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The Skellee Superhero Stories for Children Aged 3 to 8

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  • Each Skellee Superhero has unique *Super-Powers* to help children or animals who are in distress, anywhere in the world.

  • The Skellee Superheroes work at the Skellee Rescue Service, with the Skellee operator.

  • The stories are modern superhero fiction stories.

  • Each story awakens a child’s understanding of situations where care and compassion are needed.

  • Included is a fun interactive quiz for the children to complete.

  • This Q & A quiz enables a child to be introduced to comprehension in a fun way.

  • Each book will also have a fact sheet related to the superhero story.

  • The Skellee stories are gradually been put into print, audio and enhanced book formats.

  • There will be 26 books in the series – an A to Z series of Skellee Superheroes.

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Abbie Skellee - The Little Lamb Farm Story

Bobby Skellee - The Super Smart Football Hero

Carrie Skellee - The Cute Dog Rescue

Danny Skellee - The Silly Black Cat

Ella Skellee - HotAir Balloon

Freddie Skellee - Sand Castles

Gracie Skellee - Bubble Gum Machine

Harvey Skellee - Sad Duck in Barrowford

Ina Skellee - Rescues the Baby Calf

Jack Skellee - Miniature Horse Jumping Disaster

Katy Skellee - Rescues Bonnie From the Monster

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Superhero Zerro Skellee and The London Magpie Thief

It was a beautiful sunny day in London. Francesca had her new book and was looking forward to reading it. She decided to read it under the trees at the end of the garden.

Her back garden was not very long. In fact, most London houses have small gardens!

But there were lots of interesting tall trees at the end of each of the gardens.

Francesca stood underneath one and looked up the length of the tree. Because she was very short against such a tall tree, she thought it almost touched the sky.

She sat at the table underneath one of the trees and looked back at her house.

The sun was shining through the window, which was wide open.

She was just about to start reading the first page of her book, when she heard a loud squawking sound.

Just then she saw a magpie on the window sill.

She saw it pick up something shiny and then fly off with it, up into the trees, right above where she was sitting.

She ran indoors to tell her mother what she had seen.

They both rushed to the window sill to see if anything was missing.

“Oh no!” cried her mother.

My beautiful ring that your grandmother gave me, has gone,” she said.

They went out into the garden to see if they could see the magpie, but they couldn't. They both felt very sad.

The ring is gone for good.” said her mother, trying not to show how upset she felt.

Francesca put her arm around her mother and said. “Mummy, I'm so sorry. I wish I could do something because I know that ring means a lot to you”.

And then, she had a thought. The Skellee Rescue Service!

Yes, The Skellee Rescue Service could help.

Mummy, let's call Skellee she said,” forgetting that her mother knew nothing about The Skellee Rescue Service.

It was a secret rescue service, just for children. The superheroes had amazing superpowers and could rescue anything or anyone, and anywhere in the whole wide world.

Her mother started to ask her about Skellee but decided to trust what Francesca knew. She could ask her later.

"Tell me about the Skellee Rescue Service later Francesca, but do you have a number we can ring," asked her mother.

"Yes Mum, it's 555," replied Francesca as she ran back into the house for the phone.

Seconds later her mother dialed …

Immediately, her mother heard a lady's voice.

The Skellee Rescue Service, can I help you,” said the Skellee operator at the other end of the line.

It's Francesca’s mother here ...”

OK. Someone will be there, before you count to four," replied the Skellee operator.

Francesca started to count the seconds,

when she heard the doorbell ring.

Ding, ding. Ding, ding.”

Her mother heard the doorbell ring too and went to open the door.

As she opened it, Superhero Zerro Skellee stood in front of her.

He was wearing the green Skellee uniform and carrying a rucksack on his back.

“Zerro Skellee is my name. How can I help you?” he asked.

Francesca's mother was amazed to see Zerro standing on her doorstep and wondered where he came from.

She would ask Francesca later. Right now, the most important thing was to try and get her ring back.

Thank you for coming,” said Francesca, moving forward to greet him.

Mummy this is Zerro Skellee,” she said to her mother.

Nice to meet you,” said Zerro.

We need help in the garden,” Francesca said as she started to rush outside.

Stop,” he called out. “First tell me what has happened.”

Francesca explained exactly what had happened just minutes before.

