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MMCY Kids: Our World In Bits

By Morgan Coleman

Published in 2018

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This is a work of fiction. While some businesses and places do exist that are mentioned, any interactions inside those places or any descriptions of those places are mostly fictional. All persons are fictional, and any resemblance to any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

This eBook is published by Smashwords. No part of this book may be copied or reproduced without the consent of Morgan Coleman. All questions can be asked at,, or you can call at (803) 875-1307.

Summary: The MMCY Kids: Morgan, Maleya, CJ, Zykira, and Marc try to find their way in the YouTube world. But when Yolonda, Maleya, and CJ leave, will life change?

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How It All Started

How to describe this Saturday: Boring, boring, boring. Everyone had their little thing. Maleya had her dolls, CJ had his Paw Patrol scooter, and Morgan had his computer and XBOX. If you don’t have these things, you might be thinking, “They must be having a great time!” But, no. Some of these things had limited purposes. CJ wanted his scooter to fly. Maleya wanted her dolls to move by themselves like in cartoons.

Morgan wanted a YouTube channel. Guess what? Morgan’s dream came to life.

My Creativity Is Blocked

The YouTube sign up page. “Create your username.” Morgan stared at the computer. What username should I use? Morgan asked himself. The Morgan Channel, The Mauldin Kids, Cool Avenue. Out of all those names, Morgan picked…

“MMCY Kids,”

“What the heck does that mean?” said Maleya.

“It’s like an acronym,” Morgan said. “M is for Morgan, the other M is for you, the C is for CJ, and the Y is for Yolonda.” (Yolonda is Maleya and CJ’s mom.)

“Oh,” Maleya said, with a very confused face. “What videos are you going to post?”

“I don’t know,” said Morgan. “I might do Just Dance mashups, tutorials, but I don’t want to show my face yet. I might in, like, the third week.”

Morgan has the email, the password, the username, but he needs one more thing. The video.

The Video

“MORGAN!!” yelled Yolonda. Yolonda, at this time, had a crazy afro, pink and black glasses, and had tattoos all over her arms. “We’re going to the grocery store. Turn off that computer in 5 minutes.” Great. Morgan had 5 minutes to find a video without his face, and let YouTube process it. Morgan had spent 3 years making videos so when it came to the time he finally made a YouTube channel, he would be ready to post. Out of the 243 videos he had on his computer, he chose this. “How To Sign Up For GoNoodle.”

“This should be good.” He said to himself.

In 1 minute, it got 2 views. After he got back from the grocery store, the video had gotten 20 views.

“Oh my Disney!” He screamed. “AHHH!” Maleya squealed. The two started ringing around the rosie in excitement.

“We gotta post another one!” Morgan screamed! His next video was a Just Dance mashup to the famous Taylor Swift song, “22”.

But then, a comment appeared. A little nasty comment.

A Little Nasty Comment

"dis vid is so borin!!"

Morgan kept hearing those words in his head. It kept hitting him like a slap in the face. This happens to YouTubers most of the time, but he wasn't ready for it. His first attempt was to report the comment.

"I'll just report this," said Morgan.

"How many haters do we have?' asked Maleya.

"Just one," said Morgan. "We're YouTubers and of course we're going to get hate all the time, but we have to deal with it."

"Oh," said Maleya. "What are we going to post on our channel next? When can I do my own channel? Am I old enough? I know some five year olds that are on YouTube and I want to be one of them."

Morgan laughed. "No, for your safety, you can not post your own videos until you are, hmm, let's see," Morgan thought for a bit. And kept thinking and thinking, and thinking. "About six."

"I'm turning six next week!"

"I know, so make it worth the wait."

But, of course, Maleya was sneaky around electronics and social media. Two times in life, she had called 911 just for the fun of it. One time, she posted a picture on Yolonda's Facebook saying "dcghyjcrgygfvuhf" and the picture was her new doll for Christmas. Around 3 A.M, she went to the family computer and uploaded a video of her singing Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. Since Morgan had been watching 3 A.M spooky hour videos, he would of course wake up, grab a baseball bat, and hit someone in the head with it if he heard someone crawling. Lucky for Maleya, she didn't get knocked the brains out.

When Morgan woke up, his tablet's notifications were going crazy! And as he was getting ready to hop in the van, he saw a notification that said, "Congratulations, Maleya's World! Your video has gotten 29, 754 views!"


Maleya knew she was in trouble now.

"Congratulations, Maleya's World! Your Video Has Gotten 29,754 views!"

"WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!!!" shouted Morgan.

"If other kids are five and can become famous on YouTube, I can too!' shouted back Maleya. "You ain't my daddy!'

"We live in a small city, Mal," said Morgan. "Our neighborhood is dangerous, do you want someone to KILL US??!!"

"Then how can you make your channel? I have my locations off, how 'bout you?"

"What the what, say WHAT???"

"Just because I'm five doesn't mean I can't work the privacy settings."

"Oh," said Morgan.

"Yeah," said Maleya. "So I can start doing Maleya's World?"

"Go ahead," said Morgan. "It's your channel."

The MMCY Kids jumped in the van ready to go to school. CJ had brought the tablet to his babysitter's house, so all we could hear was buzz! buzz!

"Dang, Mal!" said Morgan. "What did you do?"

"You remember the video you recorded of me singing Shake It Off?"

"Yeah," said Morgan.

"Blew up," said Maleya. "Went viral. I told you I'd be famous one day!"

"Yeah," said Morgan. "One day."

School: Part One

Morgan was in third grade. School was all right, he just needed to bring up that B in ELA.

"Homework," said Mrs. Grande.

"Uh..." said Morgan. Morgan was rummaging through his backpack like an animal.

