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The Rats And The Bear

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The Rats And The Bear

Bienkie and Mienkie were visiting friends who lived near a large river and mountains. Daddy Rat and Mother Rat had decided to visit their friends. The train ride to the country side had been very exciting.

Now Bienkie and Mienkie and their friend Riekie were moving slowly to a large sleeping bear. The three friends began jumping backwards and forwards over the the sleeping bear.

Then Riekie dared Bienkie to jump on the bear’s face. Bienkie said no, because Daddy Rat had told them to never do something stupid just because they were dared to do it.

Daddy Rat was clever and he wanted Bienkie and Mienkie to be clever as well.

When Riekie could not get Bienkie and Mienkie to jump onto the bear’s face, he decided to do it himself.

But the bear was awake and was just making as if he was asleep. He was annoyed with the cheeky rats and wanted to teach them a lesson.

Just as Riekie jumped on the bear again, the bear grabbed him with his large paw. Only Riekie’s head stuck out.

‘Now I’ve got you, you naughty rat.’

‘Help,’ screamed Riekie terrified. ‘Please Mr Bear, let me go. I will never do it again. Perhaps I can help you another day,’ he said

The bear laughed and laughed. He laughed so much that he let go of Riekie.

Riekie started running as soon as he touched the ground. He ran and ran and ran. Finally he reached Bienkie and Mienkie.

‘Now you see why we did not want to do your dare, Riekie. Daddy Rat warned us that we always have to use our common sense and never take on a dare when we know that it is dangerous. Daddy Rat is very clever and wants us to be clever as well.’ They all ran home, glad to be alive.

A week later they were playing in the woods again, when Riekie heard the bear roar, over and over again.

‘Come,’ he called. ‘The bear is in trouble. Let us go and see if we can help him.’

As they came to the bear, they saw that he was caught in a large net. The more he struggled, the tighter the net pulled around him.

‘Lay still Mr Bear, we will soon have you free.’ He shouted.

And Riekie, Bienkie and Mienkie quickly set about too nibble through the strong rope of the net. Soon they had chewed a hole big enough for the bear to climb to safety.

‘Thank you little rats, thank you.’ And he ran into the woods.

The three little rats were very pleased with themselves, as they ran home.

“See, you don’t have to be big to help others.’

About the Author

Anita Hasch and her family live on a homestead near Port

Elizabeth, South Africa.

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