Shhhh, we'll have to be very quiet,” he whispered, as they tiptoed outside into the garden.

He took the rucksack off his back and took out his Skellee supersonic multi-coloured binoculars.

Then he pointed them up to the trees and peered through them to see if he could find the magpie.

“Ah ha!” he said quietly. “I can see it. It's here.

There's a nest full of jewelry right above us. I must work quickly,” he whispered, “otherwise the magpie will get very angry if he sees someone touching his nest. We have to be very, very, quiet.”

Superhero Zerro Skellee stood in the shadows, hoping that the magpie would not see or hear him.

With his left hand, he slowly turned the button on his right shoulder in an anti-clockwise direction.

As he did this, his arm grew longer
l o n g e r
l o n g e r.

Slowly he moved his very long arm up the tree, trying not to rustle any of the leaves. He didn't want the magpie to hear him.

Seconds later, his hand reached up to the nest.

He held onto it tightly.

Then he started to lift it down very carefully.

At the same time, he had to return his arm to normal size. Holding onto the nest carefully with his right hand, he turned the button on his right shoulder again, using his left hand.

This time he turned the button in a clockwise direction which made his right arm grow ...


and shorter

and shorter

until it was back to its normal size once again.

They all watched as the nest came slowly and very quietly down through the branches of the tree.

Oh no!

The magpie heard.

He was very angry.

He started squawking loudly and flew down onto the wall.

Just then, another magpie arrived to find out what was going on.

Look Mummy,” said Francesca. “Two magpies together.”

That means Joy, one is for sorrow and two is for joy!” her mother replied with a smile.

Seconds later, the nest was safely down on the table.

All the shiny jewels that the magpie had stolen from many other window sills, were sparkling in the nest.

Francesca's mother took her ring out of the nest and put it back on her finger quickly. She wasn’t going to take any chances with the magpie's greedy habits.

We will take the nest to the police station because they will have a list of lost jewels, I'm sure." she said to Superhero Zerro.

Just then they heard a phone ring.

It was Zerro's mobile.

He took it from his belt, listened and then replied, “OK, I'm on my way.”

The Skellee Operator had called him.

As he put his binoculars away in his rucksack, he took out a bag and handed it to Francesca. Inside the bag was a surprise gift. It was a Skellee cap.

Francesca turned to show her mother the gift as she put on her Skellee cap. She turned back to thank Superhero Zerro, but he was not there. He had gone!

Gone on another Skellee Superhero Rescue

The Quiz

Following is an interactive quiz on what happened in 'Zerro Skellee and Magpie'.

Please read the following carefully ...

Only use links under each question to navigate through the quiz and set your Kindle for portrait viewing.

Do not use the navigations buttons on your device to move from one question to another, otherwise you will see the answers and that would not be much fun!

So, what do you remember from this Skellee story?

Have fun. :)

Question 1

What colour was the Magpie?

A - Red, grey and white?

B - Blue, white and red?

C - Or was it black, grey and white?

Q 1a - Answer

That is not the correct answer, but you can

Click here to try again.

Q 1b - Answer

Afraid not. You have to try again ...

Click here now to try again.

Q 1c - Answer

Great, you got the right answer. Birds have such interesting colours! :) Now, let's go to Question No. 2

Click here to go to Question 2.

Question 2

What does it mean when you see two magpies together?

A - Two means rain?

B- Two for joy?

C - Two means you'll find a shoe?

Q 2a - Answer

No, sorry, it's not the correct answer, but follow the link below.

Click here to try again

Q 2b - Answer

Yes, that is the correct answer - Good for you!

It always makes people smile when they see two together. :)

Click here to go to Question 3

Q 2c - Answer

Whoops! Two for shoe ... No! :)

Click here to back to question 2 again

Question 3

Which city did the book mention?

A - Was it New York?

B - Was it Paris?

C - Or was it London?

Q 3a - Answer

Sorry! New York is a beautiful city in America but it's not the answer ...

Click here to try again

Q 3b - Answer

No, it's not Paris! That is also an amazing city. I'd love to go and see the Eiffel Tower. It's 1,063 ft tall - that's very, very, very tall! Taller than any tree in the whole of London.

Click here to try again

Q 3c - Answer

Yes. You are right. It was London!

