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Imelda Keeps a Promise

The Adventures of Imelda Lucille and Armand Francis

by Charlene M. Campanella

Illustrated by Sierra Frantz


To my family and friends

who have already spread their wings.

And to those still waiting.

To God be the Glory!

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Illustrations and Book Design Copyright ©2018 BELLTOWER Productions, Inc.

Published by BELLTOWER Productions, Inc.

Illustrations by Sierra Frantz

Edited by Connie Troyer

Printed Book: ISBN: 9781532365416

ebook Edition: ISBN: 9780463404638

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Chapter 1: A Hard Choice

Chapter 2: Lemons into Lemonade

Chapter 3: Good Campers

Chapter 4: On the Edge

Chapter 5: A Friend in Need

Chapter 6: 47 Charlie

Chapter 7: Bird’s-Eye View

Chapter 8: Where We Belong

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Chapter One:

A Hard Choice

It was a lovely day in Sherwood Creek as Imelda Lucille and her faithful Maltese dog, Mia Sophia, strolled along the riverbank. The sun was twinkling on the water’s surface, with dragonflies hovering slightly above.

Mia Sophia was scooting along in a zigzag pattern, with her nose down and ears back, hot on the trail of some little critter. Mia’s curly tail, which usually lay coiled on her backside, was now sailing straight behind her along with ribbons of soft, white hair. Her concentration was never broken, even by the robin chirping out a scolding as he watched her from the tree above.

Imelda Lucille dragged a large hiking stick behind her, allowing it to bump along the ground. She was not thinking about her walk through the woods. She was thinking about her friend, Armand Francis. Yesterday afternoon, Armand Francis had met up with Imelda Lucille and told her about his new adventure.

“Honestly, it will be just the best time! I have my tent and my backpack and tons of snacks.” Armand looked into the backpack he was carrying. “Flashlight—check. Rain poncho—check. Toothbrush and toothpaste—check. Oh yes, of course, my emergency flare. See, I am prepared!”

“It does sound like you are prepared, Armand. I’m sure you and Cooper will have a wonderful time,” said Imelda, a little too quietly.

“Aw, I wish you could come with us, Imelda. We’re gonna have sooo much fun! Out in the woods, back to nature, just like the settlers in the Old West. Facin’ the frontier with nothing but our strength and our wits. Boy, will this be something to talk about!” Armand Francis was a little out of breath from excitement.

Imelda looked at Armand Francis with a smile. She loved his enthusiasm. Once he got an idea into his head, he thought of little else until that idea became a plan. Most of the time it worked out well. But sometimes, in his excitement, he would talk himself into an idea even if it was a bad one. This time it sounded wonderful. Imelda Lucille was sad that she couldn’t go along.

“I know. I wish I could come too. But I already promised to help Uncle Wilfred with his yard work this weekend. I’m sure if I asked he would let me out of it, but I did promise—and he is so good to me. I don’t want to disappoint him.”

“You are just about as good a person as I know, Imelda Lucille. I’m glad we’re friends. We’ll miss you, but Cooper and I will just blaze the trail for the next time when you can go!” Armand gathered the last of his supplies and put them into his backpack.

So off they went, Armand Francis and his faithful Morkie, Cooper Sebastian. Imelda was just a little jealous, but it was no matter—Armand was right. There would be a next time, and it would be soon. She would help Uncle Wilfred as she promised, and they would have a great time together too.

Imelda Lucille suddenly heard Mia Sophia barking up ahead rather insistently. She hurried her pace along the riverbank until she reached the spot where her little dog had stopped. There it was, the object of Mia Sophia’s distraction. A small field mouse had been caught under a fallen branch by its tail.

“Oh, poor little guy!” cooed Imelda Lucille. “Here, let’s help him out.”

Mia Sophia nodded heartily while Imelda took her hiking stick and lifted the guilty branch. The field mouse picked up his wounded tail and rubbed the spot where the branch had landed. A little squeak escaped his mouth. He looked first at Mia Sophia and then at Imelda Lucille. He nodded his head, looked both ways, and scooted across the path into the woods.

“Well, you found what you were looking for, didn’t you, girl?”

Mia Sophia sat back on her hind legs and offered Imelda a high five.

Imelda Lucille giggled. “Okay, my little friend, off we go now. We have a busy day ahead of us.”

Chapter Two:

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