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Alien Characters #8

by Neil A. Hogan

Illustrated by Genelyn Javier

For Nathanial and Ida

© Maldek House 2008-2018. All Rights Reserved

Third Edition 2018

SmashWords Edition

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Alien Rex is, well of course he was, an alien. An alien dinosaur to be more precise.

He lives in the city Bonopolis in the country Saurus on the planet Reptos in the Large Magellanic Cloud Galaxy.

Well, that’s what the alien language translator said.

Alien Rex is a tour operator. His advertising says he can take you on the most amazing, fantastic, incredible, tremendous, awesome, stupendous, cool, and winning tours ever in the history of the universe, and he can do it in your own town.

Alien Rex is not only a great salesalien, he can actually give you what he said he could.

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