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Grumpy Grandpa


Zoe’s Birthday



For my granddaughter,

Zoe Sophia

Smashwords edition

Copyright 2018 W.Wm.Mee

Grumpy Grandpaw doesn’t know

what to do

for Zoe’s 7th birthday.

He calls his friend,

Giggly Grandma for help.

They come up with the idea

to take Zoe to the waterpark.

Everyone loves to play in the water!

Do you?

They invite 21 kids!

All her friends in her grade 1 class!

WThey have to contact all the parents.

They looked up Emi’s number,

and Cloey with a ‘C’.

They also contacted Liam, Hanna and

Kloey with a ‘K’

And all the other kids in grade one.

Then they had to decide what to eat.

Zoe likes pizza and chocolate cake” said Grandpa!

Great!” giggled Giggly Grandma.

I’ll bake the chocolate cake

and you get the pizza!”

How many slices each?” Grandpa asked.

One big slice cut in half each,” said Grandma.

Plus some for the parents.”

And me too!” grumbled Grumpy Grandpa.

I just LOVE left over pizza!”

How about you?

Do YOU like left over pizza?

So, order four big ones and

you can eat the rest tomorrow,” Grandma said.

Yaaaahoooo!” grinned Grandpa. “I love cold pizza for lunch!!!! With lots of hot sauce and peppers!!!”

Don’t forget the ice-cream,” Grandma giggled.

Grandma goes and buys envelopes

and little presents for the guests.

Grumpy Grandpa prints the invitations

with Zoe’s name on the front.

What present should we get Zoe?” asked Gramma?

Well, she loves dogs, so let’s get her a puppy!”

said Grandpa

Will that be alright with her father?”

Grandma asks.

Sure,” smiled Grandpa. “He loves dogs too!”

And so, Zoe had a wonderful birthday party

at the waterpark with all her friends,

chocolate cake, loads of presents

--- and her cute little puppy that

she called Scruffy!

And they all lived happily ever after!

The End --- for now.

Thank you for reading our book.

(Zoe did most of it!)

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Grumpy Grandpa Zoe Sophia

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