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Title –Danny The Dolphin - A Journey To Africa

Author – A.J. Junamb

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2018 ( A J Junamb)

Word count 3044

Description – Children's Story

All characters appearing in this book are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

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Danny The Dolphin - A Journey to Africa

This is Danny. He is a dolphin. He lives with his family and friends far far away in a place very near to Antarctica. Every morning, after breakfast, He puts his school books into his schoolbag and swims towards the middle of the sea where He learns to read and write. He only has one teacher, Mr Adrian, who teaches Maths, English, Geography and Languages.

Today’s lesson is Geography and Mr Adrian puts out a map of the world on the blackboard.

Danny looks at it in wonder - He did not think there were so many countries in the world. Some were so far away! It would take days to swim there!

Mr Adrian taught them about the different climates around the world and how some countries of the world had very hot weather with little rain. He also said that some countries had very cold weather with strong winds. Danny listened fascinated as Mr Adrian explained about the seas and oceans of the world. Mr Adrian then went on to explain about Antarctica and the size of it. ‘Wow’ said Peter. Peter was Danny's friend. 'It's much bigger than I thought. I only see our town, school and play areas'. Danny asked Mr Adrian if He could borrow the world map and bring it back for next week’s geography lesson. The school bell rang, and Danny realised that it was 4 o’clock. Today’s lesson had passed so quickly!

He could smell something nice to eat as he reached his home. His mother had made a very delicious fish stew. ‘Quick Danny, wash your hands, dinner is ready’. Danny ran upstairs to wash his hands and face and quickly ran down the stairs. Fish stew was one of his favourite meals and he couldn’t wait to eat it. ‘Mum, today we learned all about the countries of the world. Mr Adrian told us all about the different countries and how very different the weather is to us. I really enjoyed today’s lesson mum - it wasn’t boring. And everyone was listening to Mr Adrian!’

‘O k Danny, that’s good. I’m glad you learned something interesting. Do you want some more fish stew?’ Danny had already had two platefuls- mum really knew how to make fish stew delicious! ‘No thank you mum, I’m full’. ‘Danny, after you have finished eating and helped me to clear up, I want you to start packing your suitcase, we are going to Africa’. ‘Yippee’, thought Danny, ‘a holiday!’. ‘You must pack your school books as well Danny’, said his mother’ ‘So it’s not a holiday mum? ’No, its not a holiday, we are going to Africa because soon it will be too cold to stay here. The sea will be covered in ice and there will be snow everywhere. It will be too cold to play or go outside’.

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