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Nettle And The Three Brothers

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Nettle And The Three Brothers

Sam, Joe and Jona were three brothers who lived in a village near the river. One hot sunny day they decided to go for a swim. They ran to the river and dived into the cool water. Nettle was a beautiful girl, named after a plant called the ‘stinging nettle.’ Her beauty was spoilt because when she came close to anybody, they would start to itch. The itching kept on until they either ran away from her, or she left. Because of this, Nettle became a lonely little girl. One day a magician came upon her where she was sitting and crying.

‘What is wrong little girl, why are you crying?’

‘I’ve got nobody to play with. I make everybody itch.’

‘Take this magic coconut. When you tap it twice, it will grow into a plant and then into a tree. If you use it to protect somebody, you will be healed, and nobody will itch when you are near them.’

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