wanted to see the Special
Hat I was wearing on my nosey and how me and
the Special Hat came to be.

I told him the whole story.
That my Grandma had made it for me especially
That I had been wearing it ever since that day
That everyone who saw it wanted one right away.

He said he could understand why.
That he could see with his very own eyes that the
Special Hat was a first prize in the things he had
seen come by!

I replied, “great minds think alike.”
He laughed and said, “you are right.”
The he asked if I’d mind to be on the news that night.
I answered sure that it was quite alright.

I repeated my story on camera.
I even talked about my Grandpa but I said it was my
very own Grandma who had come up with the idea.

When the cameraman pointed the lens at me I
answered all the questions quite easily.
My trick was not to look into the camera directly
but at the newsman calmly.

Yes, I was nervous but I also knew everyone
was curious.
I tried my best to be serious.
It was over in about 5 minutes.
I could feel my heart racing.
I was doing heavy breathing.
The butterflies in my stomach were fluttering.
I don’t think anyone could tell what was happening.

I must say I did feel like a star even though I had
came by bus and not a fancy car.
My mom said not to let it go too far by letting
change who you are!

My mom had come with us as a volunteer.
When I looked at her I could see tears.
She said, “you made me so proud dear.”
For a few seconds she held me close and near.

My teacher told us the field trip was a success.
That it had turned out to be one of the best.
That he’d never have guessed me and the
Special Hat make it to the press.

The next day was school as usual.
Everything quickly returned to normal.
That’s the way I like it best, casual.
That’s when I’m the happiest of all.

My classmates thought we were awesome
me and the Special Hat of red crimson.
They said now they knew a celebrity in person.
We all laughed and thought it was fun.

Because of the Special Hat my life has changed.
I haven’t been the same ever since.
I’ve realized that it’s up to me and not chance.
I no longer sit on the fence.

Grandma’s on cloud number nine partly
because everyone’s been so kind.
She not only gave me something hard to find
but also memories to last a lifetime!!!

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