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Final Destination

Book Four of the

Fantastic Adventures Series

By Rene Cournoyer

Copyright 2018© Rene Cournoyer

Second Edition

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, scanned or distributed in any form, including digital and electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the prior written consent of the Publisher, except for brief quotes for use in reviews.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Library of Congress: TXu 1-994-391

Cover by Rene Cournoyer


I dedicate this book to

my grandson


Map of Shendale

Sticky’s home is in the tall tree.

Robyn’s home is in the shorter tree.

Dumbley’s little cave is on the left.

Memory Lane

Here’s a walk down memory lane. For those of you who have read Books 1, 2 or 3 of ‘The Fantastic Adventures of Sticky.’ These are the highlights of the adventures that Sticky and his friends have encountered so far.

If you haven’t read these books, you should go back and read Book 1. It’s best if they’re read in order.

In Book One

  • This adventure begins when they leave the village of Shendale.

  • They met Chris, healed his bruised knee and found Spotalot on an island.

  • They returned in a rowboat and it sinks.

  • Dumbley almost drowns trying to play Captain of the rowboat.

  • Spotalot is returned to Chris, and all is good in the world of elves, dwarves.

  • They meet Emerald. She’s lost, and they bring her home to her family.

  • They make it to Willowdale and help the George family fix their fence.

  • George offered to let Sticky drive his wagon. Sticky got the horses off to a quick start.

In Book Two

  • They arrived safely and Robyn helped heal their daughter Linda.

  • While sleeping over at the Georges, Sticky sleepwalks for the first time and takes a nap in the woods. Sticky becomes the first elf—ever, to take a nap while sleeping.

  • He also had to run from being eaten by Linda.

  • Sticky is introduced to candy, and they learned the hard way, you never give him candy.

  • Sticky meets his first human and runs in fear of being eaten again.

  • Later in the evening, Sticky met a bear and ran for his life in fear of being eaten once again.

  • The adventurers meet Papa Doyle. He’s sick and needs a certain herb to help him.

  • Robyn does some healing while Sticky and Dumbley have a mini-adventure to get the herb.

  • Sticky builds a bridge of bubblegum and rope to cross the creek and reach the herb.

  • While crossing the creek, Dumbley fell in and almost drowned.

  • Sticky saved him with a bubblegum rope.

  • Papa Doyle joined Sticky and his friends on their adventure.

  • They met a human name Johnson and helped him fix his wagons. Johnson scared Sticky.

  • Sticky got him back by tripping him with bubblegum.

  • Sticky blinds his Papa with a pebble and a bolt.

  • His Papa soaked him in return.

  • Sticky got candy again and had another crazy time with the stuff.

In Book Three

  • They find a peach tree high on a hill.

  • Sticky has a few tumbles down this hill

  • They finished the ordeal with the peaches. Dumbley saves the day by getting the peaches through force.

  • They meet Dandelion. She zaps Sticky from his world and into hers and was sent back to his until she needs him again.

  • They find a magic store. They meet Magnus the Wizard. Sticky falls in love with magic and wants to live in the store.

  • They run into Ethan and Eric and help them remove a statue.

  • Sticky got cut crawling through a dark basement. They applied enough bandages to make him look like an ancient mummy

  • They rent canoes. Sticky capsizes one of them and loses it over a waterfall.

  • A kid attacks Sticky for his supplies and tried to run away.

  • Sticky tied him up in a bubblegum ball and the Sheriff rolled him to jail.

  • He’s now called Deputy Sticky of Springfield.

  • Sticky finally gets his dream of a snack on a stick. He found the hunting guys who cooked marshmallows by a campfire.

  • They help with a barn fire and Sticky saved a little girl from the fire and almost got himself killed.

  • They meet Shelderockinfinkerstand, (Sheldy) an odd looking elf who invited the adventurers to join him in fishing.

  • They agree and Papa Doyle teaches Sticky a new way of fishing while they nap.

  • Sticky woke to find himself being pulled toward the water.

  • Sticky is saved from the giant fish.

I invite you all to expand your imaginations and travel with Sticky, Robyn, and Dumbley as they finish their adventure—enjoy!

Chapter 1


While walking along the pebbled path toward Philly, Sticky heard someone whisper, “Hey you, come here. I need your help.”

“Did you hear that?” asked Sticky.

“Hear what? I didn’t hear anything,” Dumbley replied. “You're imagining things again. Maybe we need you to get more sleep.”

