Excerpt for Omega House Stories Vol.1: Urban Poetry from the Journal of a Middle-Schooler by , available in its entirety at Smashwords


This book is dedicated to everyone who ever faced a bully

I used to ask God “Why me?” back then

But I understand now fully

See I had to go through

So I could help you

And in the end when you’re stronger

You’ll be able to help others too.

Also dedicated to:

Frank P. Johnson

Table of Contents

Poem 1: First Day of School

Poem 2: The Mega Challenge

Poem 3: First “F” Haiku

Poem 4: Food Fight(Reversed)

Poem 5: The Beat Down

Poem 6: Ion Get it Haiku

Poem 7: Food Fight(Forward)

Poem 8: Wipe Your Camera Lenses

Poem 9: High Water Pants Haiku

Poem 10: The Slow Race

Poem 11: Worst Day of My Life Pt.1 (The Candy Bear)

Poem 12: Worst Day of My Life Pt.2 (Down the Toilet)

Poem 13: A Duval Story

First Day of School


Blue Shirt

Jeans on, I’m ready

Stomach full of butterflies

But my heart beating steady

We got 5 halls of classrooms

And some portables in the back

Lockers outside every door

So aint no need to carry bags

“Get to homeroom!!”

I heard blaring out the speakers

I can’t get there late

But I also can’t crease these sneakers

I got to class on time

And I didn’t crease my shoes

Took a couple of seconds

But I found some people that I knew

A new life is ahead of me

And I’m running through the door

Oh, but if only I knew

What Omega House had in store

The Mega Challenge

It was an “A-Day”

There’s no better way to start the week

I have gym 2 periods in a row

Almost 4 straight hours to compete

Baseball, Football, Basketball, or Racing

We may be in school but to me its vacation

I love a good challenge

& You can conquer anything with a plan

Well today I dropped the ball

Now there’s a Mega Challenge on my hands

If I don’t complete my chores

The consequences can be dire

So every Monday before school

I put the clothes inside the drier

My mom always calls to check

And this morning I told her yes

The clothes were spinning in a cycle

When in fact they were still wet

I had intended to put them in

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