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Alien Characters #6

by Neil A. Hogan

Illustrated by Genelyn Javier

For Nathanial and Ida

© Maldek House 2008-2018. All Rights Reserved

Third Edition 2018

SmashWords Edition

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Alien Vince is, well of course he is, an alien.

An alien plant, to be more precise.

Alien Vince lives in the city Muscip, in the country Seedia on the rainy planet Venos, in a star system located in the Large Magellanic Cloud Galaxy.

Alien Vince is a green-collar worker. He takes care of the environment and helps reduce pollution.

His main job is to recycle.

In fact, his business makes quite a lot of money recycling.

But Alien Vince doesn’t recycle plastic, metal and cardboard, like you and me.

Oh, no!

He recycles air!

Being a plant, he goes to homes and businesses and just sucks in bad air and blows out good air.

This is important, as his planet has constant rain and everyone wants to stay indoors.

He has a thriving business and is always on hand, leaf or claw to help make offices smell nice, and parties have that extra buzz.

He also knows that more oxygen means healthier people. His oxygen is even thought to be the cause of some 'miraculous' cures. (He definitely mentions that several times in his advertising!)

One day, though, everything changed.

Alien Vince was out for his usual shuffle, when he came across an incredibly strange-looking machine being wheeled into a building.

It had tubes and pipes all over it, and looked like nothing he'd ever seen.

As he'd recycled air there before, he asked his friend at the front desk what it was all about.

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