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Charlie and The Princess

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Charlie and The Princess

Far away in the mountains lived a young man named Charlie. His only companions were his old servant, dog, horse and a tame eagle. His parents had died and his uncle, who had been put in charge of his Estate, had gambled away all his money. Every day he went into the woods and shot a deer or wild duck for them all for dinner.

The dog and horse could see that Charlie was not happy. “We have to find Charlie a wife,” said the dog.

“Yes, but where, there are no young ladies who live here,” said the horse.

“I know,” said the eagle jumping down from the branch where he was sitting. “Yesterday, when I flew towards the east, I saw a lovely young lady at the castle, a few hours from here.”

“But how will we get them to meet, dear eagle,” said the dog.

“I will convince her, come let’s go,” said the eagle.

And the horse trotted towards the east, with the dog running beside it.

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