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Apple Has Exciting Adventures

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ISBN: 9781370098064

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Apple Has Exciting Adventures.

What can I do? It is so boring, sighed Apple. She was sitting at the attic window, gazing out of the window. Apple had been very happy at her new home. She had a small bedroom in the attic of the school. Every day she joined the class of kids and had such fun. The kids could not see her because she used a spell to make her invisible. She played tricks on them all the time.

But now it was summer break and all the kids were away for the holidays. I wonder what the horrible witches are doing. Maybe I should just go and have a peep. The other witches had chased Apple away because she was always helping people, and they did not like that. So Apple flew out of her window and went to see what the other witches were doing.

On her way to the haunted castle she sees a hen with her baby chickens, looking very sad and upset. She swoops down and lands beside them.

‘Hi, what’s wrong? You do look so upset.’

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