Excerpt for The First Bilby in Space by , available in its entirety at Smashwords

Copyright 2018 Sue Muldowney

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Pinkie had a lovely birthday with her friends. There was one friend that was missing. It was getting late. She was just about to go into her den when a beam of light lit up the bush. Took! Pinkie wondered if he would remember. Pinkie clapped her hands with delight.

‘Happy Birthday Pinkie’ Took said giving her a big hug. ’Your present awaits you. Sorry I’m so late ’. ‘Are we really going into space?’ she asked excitedly. ’Your spaceship madam’ Took said bowing and smiling. Pinkie ran and grabbed her bag.

Off they went into a far off galaxy at the speed of light. Pinkie didn’t stop smiling the whole trip. They were greeted by Took’s family. ‘Welcome to Paradonex . We have been waiting patiently to meet you.’ They said.

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