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Apple Causes Chaos In The Class

Smashwords Edition

ISBN: 9781370462179

Copyright 2018 Anita Hasch

All rights reserved

Apple Causes Chaos In The Class

Poor Apple has been chased away by the other witches in the deserted

castle. ‘Go, go, you are a disgrace to us witches. What kind of a witch

are you, always wanting to help the kids.’

Apple is sad, but also glad, to leave the horrible, nasty, wicked witches. She decides to move to the attic of the village school. The next day Apple sits at a desk right at the back of the class. The kids can’t see her as she is wearing her hat that makes her invisible. Her magic hat has a spell on it and every time she puts it on nobody can see her. That is why she always wears her hat.

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