“Hey, hey you,” the voice repeated.

“There!” Sticky yelled. “I heard it again. It came from over there.” He pointed to an area off the road and next to the tall oak trees.

“How come you can hear the voice and we can’t?” inquired Robyn. “Are you daydreaming again? I think you need an extra-long nap.”

“Are you telling me nobody can hear the voice I’m hearing?” Sticky challenged. “It’s so clear and I know I’m not dreaming, at least I think I’m not. I will take a nap after.”

“None of us can hear it,” Dumbley responded. “This is really weird.”

“Are you feeling okay?” Papa Doyle asked as he felt Sticky’s head. “Are you sick from being under the water too long with the fish?”

“I’m all right, I know I am, and I’m not making things up,” Sticky insisted as he pulled his Papa’s hand off his forehead. “Come on, follow me. I’ll prove it to all of you.”

Sticky took off running toward the trees.

“Sticky! Where are you going?” yelled Robyn. “Stop, don’t run off alone!”

Sticky stopped and whistled impatiently while he waited for them. His impatience grew thin. He couldn’t stand not knowing what it was and he took off again.

“You can’t run off on your own,” pleaded Robyn. “You don’t know what’s in those woods. There could be another brown bear.”

“Hey you, I need your help,” came the voice again, only louder this time.

“There it is again!” cried Sticky.

“I’m sorry, Sticky, we’ve heard nothing at all,” Papa Doyle sighed. He was thinking Sticky had been on the road too long.

“We should rest,” Dumbley suggested. “Maybe his last nap wasn’t long enough.”

“I keep telling you my naps aren’t long enough,” boomed Sticky. “I’m not hearing things. I know I heard this voice. It’s like I’m hearing yours right now. Follow me. The voice came from over here.”

They followed Sticky, who led them to the edge of the woods. Fallen leaves rustled as a small elf wearing a black robe with yellow trim and yellow buttons, emerged from behind one of the tall birch trees. The most striking feature about this elf was his height. He was as short as Dumbley was.

“Hi everyone, my name is Jibbles. I hope I didn’t scare any of you guys.”

“What’s going on?” Robyn wondered. “It looks like you're saying something, but I can’t hear what you’re saying. It’s weird.”

“Either can I,” Papa Doyle added. “Not a word. I may be older, but my hearing is okay.”

“Me neither,” Dumbley added, scratching his head in bewilderment. “How’s it possible?”

“Wow!” cried Sticky. “I’m the only one who can hear you. It’s so cool and weird at the same time. I think it might be magical.”

“Jibbles, how come Sticky’s the only one who can hear you?” asked Papa Doyle.

“Because only certain people who have within them, a certain gift, can hear me when I talk,” replied Jibbles.

Sticky repeated what Jibbles said.

“You mean because I can shoot bubblegum from my hands, it gives me the ability to hear you?” inquired Sticky.

“I also have a gift,” Papa Doyle stated. “I have amazing speed. Why can’t I hear what you say? None of this sounds right.”

Robyn piped in. “I have a gift as well. I can perform energy healings with my hands.”

Dumbley also chimed in, “There are no gifts for this dwarf. I have a magical shirt that can make pockets when I need them and I have the biggest appetite in the world. I guess it can be called a gift. I can eat a ton of food and never get bigger. Oh, wait, I do have one gift. I have Amazonian strength.”

Jibbles held his hand up with one finger and spoke, “Wait a second.” He reached to his throat area and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“How’s this?” He asked. “Can you hear me now? Am I speaking loud enough?”

“Yes we hear you,” they all said at once.

“Pokey-poke, you owe me a joke,” said Sticky as he lightly poked all of them in the arm. “So who’s going to give me a joke?”

“I have one,” Jibbles offered. “I don’t know what you’re doing, but I always play when it comes to jokes and riddles. Here goes. What is the difference between a locomotive engineer and a teacher?”

“I don’t know,” said Sticky.

"One minds the train and one trains the mind,” said Jibbles.

They all shared a good laugh.

“Sorry, I keep forgetting to use my other voice,” Jibbles explained. “I don’t use it often. I rarely talk to those without certain gifts like Sticky has. Even though he has not discovered it yet, it’s in there and it’s powerful.”

“What gifts were those?” Sticky asked as the excitement started to trickle in.

