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The Adventures of Dylan the Cat

by Rose Newman

Volume 2

A Long, Noisy Ride!

The Adventures of Dylan the Cat

Volume 2

Copyright@2018 - Rose Newman

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This book is dedicated

To my great-grandson Landon Pfeiffer

To little children everywhere

To The Glory of God



Created and hand drawn

By Jonathan Pfeiffer


Created and Painted

By Christine Bojahra

Table of Contents





A Long, Noisy Ride!

A New Beginning


Dylan is a very special cat. He has lived for a very long time.

He never seems to grow old because he lives in the hearts

of children all over the world.

This is the story of one of his amazing adventures

and you can read about the rest of them

in another special book just like this one.


It all started while Dylan was out on his usual wanderings on a warm sunny day.

He always wanted to be a witness to something special and thought this would be just another of the many he had encountered in the past. But would this actually be the best one of all?

A Long, Noisy Ride!

Today, he came across an old man sitting on a big rock. His name was Noah. He was a very good man who loved God and he knew that God loved him too. There were eight people in his family. Noah and his wife had three grown up sons who each had a wife too.

As Dylan got closer, he could see that Noah seemed to be talking to someone but there was no-one else around. This very special cat also had very special hearing and soon Dylan realized that the man was praying ... he was talking to God and God was talking to him. He heard God tell Noah that He was very sad. The lovely world He had made was now full of people who didn’t love Him. They did so many awful things that were so bad and very wrong. Dylan thought this was very strange indeed but he decided to sit quietly and listen.

God was going to flood the earth with water. Then He would dry it all up and start all over again. It would be a new beginning. God also had a plan to make sure that Noah and his family would be the first ones to live there. Then He told Noah that he must get ready for the greatest flood ever.

Noah was to build a huge boat so his family could float on the water and be safe. He was also to take lots if animals with him. He would need a mother and father of each kind so that they could have babies and live with Noah when the flood was over. Then Dylan saw the old man writing something down on a large sheet of paper. He knew God was telling Noah exactly how to build the boat. All the measurements, how many decks, what wood to use and everything he needed to actually build it. There were numbers and drawings all over the page. God called the boat an Ark. Noah had never built anything like this before but he knew if he followed God’s plan exactly, then God would make it perfect. God’s special Ark was to be so huge.

Noah worked hard but the neighbours laughed at him. How silly to be making a boat when they were so far from the ocean.

Noah wasn’t discouraged. He knew God was always with him. He tried to warn them of God’s plan to destroy their world and make a new one, but they wouldn’t listen. They said that he was dreaming it up and called him a foolish old man. It had never even rained before how could there ever be a flood they thought. After a while the neighbours stopped coming around to see him and when they did come, they mocked him even more. But Noah trusted God and knew He was helping him all the time. Dylan was there to watch every day.

Many days and weeks passed by, there was so much work to do. Then it turned into months … slowly going by. Noah looked to God for His encouragement and strength. Noah knew that God’s timing is always perfect.

Dylan was so excited when he saw all the animals coming in from all over the place. God was calling them to join Noah. There were so many of them, a mother and a father of each kind.

The women were busy preparing the food and listing all the things they would need. Dylan was getting so excited. No-one knew how long they would be on the boat, but God knew all about it and He would help them to be ready.

When all the animals were safely inside, Noah and his family loaded up all the food and provisions needed for the journey. They were now all ready to go.

Dylan figured perhaps it was time that he went in too. He wanted to be part of this wonderful new earth God was getting ready. No-one saw him of course. Dylan is a very special cat. Besides, cats don’t usually like water and Dylan doesn’t either.

The long, noisy journey was about to begin.

The very next day, the sky started to turn dark and big storm clouds were rolling in. As soon as the first drops of rain started to fall, God closed and sealed the big door SHUT. The rain soon made such big puddles they formed into rivers that soon became lakes. Within a very short while, the boat was floating on the water. Noah was not afraid. He knew that he had built the boat exactly to God’s plan. Noah trusted Him to keep them safe

There had never even been a storm before and this one was huge. It seemed there was so much water coming from everywhere. It was very noisy outside now and the boat was really bouncing around. The animals became very restless and noisy indeed.