Now, click here to go to Question 4

Question 4

What was Francesca just about to read when she saw the magpie?

Was it ...

A - A book?

B - Her comics?

C - A magazine?

Q4a - Answer

Excellent! You got it right.

I thought that question was a difficult one because it was mentioned right at the beginning of the story. Good for you. :)

Now for Question 5

Q 4b - Answer

Sorry wrong answer this time. But it was a difficult one. :)

Click here to return to the question.

Q 4c - Answer

It was easy to make a mistake with this question. Try again. :)

Click here to return to the question.

Question 5

Who gave the ring to Francesca's mother ?

Was it ...

A - Her sister - (Francesca's aunt)?

B - Her mother - (Francesca's grandmother)?

C - Her father - (Francesca's grandfather)?

Q 5a - Answer

No sorry :( Try again.

Click here to go back to the question.

Q 5b - Answer

The correct answer.

Good for you for getting it right. :)

Time for you to move onto Question 6

Q 5c - Answer

Nice try but it's not right. :)

Click here to go back to the question.

Question 6

What will Francesca's mother do with the jewels?

A - Ask around to find out owns them?

B - Give them to charity?

C - Take them to the Police Station?

Q 6a - Answer

Sorry, that is the wrong answer!

Click here to go back to the question.

Q 6b - Answer

Whoops ... wrong answer. You can try again. :)

Click here to go back to the question.

Q 6c - Answer

Yes ... you are correct. The police would make sure that the owners got their jewels back.

Now for the last question ...

Question 7 .

Question 7

How many seconds did the Skellee Operator say it would be before help came?

Was it ...

A - Was it 10?

B - Was it 5?

C - Or was it 7?

Q 7a - Answer

No ... I'm afraid that's not correct, but try again :)

Click here to go back to the question

Q 7b - Answer

Correct answer. ***** Excellent. ***** :)

You get a Gold Star for completing the quiz :).
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Q 7c - Answer

No! But please have another go! :)

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About - The Author

AnneMarie Callan was born in Dublin, Ireland. One of her earliest memories is of sitting in class and smelling the print of the glossy school magazine, in which her very first story was published. She was probably about 12 years old then. :)

She started telling the Skellee stories when her first grandchild arrived and as more grandchildren arrived, her stories grew too!

Skellee! At first there was only going to be four or five stories but now there will eventually be 26 Skellee stories.

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Skellee Special Notes and History


In the Skellee stories, it is not just the arm that grows longer and longer, sometimes they use other magic buttons or 'tricks', which only a Skellee has been gifted with. They are superheroes, after all!

- - - - - - -

Superhero Abbie Skellee.

Abbie Skellee is the 1st in the series.

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(the short version) by AnneMarie Callan.

Skellee was a character I created many years ago when telling stories to my grandchildren.

At first there was only one Skellee character for the three or four stories I had created. As the stories grew, so did the amount of Skellee characters, after all, how could one Skellee be in two different places at the same time?

So, the Skellee Rescue Service was born.

With the intention of there being 26 Skellee Superheroes in the series, the Skellee Operator was introduced to the stories. She was able to ensure that the right Skellee was sent to the right place, at the right time!

"My vision for the Skellee characters is that they are modern day folklore superheroes for young children. I envisaged a child going to sleep after being told a Skellee Superhero story, with a feeling of security and comfort.

Each story has a message of caring and compassion, for others whether they be animals or humans.

Children will love the quiz, because they get the chance to earn a gold star and it helps them with their comprehension in a fun way. I've also included a fact sheet related to each book."


I would like to dedicate the Skellee Rescue Service stories to all children around the world, in the hope that they receive a lot of pleasure from them.

Also, I would like to thank my grandchildren for allowing me to tell them the Skellee stories in the first place and Rhianna for inspiring me to put them into print. (Thank you :) )

Finally, I would like to thank my all family, my friends and too many other wonderful people to list, that I met along this journey, who gave me support in so many ways.

I will mention, however, my wonderful art teacher,

Mary Aitkinson in Javea, Spain, for teaching me to paint,

Amanda E Bourne for her support and editing service and

Robert Mesa for his website service and support.

AnneMarie Callan

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he Skellee Rescue Services Operator wishes you a very happy day

Copyright 2013 by AnneMarie Callan
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