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Odil And The Dragon

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Odil And The Dragon

A long time ago, dragons roamed the earth. They were terrifying and everybody was afraid of them. One of these dragons lived in a large cave under a hill. On top of the hill was the palace belonging to Prince Charles. He lived in the palace with his beautiful daughter Princess Mary. The village surrounding the palace was called Leistorshire.

The dragon gave nobody any peace. It ate everything it could get hold of, horses, goats, sheep, cows and most of all, it enjoyed eating humans. Every month one or two humans would disappear. The dragon especially liked young girls. Everybody was terrified. The dragon would roam the village and destroy homes while gulping down whatever he could get hold of. The people fled to the forest when they heard his roar. There was no more happiness in the village of Leistorshire.

Prince Charles was terrified that the dragon would come up the hill and grab his daughter. So he announced that whoever killed the dragon could have his daughter in marriage, as well as half his kingdom. Soon knights from all over the country, arrived to kill the dragon. A beautiful princess and half a kingdom was a wonderful price.

But, alas, knight after knight was either killed by the dragon or fled in terror when he appeared. Guys, this dragon was really, really terrifying. The dragon was large and fire came out of his mouth when he roared. One morning he roared again. The people all ran outside towards the forest and soon there was nobody left in the village.

Prince Charles was in despair. There was nothing he could do, and soon the dragon might decide to come to the palace. What Prince Charles did not know, was that a young farmer, living on the outskirts of village, was busy making preparations to kill the dragon. The farmer, Odil was poor, but very clever and shrewd. He only had a few sheep and a horse, and had worked hard to obtain even this. When he heard about Prince Charles’s offer, he smiled and laid down on the grass. Thinking about ways that the dragon could be killed, he fell asleep and had a dream. Waking up, he realized that he would soon be rich and have the most beautiful and charming princess as his wife.

He immediately slaughtered a sheep and went up the mountain to pick a special plant. He replaced the sheep’s stomach, after mixing it with plenty of the plants he had picked. Then he sewed the sheep up again, and left it near the dragon’s cave. Soon the dragon came out of its cave and ate the sheep hungrily. A sheep is nothing for a large dragon, just a snack.

“This sheep is very spicy, it has made me thirsty,” he thought to himself. He went down to the river and started to drink water. He drank and drank, he could not stop. His thirst would not go away.

The dragon began to swell and soon it became even more enormous and the dragon started floating in the river face down, still drinking thirstily and getting bigger and bigger. Eventually the dragon was swept out to the ocean, never to be seen again. The people cheered and started dancing. Some were crying for joy, at last there families were safe.

Prince Charles rode up to his subjects. “Who killed the dragon?” he shouted.

The people pushed the farmer, Odil, forward.

Odil bowed in front of the prince. “Who are you, he asked the tall, attractive young man.

“My name is Odil, I farm on the outskirts of this village.”

“Well, come to my palace, I am a man of my word and so be it.”

Odil followed behind the prince to the palace, while the people cheered. The princess was not happy with the arrangement, but when she saw Odil, it was love at first sight.

But first Prince Charles wanted to know how he knew that the plant he added to the sheep would have such strange results.

“Well, Your Royal Highness, I lost a few sheep that swelled up and then died. Watching them carefully I noticed another one eating a plant and then dying. I then moved the sheep to another part of the farm where the plant did not grow.”

Their marriage was an enormous occasion, and all the people of the village was invited. Prince Charles was disappointed that he had to give half his kingdom and his daughter to a commoner.

What he did not know was that Odil had a special gift and would one day be a great ruler. Odil seemed to get the most original solutions to his own and the Kingdoms problems, as he had already proved with the dragon.

Yes, with Odil in the Palace, there are going to be some amazing adventures in the future.

About the Author

Anita Hasch and her family live on a homestead near Port

Elizabeth, South Africa. She loves reading and writing stories.

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