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A Day with

Uncle Bembe

By Kimberly Gordon

Dedicated to all the little Jevaun’s searching for their passion; and to all the conscious mentors who teach others even before they are ready to listen.

Chapter 1: Not Your Typical Saturday Morning

Chapter 2: Off to an Interesting Start

Chapter 3: Time for Work

Chapter 4: A Whole New World

Chapter 5: Harvest Farmers Market

Chapter 6: Food Art

Chapter 7: Big Hat, Don’t Care

Chapter 8: Proud

Chapter 9: The Long Way Home

Chapter 10: A Creation of my Own



Chapter 1

Not Your Typical Saturday Morning

“Good Morning Jevaun,” said Mr. Jones as he opened curtains to let sunlight into the bedroom.  It was time for his son to begin the day.  “Wake up,” he continued.
“But dad, it is so early and there is no school today,” Jevaun replied as he covered his head with a pillow, shielding his eyes from the sun beams now present in his room.  

Jevaun wanted to wake up late, eat his favorite cereal, and play video games like he did every Saturday.  But his parents had other plans for him.

“What time is it?” he whined.

“It is 6 a.m. and you have one hour to get ready.”

“But it’s Saturday, Dad. Ten-year-old’s get to sleep in on Saturdays!”  

“Saturday is just another day Jevaun. Your Uncle Bembe is on his way to pick you up." 

“Uncle Bembe?” Jevaun shouted as he rolled out of bed to find his mother. He was sure she would let him stay home.  

"Mom! Mom!" He screamed as he ran around the house looking for her.

"In the kitchen," she replied.     Jevaun ran down the stairs and straight to the kitchen to discuss this important matter face to face.  

“Mom, do I have to go with Uncle Bembe today? He always smells funny," he said as he stomped his foot and squeezed his eye brows.  

“And it’s so hot outside. And my brain is still asleep,” he continued.

"Yes, you do,” she said.  “Get dressed! Working with him will be fun."  

Dad chuckled has he sat down to eat his breakfast. “Listen to your mother,” he added.

“So, why are you not teaching today?” Jevaun mumbled, worried what his mother would say if she heard his questioning.

“Excuse me?”

“I mean, why does Uncle Bembe work so early; and why on the weekends?”

“Not everyone works Monday through Friday like your father and I,” said Mrs. Jones. “It’s only one day. Now go get dressed!”  

“But I have a project to do, and I still don’t know what to make it about.”

Jevaun was assigned the homework a month prior and still needed to choose a topic. Now he only had 3 days left to create a project about something he enjoyed doing. And that was a challenge for him.

“You have all day tomorrow to do your project, maybe you will get some ideas today.”

Knowing he would not win this battle, Jevaun proceeded as he was told.

Chapter 2

Off to an Interesting Start

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