“I can’t tell you. You will need to discover your gifts in your time and in your own way.”

“I’ve found my gift. I can shoot bubblegum from my hands. It’s all I have.”

“You can do what, with what?” Jibbles inquired as he scratched his head in confusion and wonder. “Did I hear you right?”

“Watch this.” He raised his arm, aimed and shot a bubblegum rope at the tree.

“Holy cow, this is amazing. What a great gift. However, it’s not the gift I’m talking about. You have another one, deep inside you. It’ll come out when it’s ready.”

“Oh, come on. You have to tell me what it is. It’s not fair. I need to know.”

“I can’t tell you because I can’t sense what it is. However, I’m sure you have one.”

“If you can’t tell me what my other gift is. Why did you call me over here?”

“I brought you here because I need your help. I tried to do it myself and I can’t do it.”

“How can we assist you?”

“I need you to get something I can’t reach. We have to act quickly. I have little time left to finish my task. It’s over here, I’ll show you.”

Robyn responded, “You can lead the way, my friend and we will follow.”

Jibbles led the way along a path which dipped into the thick shady forest. Nosey gray squirrels jumped from branch to branch overhead, as they followed the group, curious to see where their destinies lead.

Chapter 2


The path wound up this tall hill. At the top, the forest opened into a clearing, bright with the afternoon rays of the sun. It was a beautiful clear day.

“Look,” said Jibbles as he pointed to a deep canyon. As they got closer and looked around, they couldn’t see any means of entering or exiting this canyon.

“My backpack was taken by wolves, and I need to get it back,” Jibbles explained. “They must've tossed it in the canyon when they realized there was no food inside. I hope there’s nothing missing. I really need to get a certain package back to my teacher.”

“Hey Sticky, do you think your bubblegum rope can reach over there?” asked Dumbley.

“I don’t know,” Sticky replied.

“You know what they say, you’ll never know until you try. Go for it and let’s see what happens. We might get lucky.”

Sticky swung his arm out and took careful aim. He shot bubblegum from of his hand in a steady stream. It stretched out for a good distance and then fell short of its target.

“I need to get closer to it,” declared Sticky.

“Let’s go this way. This is the closest I’ve been able to get to it,” said Jibbles. “My levitation wouldn’t work. My magic is not strong enough yet.”

“Levitate, you can levitate?” Sticky gasped. His eyes had widened so much, his eyeballs almost fell out of his head.

“I can only move little things which are close to me. I’m new at this wizard stuff. You see, my gift is magic, and it’s all I know.”

“It’s so cool. I wish my gift was magic instead of shooting sticky bubblegum.”

“You have a great gift. You may be one of those elves who have more than one gift. What you have is rare, two gifts in one elf.”

“Holy cow, I hope I’m one of those lucky ones who get the gift of magic. Can you imagine the possibilities of bubblegum rope and magic all inside one elf?”

Jibbles led the way to the spot he found earlier when he failed to retrieve his backpack.

“Okay Sticky, I need you to focus on this one,” Dumbley suggested. “I don’t see any other way to get this backpack out of the canyon. We’ll need your bubblegum rope to stick to it and bring it back to us.”

Sticky stared at the backpack, raised his arm while he took careful aim. He fired a stream of bubblegum which stretched toward the backpack. This time, he hit his target and the gum stuck to the backpack.

Sticky threw his arm back to pull the backpack to him. It wouldn’t budge. Instead, it had the opposite reaction he had expected from it. The gum contracted and he was pulled off of his feet and flung forward like being shot out of a slingshot. He sailed through the air like a birdie in flight and landed safely on top of the backpack.

“Sticky!” Dumbley yelled. “Are you okay?”

“I think so,” replied Sticky as he stood and got off the backpack. After brushing off the dirt, he tried to lift it and he couldn’t. “It won’t budge. It’s like someone glued it here.”

“Oops, sorry,” Jibbles apologized. “I forgot to mention, there’s a spell on the backpack which makes it stick to anything it touches. I don’t know how I’m going to become a great wizard if I can’t remember the important spells I’ve cast.”

“Can you reverse it?” asked Papa Doyle.

“Yes, I can.” He stretched out his arm and his hand shook as he yelled, “Release!” Nothing happened. “Release!” he yelled again, and again nothing happened. “I’m too far away. My magic spells aren’t strong enough to reach that far.”

Sticky inquired, “So how do I get this unstuck? There has to be another way.”

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