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Mohamed Barakath Shahul Hameed

Copyright © Mohamed Barakath Shahul Hameed 2018


It was a hot summer afternoon in Always Hot Island.

The sun was shining brightly like a burning torch.

Everyone on Always Hot Island, were holding big handkerchiefs and wiping off the sweat on their faces and bodies.

“Sun, don’t you have any mercy at all? Why are you torturing us?” grumbled the poor heat stricken residents.

The sun simply replied “I’m just doing my duty.”

As some days went by, the temperature of Always Hot Island grew significantly.

Yes, it was nearing 50 degrees Celsius.

Some residents died.

Some got hospitalized.

This situation went on for the next few days.

Then, one morning, some clouds were traveling past the island.

The clouds saw the poor people and enquired about the weather condition.

Stunned by the reply given by the people, the clouds decided to do some good to the people.

The clouds arranged for a meeting with the sun the next hour.

“You sun, the people of Always Hot Island are suffering too much.

Why don’t you take some rest and let us pour some rain?” all the clouds said in a chorus to the sun.

The sun questioned the clouds “What is your final request?”

“We will pour rain over that island for only 12 hours. Then, we’ll never come back again.” the clouds said.

“Fine, I accept your request. I’ll take some sleep now but make sure to wake me up 12 hours later.”

It was exactly 6 p.m.

The clouds quickly gathered water and began pouring rain all over the Island, without any delay.

It rained and rained and rained.

12 hours time limit was coming to an end.

The sun was starting to wake up the next morning, when it received an urgent fax from the Metrological department.

It said “Sun, too much shower in Always Rain Island, go there immediately and show off your strength.”

The Sun rushed to Always Rain Island.

It simply forgot about Always Hot Island.

Meanwhile, in Always Hot Island, the rain clouds were still pouring in rain even after 12 hours.

The residents threw away even their expensive umbrellas, and enjoyed the rain.

Can you guess who actually sent the fake fax to the sun?

Well, it was the Clouds that sent a fake fax to the sun.

Aren’t the rain clouds sly after all?


It was a dark cold Sunday night.

Ever animals in the west country zoo were asleep.

Goody goat was all alone roaming in the wide spaced zoo.

It wanted to see and enjoy the big city life.

So, it went to the zoo’s main entrance and jumped over the fence.

“Wow, wow, wow, wow” screamed the goat.

The bright city lights said “Welcome goody goat to the world of lights. Enjoy yourself to your fullest.”

“Tell me, how should I start?” goody goat enquired.

“Well, why don’t you eat all food that crosses your big beautiful eyes.” the city lights gave an idea.

“Wonderful! I’ve been starving for food at the zoo. All right, I’ll go to all food centers and restaurants and eat whatever food that’s available. Thank you city lights, bye.” Goody goat said and briskly walked.

It entered a cool drinks shop and ordered all fizzy drinks.

The waiter served the cool drinks and went away.

Within the next 10 seconds, goody goat drank all the fizzy drinks in just one gulp and geared away at full speed.

Next, the goody goat paused at a hamburger shop.

It placed an order and said to the stall owner “I want all these hamburgers in my mouth right away or else, I’ll piss all over your stall.”

The stall owner, a hygiene guru, gave all the hamburgers to goody goat without delay.

The big mouth watering goat, swallowed the delicious chicken hamburgers all at once, and jumped to the busy street.

It accidentally knocked down a young boy.

The young boy cried in pain and shouted “You fat clumsy goat.”

The goat ran as fast as it could to the next corridor.

“What! Am I fat? Am I clumsy?” the goat asked to all pedestrians.

“Yes, yes, yes, you’re fat, fat, fat, fat, fat.” everyone replied the same.

The goat got upset and wanted to find out its own weight.

It looked around for a weighing machine and it spotted a butcher carrying one.

“The butcher would chop me into pieces if I go near him, but I really want to know my weight. What should I do?” the goody goat asked itself.

Then, it got an idea.

It slowly crept into a supermarket and stole an anti chop oil.

It applied that oil to prevent the butcher from chopping it.

“Now, I can go to the butcher and check my weight without any worry” said the goat beating its chest.

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