The water kept getting higher and stronger. It was just like a very big, very rough ocean. The huge ark was now looking so very small as it floated amongst all the big waves around it.

The storm continued for forty days and forty nights. There were so many animals to feed but God took care of them all. Noah and his family did their best but they could only wait until God stopped this huge storm. They all trusted God to do that when the time was right.

The journey seemed to be so long but when the storm did stop, the animals began to settle down. Noah and his family were happy to know that the worst part of the journey was over. Even Dylan felt the peace around him now. However, even though it was more peaceful, the water was still very high.

Many weeks went by so Noah decided to open the top window to send out a Raven to look for dry ground. The Raven kept on flying around outside until the water dried up. Later, Noah also sent a Dove out, but it came back, so he took it inside again.

After a while, God sent a strong wind to start drying up the water. Then, not too long after, Noah noticed there was a small ray of sunshine coming down through the top window.

After 150 days of floating on the water, the Ark came to rest on the top of a big high mountain called Ararat. There was a huge flat spot there and Noah was so thankful to God for providing a place for the Ark to finally rest.

The water looked very deep all around them even though it was actually slowly going down a little more every day. The wind was still blowing and they all knew that God was drying it up for them.

Soon there would be dry ground a little further down the mountain. It was just going to take a little bit longer for God to finish the work. He wanted it to be perfect for them to be safely walking on the dry ground.

Outside it seemed to be more peaceful now so Noah decided to send out the Dove again. They were all so happy to see that later in the evening, it returned with a fresh olive branch in its beak. But Noah knew that it had only returned because there was still water on the ground. He waited seven days more, and sent it out again. This time it didn’t come back.

Perhaps the flood waters were almost gone at last. It was now ten and a half months since the flood began. Wow! That was a long time! But the earth still had to be actually dry before they could leave the Ark.

Another month passed by. Now God knew it was time. Dylan was ready too. He was anxious to get off the Ark at last, just as much as everyone else.

Noah and his family started to get the animals ready to walk off the Ark at last. It wasn’t a hard job for him because somehow they all knew the journey was over. Soon the line was getting really long as they headed towards the door. All the birds were ready to fly out too. God told Noah it was safe to go outside now and He opened the big door for them.

Everyone was so excited to be stepping out on dry ground at last. They had been in that Ark for almost a whole year. God had kept them all safe, just as He promised.

Noah, his wife, their three sons and their wives all helped to unload the food and supplies out of the Ark. It was so good to be able to finally set the animals free to breathe the wonderful fresh air. The sun was shining and the sky was so blue. Everything was warm, dry and beautiful. The birds and animals were ready to multiply and start covering the earth again.

Yeah! … The Long, Noisy Ride was over at last!!!

Noah was so thankful to God for watching over them, all the way. He built an altar of stones as a reminder of God’s protection and great love for them. Then they all worshipped Him there.

God spoke to Noah again. He made a promise that He would never flood the whole earth again. Then God put the very first rainbow in the sky as an everlasting sign. It was so beautiful.

Even today, during a rain shower, and if the sun is still peeping through the clouds, often a lovely colored rainbow can be seen in the sky. It still reminds us of God’s very special promise.

Dylan knew that it was time for him to go home now too. The long, noisy ride was over at last and he wouldn’t have missed it for anything. Wow! What an incredible journey it had been!

A New Beginning

God’s new beginning started with those eight people. They all loved God. But as time passed by, people started to forget how much God loved them and all the wonderful things He had done for them. They started doing so many bad things again. God was so very sad, but He wasn’t surprised.

From the beginning of time, He had the best plan ready. It wasn’t to destroy the world again but to send someone to rescue them this time. It had to be someone perfect, so God knew it could only be Himself. So, because God loved us all so much, He was willing to come to earth as the baby Jesus. He would live on earth with us. Show us the way to Heaven where we could live with Him forever. God was giving all of us a choice, our own free will, to say sorry and be forgiven for all those bad things we do. Then, if we really wanted to, we could start to do what He says. Love Him back and talk to Him anytime we like ... just like Noah and his family did. He is a great and wonderful Heavenly Father.

In the Bible, which is God’s love letter to us, there is a very special part that tells us exactly how we can do that…it’s in the Book of John.

16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,

that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.” John3:16-17 (NIV)

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