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Apple Has Exciting Adventures

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Apple Has Exciting Adventures.

What can I do? It is so boring, sighed Apple. She was sitting at the attic window, gazing out of the window. Apple had been very happy at her new home. She had a small bedroom in the attic of the school. Every day she joined the class of kids and had such fun. The kids could not see her because she used a spell to make her invisible. She played tricks on them all the time.

But now it was summer break and all the kids were away for the holidays. I wonder what the horrible witches are doing. Maybe I should just go and have a peep. The other witches had chased Apple away because she was always helping people, and they did not like that. So Apple flew out of her window and went to see what the other witches were doing.

On her way to the haunted castle she sees a hen with her baby chickens, looking very sad and upset. She swoops down and lands beside them.

‘Hi, what’s wrong? You do look so upset.’

‘Oh Apple, what can I do, the eagle just grabbed my little chick. Look there they go, oh what shall I do, she will kill my little chick, boo hoo.’

‘Don’t worry, mother hen, I will try and save him.’ And Apple flew off behind the eagle at great speed. She knows where the eagles nest is, and goes straight there. The eagle has just landed in her nest and was about to feed the baby chick to her chicks, who were enormous. Apple swoops down behind the eagle and grabs the baby chick. The eagle is surprised and wastes time trying to decide what to do. Apple is very fast, she uses magic to fly even faster. She lands by mother hen in record time, and drops the little chick.

‘Run mother hen, take cover, the eagle will be here just now. And don’t walk in the open field again.’ Mother hen runs and calls her chicks to run faster, into the undergrowth where the eagle cannot find them. Apple waves goodbye and then continues her journey to the haunted castle, glad that she could save the little chick.

As she comes close to the haunted castle where the witches live, she is scared

out of her wits by a loud booming voice above her.

“Where are you going? Go away, we don’t want you here.”

Apple turned around and flew home. ‘I’m sad but also glad that I no longer live with those horrible witches.’

As she flew close to the beach on her way home, she sees dolphins playing in the ocean. I know what I’ll do, I will play with the dolphins as they are always friendly. She swoops down and shouts, ‘hi, can I play with you guys please?’

‘Cause you can,’ they sang out in a chorus. ‘Hope you don’t mind getting wet.’ And Apple dives into the ocean to join the dolphins.

What fun they had, chasing each other around and around. Apple had a super day.

‘Hey guys, I have to go now, I’ve had such a lot of fun.’

‘Come again Apple, we love playing tag with you.’

About the Author

Anita Hasch and her family live on a homestead near Port

Elizabeth, South Africa.

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