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The Haunted Bakery

of Seven Pines

Written by

Becky Robbins & Erika M Szabo

Illustrated by

Sudipta Dasgupta

Copyright © Becky Robbins and Erika M Szabo 2018

The Haunted Bakery of Seven Pines

Published in the United States by Golden Box Books Publishing, New York

Smashwords Edition

ISBN: 9780463858981

Library of Congress Control Number: 2018907251

Editing and Literary Enrichment Kit by Lorraine Carey

Illustrations by Sudipta Dasgupta

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Nestled deep in the Virginia woods in the little town of Seven Pines sat an old house built of stone and brick. It was once a bakery during the time of the Civil War.

Parents told a legend to their children in every generation that about a hundred years ago, children started disappearing in Seven Pines to never be found again. People suspected that the old bakery was under the spell of evil forces and warned their children not to go into the woods, especially near the old building.

Why didn’t they tear down the building you might ask? Nobody knows, and nobody tried. They just wanted the old bakery to be forgotten and forbid their children to go near it.

Best friends, Albert and Timmy, lived in Seven Pines and heard the legend from their parents but they rarely listened and certainly didn’t obey without being explained exactly why they shouldn’t do things. They agreed on one thing, to always ignore what they were ordered to do. Rebelling against their parents got them into a lot of trouble, but they seemed to think being a rebel was cool, especially Albert.

Albert was ten and a year older than Timmy. Although they were in different grades, they were best buddies and always hung out together. Albert was quite tall and strong for his age and unfortunately, his favorite pastime was to bully smaller kids. He scared them by puffing out his chest that made him look even bigger as he towered over the frightened, smaller children. He combed his long, blond bangs over one eye which gave him a fierce look.

Timmy was short and thin, and he looked up to Albert and tried to imitate everything his friend did, even when he felt what they were doing was wrong.

Everyone wondered why the two boys became unlikely friends, but nobody knew. It started when Timmy was in first grade. The children in his class made fun of him because he was small and thin, and they called him scrawny-stick and toothpick. The bigger kids in his class glued a kick me sign on his back and called him a teacher’s pet because he learned faster than his classmates, thus making his life miserable every day. Timmy cried a lot and hid in the bathroom to avoid the constant teasing and torture.

One day Albert heard him sobbing in the bathroom stall and when Timmy confided in him, Albert decided to take him under his protection and they became best friends. Timmy thought it was super cool to have a fearless bully as a friend and was always right by Albert’s side but didn’t always enjoy the havoc that his best friend caused.

Albert had a crush on Sarah, a girl in his class with red hair and freckles, but he still made fun of her and called her strawberry-freckle-face. He enjoyed watching Sarah cry when he relentlessly teased her, and then he went on chasing the other girls and tripped the ones who were slow. He didn’t care if they got hurt, he watched them cry with a cold smile on his face.

Nobody liked Albert and Timmy in the school, they were afraid of them and tried to avoid them. Every time Albert bullied or hurt the kids, he threatened them not to tell anyone. The children were scared and kept silent. Sometimes the teachers caught them and punished them, but it didn’t stop Albert from doing it again when the teachers weren’t looking.

Donny was the only boy in school who dared to stand up to them and that’s why he was Albert’s favorite daily target. Albert never tried hit or trip Donny because he was as tall as and strong as he was, but Albert loved to get right up into Donny’s face calling him a fat coward. He knew Donny would never push or hit him back because he wasn’t a bully. Albert taunted him every day because he was jealous of Donny’s popularity and his envy made him angry. He teased Donny in a singsong voice:

Fatso boy in baggy pants,

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