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The Shoplifter

The Shoplifter tip toed around the store in his big brown jacket.

He sank his fingers in the jar and took out the owner’s expensive nuts.

The kitten screamed in fright.


As he ignored it, he searched for a bottle of drink.


The owner shouted.

“Are you doing ok down there?”

“I am great thank you. I really like this store. By the way, nice kitten.”

He replied as he thought to snatch something else.

As the owner asked, immediately a new customer came in.

“Oh hello! Nice to meet you.”

The shoplifter ruffled through the aisle and sneaked through the back.

“Hey! Wait up!”

The cleaner shouted and rushed after him.

But he disappeared in the shadow.

He left with a whole jacket full with nuts, drink and cheese.

Out of sight, but certainly not out of mind.

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