"It's coming," said Morgan.

He kept looking and looking and looking.

"Ugh, I suck," said Morgan. "I don't have it,"

"Write your name on the board, and you have to walk laps." said Mrs. Grande.


These were two kids, Christopher and Maya.

"You always turn homework in, what the heck is happening?"

"I don't know," said Morgan. "I'm becoming.... unorganized. My backpack looks like crap."

"Let me see." said Christopher. "It's okay, just take all the loose paper out. And everything else." he whispered to Maya.

"I heard that." said Morgan. "If you think that's bad, look at my desk."

As they peeked at Morgan's desk, their faces looked like they just saw someone fall of a cliff.

"Good luck," said Christopher.

"Don't be mean, Chris!" said Maya. "But seriously, clean your desk out. I'm gonna go study now."

That's really helpful, said Morgan.

In Maleya's kindergarten classroom, it was chaos. She felt like she was the middle child in a family. They only sane one. Her class was running around coloring on the walls, tearing up their library books, and yelling.

"YOU GUYS!!" said Maleya and Mrs. Hatty yelled trying to be heard.

"Maleya, I'm so glad you're my helper today, but I think you're going to have to be my helper for as long as I teach this class." said Mrs. Hatty.

"I'm a princess!!!" said Naomi. Naomi was Maleya's companion. She would always come to her if she needed to talk.

"Naomi, what's going on with you?" asked Maleya.

"Everyone else's going crazy, aren't I supposed to fit in? Wait, I gotta go eat some paste. It's just so good." said Naomi.

"Oh my God, someone please help this girl," said Maleya.

Maleya’s Six!

The pink. There was so much pink. But it was a surprise. When Maleya woke up, she woke up immediately. No one had to wake her up.

"It's my birthday, got some b-cake, it's my birthday!" yelled Maleya. Morgan had woken up from all of Maleya's celebrating.

"It's 4:37 in the morning, Maleya. It's not even time to wake up. Go back to sleep." said Morgan.

But then the clock rang six, and the same thing happened.

"It's my birthday, got some b-cake, it's my b-day, Barbie party, eyes are on me, it's my birthday!"

"Ugh, I was going to hit snooze, but I can't now, thanks Mal." said Morgan. As she walked in the living room the chalkboard said, "Happy Birthday 'Leya!" There was a basket full of toys and candy (the hallucinogenic candy, Smile Dip, was in the basket too, but when she saw it, she immediately threw it in the trash), and her birthday girl ribbon.

"Oh, this is so cool! Thank you mommy, I love you Morgan!" said Maleya.

"Ha, ha, ha, I know," said Morgan.

"Come on," said Yolonda. "Let's take a pic,"

When Maleya came back from school, candy was all over the floor. Yolonda had a basket full of candy in their hands, and said, "Candy frenzy!" She had threw the basket of candy in the sky and the MMCY Kids tried to catch all of it.

"Hey, that's mine," said CJ.

"No, that's mine. It's my birthday, it's my b-cake, it's my party, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" said Maleya.

"Momma, she took my candy!" said CJ.

"No, Charles," said Yolonda. "It's her birthday, it's her candy."

"Aw, I want candy!" said CJ. Charles had began to wail.

"I told you that wasn't a good idea," said Paula.

"Oh, shut up Mom!" said Yolonda.

A surprise knocked on the door. A surprise Maleya hadn't seen in nine months.

Knock, knock, knock, said the door.

"Where's the birthday girl?" said Maleya's dad, Quashawn.

"Oh my God, Quashawn, you didn't tell me you were coming!" said Yolonda.

"I wanted it to be a surprise for my beautiful wife and my 'Leya!" said Quashawn.

"Mm-hmm," said Yolonda. "How's--"

"Shut up!" said Quashawn. "Today's about 'Leya, we don't need all that pettiness."

"You're right, you're right. So you ready to light the candles?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm ready!" said Maleya.

They lit the candles, had some cake, said happy birthday, and before they knew it, it was 10:00!

"Alright, you guys, tomorrow's Friday, gotta go to school, Shawn, you can go back to--"

"I ain't got time for it. Bye Yolonda, bye birthday girl!" said Quashawn.

"Bye dad!" said Maleya.

"Ooh, that hurts, don't it? She called me Dad, and she still calls you mommy!" said Quashawn.

"GET OUT OF MY HOUSE, SHAWN!" yelled Yolonda.

Maleya went to sleep thinking. Thinking about next year.

Maleya Pig

"Our next idea for the channel is a series," said Morgan.

"What's a series?" asked Maleya.

"It's like a TV show," said Morgan.

"Like Blaze And The Monster Machines, Tickety Toc, Jake And The Never Land Pirates?" asked Maleya.

"Stop asking questions and listen!"

Maleya started fake crying. Morgan hated when Maleya fake cried. He always had to Jojo Siwa it up for her to shut up.

"Okay, I'm sorry." said Morgan.

"Say that I'm the prettiest girl ever,"

"You're the prettiest girl ever,"

"I am so pretty that a prince will come up to our house to take me away,"

"You are so pretty-- don't copy that." said Morgan.

"Your favorite show is Peppa Pig. You remember those Maleya Pig videos we did last year just for fun? Let's post that!"

"Yeah," said Maleya. "Let's do it."

School: Part Two

It was the day before winter break. There were screams. So many screams. Screams that will make you lose your ability to hear.

"Morgan, I'm going to get a XBOX ONE for Christmas, yo!" said Christopher.

"You're gonna eat a beatbox bun? What kind of restaurant is that? Is it that new Vegan Garden place downtown, because I was gonna go there tonight and that sounds disgusting."

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