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Alien Characters #7

by Neil A. Hogan

Illustrated by Genelyn Javier

For Nathanial and Ida

© Maldek House 2008-2018. All Rights Reserved

Third Edition 2018

SmashWords Edition

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Alien Carla is, well of course she is, an alien.

An alien broadcaster, to be more precise.

Alien Carla lives in the city of Castway, on the planet Channos in the Wyliss system of the Large Magellanic Cloud Galaxy.

Every morning, at about 4am, Alien Carla and her fellow casters get up to go to work. Well, '4am' our time is probably 'blkriki' their time, but you know what I mean.

Alien Carla's job is to broadcast the latest galactic news to the galaxy every morning.

But she doesn’t do this using slow radio waves, like some of our radio broadcasters do.

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